We read in our books since childhood that health is wealth and illness is curse. The first thing necessary for sound health is regular physical exercise. It helps in digestion, gives energy, and thus keeps both the body and the mind fit. So you can go through your works- physical and mental, without feeling any strain. The brain cannot work if the body does not function properly. In fact, a sound brain can reside only in a sound body. Moreover, what will book-knowledge avail if we are broken in health and cannot exert our self?

In the natural vigour of this young age, we may not feel the consequences of neglecting physical exercise. But sooner or later the lesion will be brought home to us, and then we will have to regret for our present neglect.

There are many records which show that 60- plus adults with good aerobic fitness lived longer than unfit people of the same age, no matter how much body fat they carry. Physical fitness not only lowers the levels of high cholesterol, it also lowers the risk of high blood pressure and osteoporosis. Keeping our body fit also lowers the risk of developing cardio vascular and heart ailments. A person having a low level of fitness is also associated with longer stays in hospitals following surgeries as well as increases the greater chances for other conditions like diabetes.

The best news is that we can reverse the fitness clock. Years can be knocked off if we step up the frequency and intensity of our workouts. Scientists know that someone who exercises several times a week and puts in progressively more effort can greatly reduce the rate at which their fitness naturally declines with age. Consequently you can have a fitness level of someone who is much younger and the health prospects of someone half your age. So we must take regular physical exercise. As to the kind of exercise that suits us, we must consult our fitness expert too and follow their directions.

Many of us often get mislead that eating less is good for keeping us healthy. So we munch of strict diets or much of just leafy veggies. We should realize that our body needs all the vitamins, calcium, iron and other elements too for making us healthy. A diet well balanced with protein and complex carbs in every meal and snack should be included. It protects us against insulin overload. Chicken, turkey, and low-fat Greek yogurt contains high-quality proteins and amino acids, which help in muscles recover after workouts. Follow a routine of taking balanced diet so that you get all the important nutrients equally.

Eat five times a day that includes three meals and two snacks each day. Adding that five daily feedings stabilizes our blood sugar, so we don’t have crazy mood swings or hunger pangs. Avoid refined carbs from your diet as they spike up our blood sugar level which produces excess insulin (a hormone that can be responsible for holding on to fat stores). So no breads, cookies, chocolate, white rice and anything with corn syrup or sugar should be avoided.

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Drink water when you are thirsty. For stimulation drink black-coffee and if you want to take edge off prefer having vodka martini or a similar non-mixed, simple drink. Avoid juices, vanilla lattes, mojitos and other sodas as they all contain unneeded sugar and calories.

Start doing at least the basic exercises. Even while working makes a point to do some stretching as they neither interfere in your work schedule and manages to keep us away from few problems. You might not realize the importance of stretching until you start getting a back pain due to long sitting hours in office. Below shows some exercises for how to make body fit?

• Neck Movement:

Simply move your neck up and down followed by turning left and right.

• Arm Stretch:

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Bring your arms forward with palms facing outward and stretch.

• Back Stretch:

Both the hands on the back while you are sitting on your chair and stretch.

• Shoulder Shrug:

This will relax our shoulders.

• Eye Blink:

Ideally, you should close your eyes for 20 seconds and look away from your screen if you are sitting in front of your computer for more than half an hour.

• Leg Stretch:

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While sitting on your chair, just raise your legs parallel to the floor.
And take the stairs instead of using lifts, at least while going down if not climbing up.

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