Do you know how to make lip balm at home?. Our lips are the most exposed part of our body and thus the most susceptible to drying out. It is essential to keep our lips moisturized and hydrated. Lip balms are the most common and perfect solution to chapped or cracked lips. Everybody loves lip balms. They are easily available and come in different varieties.

But have you ever tried making your very own lip balm him easily available products at home? If you haven’t or if you are a lip balm addict, you definitely should try your hands at making one. It’s fast, easy and cheap. You can use them yourselves or fill them up in pretty containers to gift to your family and friends.

How To Make Lip Balm:

Read further to learn some easy DIY methods to make a personalized lip balm at home..

How To Make Lip Balm Save

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1. Make A Quick Lip Balm:

Add a required amount of petroleum jelly to a microwave bowl and heat it up in a microwave oven or in a bowl over simmering water. If you want to add some colour to your lip balm then scrape off a little favourite old lipstick, eye shadow or blush. Stir it well and heat it up again. This will add a tint to your lip balm. To add flavour, mix in a juice of your choice. It can be anything from orange to pomegranate. Cool the mixture and when it stiffens, put the balm in a pretty container. Your lip balm is ready to use.

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2. Make A Lemon Lime Lip Balm:

Make a spreadable but not liquefied lip balm with a combination of solids and oils. Mix together two tablespoons of coconut oil and olive oil respectively, two tablespoons of beeswax and five drops of lemon essential oils and lime essential oils. You can use other essential oils as a substitute if you wish. Use a double boiler or one large and one small pot to heat the mixture. Let it melt over low heat. Stir the mixture frequently. Add a scrape of any shade of lipstick, eye shadow or blush to bring some colour to your lip balm. Pour the mixture into containers and allow them to cool. Your flavoured lemon lime lip balm is ready. You can either use it yourself or wrap it up and gift it to a friend. It is a natural lip balm.

3. Make A Healing Lip Balm To Cure Cold:

Healing lip balms contain Vitamin E and peppermint which soothe the lips and sinuses when you have caught a cold. Follow this recipe to make a healing lip balm. Mix together a tablespoon of shea butter, two tablespoons of sweet almond oil, a tablespoon of chopped beeswax, and five drops each of vitamin E and peppermint oil. Melt the mixture slowly over medium heat into a double boiler, stirring frequently. Let the mixture cool completely once you have poured it into a container. It is ready to use on your chapped lips when sick. It will also open up your sinuses because of the presence of peppermint essential oil. It is also a thoughtful gift for a close someone who is sick.

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4. Make Mint And Honey Lip Balm:

To make mint and honey lip balm, microwave a teaspoon of petroleum jelly for thirty seconds and add three drops of peppermint extract. Mix it well and pour over a teaspoon of honey into it. Stir it and put the mixture into a container. Without covering it with a lid, let the mixture set in overnight. By the next morning, the mixture should have been perfectly set. Test the newly made balm on your lips and put the lid on. Mint and honey lip balm are ready to use.


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