Almost everyone will have memories making beautiful bracelets of wool for their friends on friendship’s day. Thread bangles are somewhat from the same time frame but has regained its popularity recently. The concept of bangles, on the other hand has been around for many years now. India itself has a myriad of traditional bangle styles to choose from naming a few like golden, silver, metal, glass, etc. with whole lot of work from Cut work, Meenakari, stone, Kundan etc. Gone are those days where bangles could only be worn with traditional or semi-traditional outfits.

Thread bangles can be worn with almost any attire. These thread bangles are a craze and are available all over. Making them is super easy. It requires patience nevertheless but the end result is beautiful.

How to Make Thread Bangles at Home:

Thread bangles are a welcome fusion between traditional chunky bangles made of metals and modern accessory trends. What’s awesome is one could actually make one’s own thread bangles at home. Homemade bangles to be flaunted on all occasions. Go ahead, make one and match your outfit.

We will look into the top 3 ways of making thread bangles at home.

1. Thread Bangle using Nylon Threads:

Thread bangles go well with any kind of attire and looks elegant when worn on hands. These are made with thick nylon contrasting threads to give a nice definition to the bangle and highlighting the colours well. These can be made to match each and every outfit and one can have a matching thread bangle for every outfit.

The Materials Required for Making This Nylon Thread Bangles Are:

  1. Three of four glass bangles/one bangle with width
  2. One meter length nylon thread in two contrasting shades
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Cloth hanger clips
  6. Beads

Here we are using two contrasting colour threads of ash colour and green colour. Now we will check the step by step process to make nylon thread bangles:

  1. First stick the three glass bangles together with glue.
  2. Allow it to dry completely.
  3. Skip these steps if using a plastic bangle with width.
  4. Make a knot in the beginning with both the threads held together.
  5. Apply glue on the inside of the bangle.
  6. Stick the knot where the glue is applied.
  7. Clip the knot with the bangle and a cloth hanging clip so that it si fixed together.
  8. Take the two threads to either side as in one thread on each side.
  9. We will start with ash colour thread.
  10. Take the ash coloured thread from bottom and bring it to top and loop it down and make a knot in the centre at the top.
  11. Make sure that the knot should always cross at the top.
  12. Repeat the knotting process with green thread.
  13. Ensure that the knots on top are tight and secure.
  14. Repeat with alternate and contrasting colours until you complete the bangle.
  15. Make a knot at the end and stick the tips with glue at the inside of the bangle.
  16. Cut the extra threads to finish the bangle.
  17. Alternately, one can even fix two beads at the end and complete the bangle for a variation.
  18. The nylon thread bangle is done.

2. Woollen Crochet Thread Bangles:

Wool is that thread passed on by generations to generations in the form of many woolens like scarves, sweaters, socks etc. We must have seen grannies knitting all day long and they loved crochet as they loved doing it for younger ones. All things used to be handmade and pure crochet work. Woollen threads are thick and hence can be used to create handmade bangles. There can be different colour combinations and decorations to make crochet thread bangles. Experimenting and a bit of imagination will create something out of the world. Make these and they look great with western wear.

We Will Have a Look into The Things Required for Making Woolen Thread Bangles:

  1. Woollen threads (in choice of colours as required)
  2. Metal Bangles
  3. Crochet needle
  4. Scissors

We will take metal bangle preferably so that the crochet work comes better in thin bangles. The crochet work might look difficult initially but with a bit of patience and practice, one can do this in no time. Now we will check the step by step process to make crochet bangles in detail:

  1. Take a thin metal bangle.
  2. Now with the coloured woolen thread tie a knot on the bangle.
  3. Make few rolls of woolen thread on the left hand to secure the thread and to get grip for doing crochet.
  4. Hold the crochet needle on the right.
  5. Pull the woolen thread down first and make a loop.
  6. With the crochet needle, make a loop on the thread on top and pull it down to knot the bangle.
  7. Continue making loops adjacent to each other taking care to avoid gaps.
  8. Continue the pattern till the end of the bangle.
  9. At the end, loop the thread with the starting know and secure both with a knot again.
  10. Ensure that the knot is tight and not loosely hanging at the end.
  11. Cut the extra thread if any and finish the bangle.
  12. The woolen crochet bangle is ready to be used for matching the outfit.

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3. Lace and Cotton Thread Braided Bangles:

Cotton thread is also used for making a lot of handmade accessories like bangles, bracelets, rings etc. They look super awesome with all the western outfits, dresses, casuals etc. Lace and cotton are a nice flowy combination as both are easy to work with. Both are smooth and soft and hence can be easily used to do bangles and bracelets. Cotton thread used in the form of braid is the unique highlight in these thread bangles as that gives a nice look to the bangle.

Now We will Look into The Materials used to Make These Lace and Cotton Braided Bangles:

  1. Plastic Bangles
  2. Lace in different colours
  3. Cotton threads in different colours
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue
  6. A box or a book to hold grip for braiding the threads
  7. Stones/beads for decoration if required

The cotton threads to be used for making these bangles should be bit thick and not the thin ones. They should have strength enough so that they can be braided. The thin one cannot be used for braiding. The lace can be of same colour as bangle. The lace is used to give support to the cotton braid so that in contrasting colours, the braid is highlighted. For example, one can make a combination of black with blue, red with yellow, green with white etc.

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Now We Will Have a Look Into The Step by Step Process:

  1. Take the bangle and apply glue to the inner side of the bangle.
  2. Wrap the lace in cross line pattern all around the bangle. This forms the base of the bangle.
  3. At the end, glue the lace to the inside of the bangle.
  4. Cut the extra lace.
  5. Allow the bangle to dry completely.
  6. Now take the cotton threads, fold in half and keep the closed end under the box for support.
  7. Next, separate the threads in three parts to braid them.
  8. Start braiding the threads as one would do in hair.
  9. Take one strand, put it across the second one, then put the third one on top, then second on top.
  10. Repeat again for first and continue so on.
  11. Complete till the end of the thread.
  12. Ensure the braid is perfect and in order.
  13. The cotton thread braid is ready.
  14. Apply glue on the laced bangle on top.
  15. Stick the cotton braid carefully on the bangle.
  16. Cut the extra cotton threads and stick the ends to the bangle firmly.
  17. Smoothness the cotton braid if they are sticking out.
  18. Allow the bangle to dry completely.
  19. Stick stones/beads if necessary on the braid.
  20. The cotton braided thread bangle is ready to be flaunted.

Making Thread bangle is a work of great patience, it is great to see how beautiful the end result can be. What essentially done is wrapping a bangle with thread, but if done with a good presence of mind and sense of colour combinations, we can end up with a new accessory wardrobe altogether.

The various threads used like cotton, silk, wool etc. give different dimensions and look to the bangles. Silk threads have a shine and rich look, which goes well with ethnic and traditional wear. Woolen and cotton threads have strength and can be used well with making bangles for casual wear. It is really amazing what these threads can do if put to handmade use appropriately!!

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