How to Make Rose Water

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Rose water is simply roses steeped in water. The goodness of the rose petals are soaked up and infused in the water for its various uses. Originally rose water was first invented by chemists in Persia, as a perfume and beverage. Legend has it that on his wedding the King of Persia ordered for fountains that would smell of roses. Thus came into being the existence of rose water and even Rose oil.

Uses of Rosewater:

The great thing about rose water or any herbal hydrosol is that they are very versatile. They have various beneficial uses:

• Face toner and mild antiseptic for sensitive, red and irritated acne skin.
• Hair rinse to prevent hair loss and split ends, strengthen roots, promote growth and revitalize scalp to enable blood circulation.
• Cooking hydrosol instead of water, predominant in Middle Eastern cooking.
• Nutritious drink with anti-oxidants, tannins, flavonoids and vitamins.
• Mild sedative and anti-depressant

Historically it was believed to be the elixir behind Queen Cleopatra’s unmatched beauty and perfect skin tone.

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Properties of Good Rosaewater:

Commercial rose water is a byproduct of preparing rose oil produced via steam distillation. The best

concoctions will have the following properties:

• Transparent in color. If it is a deeper hue of pink then it surely contains additives.
• It shouldn’t contain any other ingredient than rose water, or water.
• It should be distilled ensuring that it’s natural and free of synthetics.
But the sanctity of these claims of market sold products can’t be drawn from descriptions on labels. Opting for organic rose water will amount to 5 times its actual price. So it’s best to prepare them on your own.

How to Make Rose Water:

There are various methods to obtain rose water at home. Choose the method that suits your convenience the best.

The Old Fashioned Method:

• Pluck the petals and leave the stem and bulb. Rinse them in water to free them of any chemical sprays.
• Place these in a large pot shaped utensil and fill it with distilled water to cover them. Be careful to not add too much water. Cover and simmer until the petals lose their color.
• Drain the liquid through a sieve into a sterilized glass bottle and store it in a dry place.

The Stronger Aromatic Method:

• Collect the following ingredients into a glass jar:  2 cups of strong smelling rose petals, 1 cup pure alcohol
(vodka) and 4 ounces distilled water.
• Close the jar tightly and let it stay under the sun for a week. Occasionally shake the jar everyday and keep it inside after sundown.
• After a week filter the liquid and add a few drops of essential rose oil and some fresh rosewater for a stronger fragrance.
• Refrigerate or store in ice trays and use when required.

The Condensation Method:

• Place petals inside pot and cover with water. Set a heat resistant bowl in the centre of the pot, which has a higher rim than the pot water. Make sure it does not move around.
• Cover the pot with the lid inverted forming a funnel shape with the bowl at its centre,
• Once the water boils, cover the lid with ice cubes on top and simmer for about 2 hours.
• Collect the condensed liquid and store in a cold and dry place for use.

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The Rose Hip Method:

  • Obtain about half cup of dried rose buds and put them in a glass jar.
  • Pour hot distilled water to just the level to cover them and let it sit for 1 or 2 hours.
  • Strain it out with a cheesecloth and use.

So indulge and obtain the elixir of beauty and health for yourself in the comforts of your home.