Thinking how to make beads necklace! Yes, bead necklace has been quite easy for giving your outfit a new and judgmental look. Bead weaving has been the best way to make your favorite jewelry in the desired design. The beads can either be stitched, or woven for a perfect grip to the necklace.

Simple and Easy Ways to How to Make Beads Necklace:

Here are the few ideas on how to make beads necklace.

1. Garden Pearl and Bead Necklace:

This garden bead necklace is made by stitching the beads and pearls altogether giving a green, white and other color combination. The green bead is given taken in the form of leaves white the pearls are attached to give a glowing effect. You can use any other color florals suitable to your outfit.

2. Brick Bunting Bead Necklace:

Love to wear something geometrical! Here is a brick stitch bunting bead necklace. The necklace is made with several triangular charms with beads in purple, black, blue and white colors. The triangles are then bounded with each other using chain.

3. Crystal Bead Necklace:

Add some crystal to your bead necklace and give your dressing a shining look. The necklace is best worn in summers for beaches. The bead necklace neckline is made by weaving crystals and beads giving the necklace some similar charms on the center.

4. Seed Bead Necklace:

The sea bead necklace is widely worn on casuals like jeans and shorts. The necklace is made with several bead strings inter-woven with each other forming a spring appearance. You can also use various size beads with different colors to make it colorful.

5. Tiger Lily Bead Necklace:

Tiger lily is a popular design in the bead necklace designs. The necklace is made using tiny crystal beads. The simple string made from beads is further given a pendant made with beads forming the design of a lily. You can also make matching earrings for a complete look.

6. Black Swan Bead Necklace:

Black beads have always remained in inclination since ancient times. The necklace is made with different shapes of black beads using a wire thread. The necklace is also given an oval medium bead with color crafted on it. There are also heart shape beads used in middle to add some charm.

7. African Bead Necklace:

The necklace made with several medium sized beads in yellow and white are given a three-layer strand design. All the three strands are interconnected using small silver beads. The African design is weaved with wire string to make it durable to wear on weddings and other occasions. They give a great combination on ethnic wear or fancy dresses.

8. Plastic Bead Necklace:

Want to gift your angle something very delicate! Here is a plastic bead necklace design you can make at home simply. The design is made using several round plastic beads by merely weaving them. You can also add beads with different shapes like heart, rings, bow, etc. to make it more adorable.

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9. Choker Bead Necklace:

Neck fit necklace have been prevalent for a standard look. The necklace is inspired by choker designs and hence, is given a neck fitting. The neckline is made with circular patterns made with black pearls. It is also given hanging charms with beads, chain and crystals. They are widely worn on designer gowns or casuals.

Beads necklace making is quite simple, but needs utmost concentration while making the patterns. There are various stitches available in making the bead necklace. There are also various beads available like bugle beads, chatons, crystal beads, delica beads etc. which can be selected according to the outfit. So, this summer, make yourself the best bead necklace and shine out.


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