Rangolis are an important part of the Indian culture. These are basically sand paintings which are sighted during festivals such as Diwali. The rangoli is can be of various sizes and patterns. The approach of making the different rangolis also vary. But there are certain basic methods which is generally followed by every beginner dreaming of being a professional at this art. The most important thing is having fun with whatever you’re making.

What are the easy ways and tips to follow before and after making a Rangoli design?

  • Always choose an even surface for Rangoli. Ensure it is clean and dry.
  • When you are not sure of your skills, use a stencil. It can create clean designs,
  • You can also roll up a paper into a cone and use that to create your design
  • If it is not a dotted Rangoli, use different objects like bottle caps, CD’s, ice cream sticks etc. to create perfect patterns.
  • If you accidently create an imperfect shape, you can always cover it up with extra muggu powder
  • If you are planning to create Rangoli on white floor like tiles or marbles, stick a transparent sheet on the floor. Not only will this help you create easy Rangoli, but can also be removed from the floor without causing stains.
  • To clean Rangoli on tiles, use some petroleum jelly on a cloth to wipe off the color

How can I make Rangoli Designs?

First we Must Segment the Making of Ragolis Into Four Categories. They are:

1. Rangoli for the kids
2. Rangoli for the beginners
3. Rangoli for the advanced artists
4. Rangoli inspiration.

How To Make Rangoli Designs Step By Step

1. Rangoli for The Kids:

As you can guess for the title that this stage is concerned with all those who are kind of interested in drawing and have a vivid imagination. This stage is concerned with all those kids who like to do rangolis. Here is how you’re going to begin.

  • First take a black paper. You should make sure it is large enough to provide the space for your ideas. Not too large, though.
  • The second step is deciding what kind of rangoli you want to do. Will it be the traditional Indian floral designs or the complex Diwali designs? Generally the floral rangolis are easy to do and is preferred by all kids.
  • Now draw the design you have decided on the piece of black paper. If you’re comfortable with the design you have selected don’t forget to beautify it with colors and pastels.

2. Rangoli for Beginners:

  • First, choose where you want to do your rangoli. It may be a black paper or any other place where from the design is properly visible.
  • Now, draw the design you want to after deciding what rangoli motif you’re going to do. Since this stage is for all beginners, you can also implement your imagination and do random patterns.
  • Instead of using pencil on black paper you can use a chalk to make the design look more vivid.
  • Hope you’re done with drawing your rangoli. Now it’s time for outlining the design. In this case, you can use chalk dust to outline the product.
  • The final step is the most interesting one as you will have to add color. Rangoli color, sand or semolina can be used to color the design. You can also use sawdust.

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3. Rangoli Designs for Advanced Artists:

You have passed the stage of a beginner and you’re ready for the advanced rangoli designs.

  • First, choose the right place according to you for doing the rangoli. (not the black paper). The floor is a nice platform for doing the rangoli.
  • The second step is to decide the rangoli motif that you’re going to do. This is the time to choose some complex designs. As you’re going to be a pro real soon.
  • If needed draw the rangoli on peace of paper before its final implementation.
  • Now take rangoli powder and start. Start with sides first as it will allow you to determine the area you’re going to need to complete the whole design. Using a variety of contrasting colors will make the motif more attractive.

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4. DIY: How to Make Rangoli Designs on Floor Step-by-Step, With Colors

This Beautiful design is sure to adorn your porch on the coming festival. Its bright, colorful and also easy to make. Check out how to create this latest design, step-by-step:

  • Draw 5 circles using stencil or free hand. The circle size must be increasing as you move outward.
  • In the inner most circle, take some white muggu powder and spread it on the circle.
  • Using your fingers, drawthe shape of a flower petal.
  • In the second circle, using a bright color like orange, draw large petals with fingers as shown.
  • Using multiple colors like green and white, draw heart shapes on the third circle.
  • Join the 4th and 5th circle using the color patterns shown in the form of mango shape.
  • Lastly, take some color and highlight the 5th circle with some dots.
  • Embellish the empty areas of the Rangoli using spirals as shown.

5. DIY: How To Make Rangoli Designs With Colours on floor

Check out this colorful Rangoli design that requires very minimal effort. The output of this design is sure to leave you speechless and have an illusion of a rainbow on the floor.

  • Draw 3 circles as shown. The inner most circle, should be in the center and the 2nd and 3rd circle should be drawn with one hand gap.
  • On the line of inner circle, draw dots with bright green as shown.
  • Between the inner circle and the 2nd circle, drawn the shape of petals using multiple colors.
  • These petals must coincide each other as shown.
  • Fill the gap between petals with white color.
  • Outside the 3rd circle, draw multiple circle to cover the entire circular area with multiple colors a shown.
  • Fill the circles with white color.
  • You can fill the inner circle with real flower petals for a dramatic effect.

6. Rangoli Design Inspiration:

The following is a number of rangoli designs which are most popular among the professional rangoli artists.

i) The Floral Rangoli Design-1:

ii) The Floral Rangoli Design-2:

iii) The Circular Rangoli Design:

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By now, we are sure you might have gathered a fair idea on how to create that perfect Rangoli. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, always remember that Practice alone makes you perfect. So, start with a cheat sheet and slowly work on your Rangoli skills. You don’t always have to create stereotype designs. Stick to the basics, but make your own mark with some alluring designs.

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