How To Make a Cinnamon Tea And Its Benefits

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Cinnamon is also known as dalcheeni in Hindi. Cinnamon is a kind of spice which can be obtained from the inner bark of trees. Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices known these days. This spice has a delicious, naturally sweetened flavor that people love to consume in their daily tea.

In ancient days Cinnamon has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to cure health problems and also in Ayurveda (india) for a variety of health conditions such as cure from indigestion to colds and many such daily common illness. Though other than the cure to these common problems cinnamon is also said to have many types other health benefits.

Whereas these days, many people use cinnamon to simply sprinkle it on their daily oatmeal or apple slices, using cinnamon in your daily tea is another option which has evolved these years itself. You may also find cinnamon in a type of chai tea. To make a good cinnamon tea at home follow the prescribed steps.

cinnamon tea

Ingredients You Need:

  • 1 cinnamon stick or in powdered form
  • 1 cup of boiling water (or as many cups you want to make)
  • 1 regular or decaffeinated black teabag
  • sweetener, to taste (optional)
  • It takes around 3 minutes to cook this tea.

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How To Prepare:-

1. You need to Place the cinnamon stick in a cup. You may add the stick by breaking it into pieces or in a powdered form.

2. Add the boiling water in to cup with cinnamon stick and then leave steep covered for 10 minutes or so.

3. Add the teabag (of black tea or any other herbal tea) again Steep this mixture for one to three minutes as it starts smelling to taste.

4. Its time to Sweeten the tea to your taste, you can also add sugar free tablets if you are diabetic if desired.

Benefits of Cinnamon Tea:-

1. Ease Bowel Movements:

Consuming this cinnamon tea daily gives relief to your bowel movements and helps to cure constipation or other such related diseases .

2. This Tea is Anti Oxidant:

Anti oxidants fights with the internal diseases of your body. Well, this tea is great in that to provide you with good fighters.

3. Cures Indigestion:

As the benefits is discussed above that this tea helps to give ease in bowel movements therefore, in the same way it helps to cure digestion problems and helps to provide a proper digestion of food.

4. keeps Blood Sugar in Control:

Cinnamon tea is also known to control blood sugar in your body. Cinnamon tea is derived from its contents, the primary content being cinnamon. Now cinnamon helps you in good blood sugar modulation which keeps a sugar patient from reducing sugar hikes in the blood. This is often common right after a meal so a cup of warm tea after a meal can help you control the sugar level.

5. Helps To Reduce Weight, Especially Belly Fat:

Very effective in reducing your belly fat. It actually cuts the fat layers like a normal green tea and thus helps to reduce weight.

6. Improves Memory Power:

This tea is also recommended for children to improve their memory power of remembering things. Even people who face memory loss like symptoms must consume this tea.

7. Improves Blood Purification:

Helps in purification of blood. The tea is like a filter for the blood, and purifies by separating the impurities in it.

8. Is a kind of Mouth Freshener:

This tea has good smell which in return helps the people with bad breath. This tea works like a mouth freshener to cure such bad breath.

9. Menstruation Relief:

During menstruation, girls must take this tea to get a relief from menstruation pain. This tea helps to reduce the pain by its herbal power.

10. Is Good to Take During Flu Season:

During flu season this tea helps to increase immune system and helps not to attract such diseases.

11. Oral Health:

Your oral health needs a quick brush up every now and then. Either you are afraid of the dentist or afraid of sparing your valuable time at the dentists’. This is why a steaming cup of cinnamon tea will be your friend every day. However, make sure honey or sugar is not mixed in it when you consume it. Not only is your mouth fresh and free from bacteria, but the cinnamon also acts as a good mouth refresher.

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12. Painful Joints:

Your grandma keeps complaining about the swollen knees. Your mother is slowly developing a slight pain in her knee caps as well. Many people don’t know how cinnamon is a very good anti-inflammatory agent who would simply take care of your swollen joints, reducing the pain within minutes. Therefore, every time you feel that slight joint pain creeping up your body, brew yourself a warm cinnamon tea.

13. Mind Over Matter:

Cinnamon is a classic drug for the busy bugs whose entire day is filled up with an air tight schedule. Balancing work and home at the same time, it is often the clustered environment and the work load that might be the leading cause for depression and loss of attention. Just take a break and cool off. The cinnamon in the tea will also enhance blood flow in the brain keeping you more concentrated.

14. Cardiac Assistance:

This again circulates the fact that cinnamon helps in good circulation of blood. Usually a lot of cardiac related mishaps surrounds around an artery getting blocked by a blood clot or the lack of sufficient flow of blood to the heart which can be uncluttered with a cup of cinnamon tea.

15. Muscle Relaxant:

A tea or coffee is a liquid form of recreation that we all opt for during a day to day busy schedule. It is a form of relaxant for our minds but little did you know cinnamon specializes in physical relaxing too.

16. Common Drug:

Every time the season changes to a new one, your husband is always falling prey to the ever changing weather. It is at this time that a cup of cinnamon tea can help him from falling into the clutches of common cold and flu.

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17. De-Flame It:

Inflammation in the skin can be cured by cinnamon, this time not by drinking, but by applying it through a wet muslin bag on the very inflamed spot. However, in case of inner inflammation, don’t hesitate to gulp it down.

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