Mehndi plays a crucial role in the several occasions worldwide. But it has its own importance in the Indian culture to celebrate several functions especially marriages. A separate ceremony named Mehndi Rasam is held where the pious mehndi designs are applied to the hands, arms and legs for a dignified appearance. Some brides also carry mehndi temporary tattoos on their back, waist and neck portion to give their designer wear a new outlook. Some castes in India also have a tradition to make mehndi design on the hands of the groom.

Priory, the women used to make mehndi design with the help of sticks forming shapes like circles, hearts, flowers and much more. But with the changing trend, the designs have also grasped designer touch. Thinking how to make mehndi designs to give your hands a glittering appearance? How to apply mehandi designs giving it a traditional yet westernized touch?

How to Make Mehndi Designs at Home:

Let’s check some designs and know-how to make mehndi designs in three basic ways but yet in a stylish way.

1. Indian Mehndi Designs:

Indian mehndi has its own history. Also, known as henna, Indian mehndi widely includes beautiful shapes with amazing curves like floral designs, mango designs, decorative circles, curvy bud shapes, heart shapes and much more. The Indian Henna designs are the tiniest which fills the hands fully without leaving a single corner blank.

Looking for a new concept on how to make mehndi in Indian designs using floral pattern! Here is what you can try for a new designer mehndi design with an ethnic touch. The floral mehndi designs widely used patterns of flowers like lotus, rose, simple heart petal flowers, henna bud designs etc. The floral designs symbolize happiness, joy and blooming future for best wishes while the lotus design specifically mean femininity, purity, beauty, grace and sensuality. The cute bud designs are meant for fertility and joy to the new bride for a new beginning.

Another design widely used for a decorative mehndi is the peacock design. The designs are carried in one hand surrounded by small charms to give the peacock a new debut. They are also created in a divided manner where a full peacock is made by combining two hands. Some brides also carry a pair of peacock and peahen which is meant to be good for their new life. The beautiful peacock henna designs symbolize art, arrival of good time and much more.

Apart from all these, other designs like sparrows, parrots, fish, butterflies, water designs are also famous to give an ethnic appearing.

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2. Arabic Mehndi Designs:

Wondering how to make mehndi designs suitable for even a small occasion! Looking for designs which would give your hand stylish look! The Arabic mehndi designs are the best for it. These kinds of designs are suitable for any kind of occasion or even for getting a temporary tattoo on the body. Arabic mehndi is a combination of several small designs which is carried mostly on the centre of the hands. The Arabic designs usually give your hands a glorifying look. But it doesn’t cover the hand fully and hence, it is not an ideal bridal mehndi design.

The designs in Arabic mehndi are generally made from floral ideas attached with vines to give a growing appearance from the wrist to the tip of the finger. The designs are also favorable to make designs of wrist bangles, bracelets, ring and much more. They are small and broad with thick borders which give you dark colours. Some also give it a designer touch by applying it with dual mehndi cones, black and regular. The border of the shapes is made with black mehndi while the filling of tiny charms, dots, buds etc. is made with regular mehndi. This gives a unique but heart catching touch to Arabic mehndi.

The Arabic mehndi designs widely symbolize supreme reality, feminine, grace, beauty, success, vitality and much more which are prime for any occasion. It gives a graceful look not only in saree and dresses but also on western outfits.

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3. Indo-Western Mehndi Designs:

Looking for how makes mehndi design which is a mixture of ancient and latest designs! Want to give an exclusive advent to your hands for special occasions like weddings, karva chauth, religious functions, baby shower and much more! Here is a quite trendy design widely used for any purpose.

The Indo-western mehndi designs are the perfect match for the snazzy generation who look for something new every time. The shapes of this kind of mehndi designs are inspired from the Arabic mehndi designs while the filler designs, charms and shapes are inspired from the traditional mehndi designs. It also carries similar designs of flowers, heart, peacock, vines etc. but in a different way. They are generally printed on the hands to decorate the curvy portions like the palms, wrist sides, fingers etc. They also adorn the legs on the ankles, feet top and toe fingers.

The Indo-western mehndi also gives you a glance of contemporary mehndi designs, Arabic mehndi designs and Indian mehndi designs. It is also a prominent mehndi design selected by the brides these days for their weddings. The symmetrical designs also leave gaps on the hands which are also filled with glittering colours. It can be carried in both small models and huge models according to the choice of the applier.

So now you will get an answer to all your queries related to how to make mehandi designs for any kind of opportunity, right! Apart from all the above mehndi designs you can also choose from Moroccan mehndi designs, Glitter mehndi designs, Mughlai mehndi designs, Bridal mehndi designs, multi coloured mehndi designs etc. as per your choice and opportunity. All nearly carry the same shapes and designs, but they all have their own characteristic and divergence. A widely-contemplated mehndi design is the one made with alto, which is a type of henna widely used in Bengal to decorate the bridal hands and legs. It is a supplement for those who suffer from allergies through henna or mehndi.


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