Falling in love with someone is easy. But if you think it is not right to fall in love with the one you have in mind, that’s tough. Tough yes, easier said than done yes, and you would say, you cannot control the feeling of being in love with him or her. However, all agreed that it is still not impossible, and you too can stop yourself from falling in love with the man or woman you just want to be friends with.

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The heart says NO, and the mind says YES, and sometimes it is the reverse. So what do you do when you have so many conflicting thoughts? BREATHE, RELAX, BREATHE AGAIN and let the universe take control. Here you get detailed info about How to Not Fall in Love with Someone?

How to Avoid Fall in Love with Someone?

Why is it that you do not want to be in love with this person?

Before we study why not be in love with that person? Let us take a look at the reasons why we don’t want to give it a shot.

1. Unhygienic probably, maybe he has flatulence issues, or she burps after her meals to scare the crows away. Maybe they don’t brush their teeth well, and their mouth stinks every time you get close to them, the whiff can be killing. Now imagine kissing that person, it surely sends a shiver down the spine, and that’s one of the reasons why you cannot be in love with him or her.

2. Maybe because of the difference in backgrounds, caste, creed or maybe gender and sensual. In many countries, couples madly in love have had to separate and sacrifice their feelings for each other because of societal reasons. If this is your case and you don’t want to go against your family and society’s wishes. You could then start preventing Cupid from making rounds around your home.

3. His thoughts and yours or her thoughts and his don’t match. One could be an extremist and the other a sombre child, and the thoughts wouldn’t match even though they say opposites attract. You respect the person for being an individual, but to be a couple with them would mean world wars every day. So you’d rather not lose a friend and yet love them secretly or not fall in love with them at all.

Maybe something happened in the past with them. Were they rude or unkind, or did you have a bad break up which has stolen away your thunder and belief in love forever? Sit and think as to what is eating you. There must be reasons why you don’t want to be in love with him, her or anyone for that matter. You may have shut all doors to love or the thought of it, which he or she doesn’t understand.

4. Speak your mind out, especially if you are a woman. Men who want to be in love with you cannot stand a well-informed and voiced woman. They walk away sooner or later. This would save you from falling in love with them or them with you. For men, if you really don’t feel what you should feel for them. Make your stance clear and stand your ground.

Now think why you love and yet don’t love:

There would be times when you actually cannot help it. But pass signals across the table that you love him or her. It is natural, and you shouldn’t play the victim or feel guilty for the same. Just ensure that you know where the lines need to be drawn. Even for platonic love relationships, one has to maintain standards. So don’t just say you don’t want to be in love, and yet give them confusing lead ones and signals for the same.

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