How to make Amla Powder?

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Do you want to make Amla Powder at your home? The Amla is a well recognized natural material that is superior for Hair, digestion, eyes and off target high blood pressure. If consumed frequently, it can actually profit your health.

Nutrient Content of Amla Powder:

Amla is extremely wealthy in Vitamin C which is a very successful antioxidant. Over and above that Amla also enclose tannin plus flavonoids. One and all 100 grams of new amla contain a number of nutrients for example 0.2 grams fat, 21.8 grams carbohydrates, 0.07 grams protein, 26 mg phosphorus, 0.48 mg iron, 12 mg calcium moreover also riboflavin, lysine, tryptophan, thiamine, niacin and riboflavin. The vital constituent, still, is about 700 mg of vitamin C along with antioxidant properties.

How to Make Amla Powder

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Best Method to Make Amla Powder:

  • Prep time: 1 Minute
  • Cook time: 1 Minute
  • Total time: 2 Minute
  • Give up: 100 Gms of Amla Powder


  • 50 Gms Mishri
  • 50 Gms Dry Amla

(You can utilize usual Sugar otherwise Sugar powder as well)

  • You have to distinguish that it is not possible to make Amla powder from new Amla. You can only pull out its juice. You would need dry Amla (available in grocery stores) to make a powder yourself at home.
  • You can attempt to dry the Amla via traditional methods with sunlight; however it would be a long procedure.
  • Crush dry Amla to create Amla powder for betterment of your hair, digestion, eyes plus high blood pressure. Put in Sugar otherwise Mishri to create it sweeter for tea.
  • Get fresh amla, cut it into small chips and dried out in the shade. Once it becomes brittle and has lost nearly all of its moisture substance, you can run the chips in a dried out grinder to get powder.
  • Crush dry Amla as well as Mishri alone into excellent powder. If you use Sugar, mince it to fine crush.
  • At the present, we require to combine Sugar by this powder. The solitary use of this powder is intake, blend Sugar otherwise Mishri powder with Amla powder. In addition, utilize Amla powder while it is.
  • Filter the amla powder to divide larger pieces.
  • This dry amla powder can be store and used every day, still once out of season.
  • Building it extra intense: one time the amla chips are dry, get fresh amla plus extract juice.
  • Drain the juice and steep the dry chips within the juice. Dried out.
  • Do again the course more than a few times to suffuse chips by a high concentration of amla juice. Powder moreover stock up.
  • One teaspoon of amla powder ready this method encloses the intense decency of a lot of berries.
  • Amla powder is prepared. All right, it is certainty simple.
  • You can accumulate it in an Air tight bottle for able to 6 months.

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Uses of Amla Powder:

  • Amla Powder Tea: Use the one with or without Sugar, your choice. Use 1 tsp of Amla powder with 1 cup of water.
  • Do NOT add Milk. Add a tsp of tea leaves and bring it to a boil. After a boil, switch off the stove and you are all set. Enjoy the Amla tea.
  • Amla powder paste: Use the one with no Sugar mixed. Make a paste by adding warm water and then applying on your scalp. Let it dry and then wash it off with Shampoo.
  • Drink Amla powder (the one with Sugar) with water. You can blend a tsp of Amla powder in a glass of warm water plus drink each night. This surely helps in increasing your hair and building them stronger.

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