Fashion trends keep changing and vary from time to time. Women and young girls keep their fashion trends updated always. Bracelets and bangles are available in varied designs, patterns and styles. They can be expensive, fancy and stylish at the same time. The trend of homemade bracelets and handmade bangles is on the rise. Hence everyone is interested in updating themselves with these trendy handmade bracelets and bangles. Used bangles can be upcycled into new ones with a little bit of creativity and a bit of time. The sense of satisfaction that one gets at the end of making hand-making bangles is just wow. Homemade things have their beauty and charm, and if they are handmade bangles, then one can’t get enough options to mix and match the bangles with the attire.

So let’s get creative and explore the ways and steps to make handmade bangles. We will have a look into making handmade bangles made by weaving yarn.

How to Make Handmade Bangles at Home:

Let’s look at how to make handmade bangles with thread and other accessories.

Making Handmade Woven Bangles:

Weaving is a trend nowadays, and this can experiment with in bangles. This idea is unique and so different when worn as a bangle. Weaving can be done in not the normal patterns but in various unique patterns on the bangle with the yarn to get a whole new look to the bangle. Bangles woven by hand and upcycled look amazing and can be teamed up with various attires like Indian or western outfits.

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The things we require for making these handmade woven bangles are:

  1. Wooden bangles
  2. Double-sided tape
  3. Assorted yarn
  4. Tapestry needle
  5. Scissors

Now we will check the process of making the handmade woven bangle:

Steps to Wrap The Bangle:

  1. First, we have to line the bangles’ insides with a double-sided tape strip. Take care that it doesn’t peel off.
  2. Next, make a small ball with the coloured yarn, the base. Ensure that the ball fits through the bangle.
  3. Peel a short section of the tape back and stick it firmly down the end of the yarn.
  4. Next, wrap the yarn around the bangle.
  5. Continue wrapping closely and neatly. Peel the back of the tape carefully as you go along.
  6. In the end, thread the needle with the remaining yarn tail and adjust it to the tightly knitted yarn.
  7. Trim the excess yarn, if any.

Steps to Weave Bangle:

  1. Take the colour coordinate contrasting yarn and thread the tapestry needle.
  2. Start by passing the needle under several stands of yarn on the bangle.
  3. Create patterns according to the design required by weaving the yarn in and out of the wrapped yarn strands in the bangle.
  4. Continue the pattern by slightly shifting once you reach the start again.
  5. For finishing, feed the yarn inside by securely wrapping the base strands.
  6. Trim if there is excess yarn.

These woven bangles look great if mixed, matched, and worn as one big bangle. Making colour-coordinated woven bangles for each outfit will look great when teamed up. Use wooden and plastic bangles to make these lovelies.

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Lovely-looking colourful bangles catch everyone’s attention. If they are handmade, then even better. Let the imagination run wild and create an entirely new jewellery wardrobe. Handmade bangles can be made of paper, ribbons, beads etc., and existing bangles can be refashioned using different fabrics, accessories etc. Charming and elegant bangles made with a sense of achievement will shine all the way!!

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