Nail art just like tattoos have slowly increased in popularity over the past years. People have started to use a larger amount of nail art both for formal and informal events and this art form has become a necessary accessory for a many people all over the world. Unlike tattoos though nail art has remained a subtler art form as it does not include permanent designs. It is vital to know how to paint nails step by step. The designs can be removed easily if you wish to change or remove it completely. Making nail art is easy and just requires you to be a little bit creative in regards to the designs you wish to make on your nails. Creativity goes a long way with this art and all you need next is some thick nail polish in various colours and maybe some glitter if you want to experiment further. There is a very simple process by which you can create nail art and given below is a detailed way on how to paint your nails perfectly?

Get all your tools together:

The first step to getting some great nail art is to sort all the tools you need in one place. This includes the nail polish colours of your choice, remover, brushes, dryer and anything else you need. Keep a good wad of cotton also on the side so that you can wipe spills easily. Your tools are very important when it comes to the right nail art designs because the more variety of colours you have the more you will have the ability to experiment with a variety of different designs.

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The second important thing you must have is creativity. You must be willing to experiment with a variety of different designs so that you find the on that will go perfectly with the occasion your wishing to use the nail art for. On an off day you can sit down for a few hours and experiment with a multitude of designs so that you find the one that suits you best and easiest. Practice will definitely perfect your skills as well reducing the time taken to make a particular design.

Bowl of water:

Keep a bowl of water close because you never know when you need to wash off the spill that might occur while working on creating nail art. Water can also be used to quick dry your nail art if you know how to use the water properly. Ice water is the best to quick dry your nails by dipping and keeping them in the water for at least twenty minutes. Water is a very useful tool in making fine nail art

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Steady hands:

Steady hands are required if you know how to polish nails. It is always better that you draw your design you wish to use on a piece of paper for reference before moving onto your nails. Nail art is comparatively easy and looks great when bold and easy designs are used. Drawing the design on a paper will provide you with reference and at the same time will give you the confidence to go on and continue with making the same design on your nails.


The directions of making the nail art is simple, follow the process as mentioned above and when you actually sit down to do the works, take time to clean the sides while applying the polish to your fingers. Use the colour of your choice and apply a good two coats to maintain thickness. After this you can use a small paintbrush to start creating the design of your choice. After successfully making the design hold to dry for at least 15 minutes before adding glitter if you want. This is the complete process of making nail art.

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Diy Nail Paint Idea:

Pastels are the latest trend in nail paints. They come in a number of subtle shades and nudes. Pastels colors look very creamy on fingers and can bring out that chic look. They are the perfect pic for day parties.

If you looking for something that looks clean, minimal, yet lovely, follow these tips to create your perfect pastel nails:

  1. Choose a nice shade from the number of pastels available- Nude, Lilac, baby blue, cotton candy etc.,
  2. Buff up your nails for a smooth finish
  3. Apply a base coat and let it dry
  4. Once it dries, apply a second coat.
  5. If you prefer a matte look, you can let the second coat dry.
  6. Looking for glossy? Apply a clear nail polish on top and leave it to dry

Viola! You are ready to flaunt those gorgeously painted nails.

Nail paints not only add beauty to your nails, but add strength to them. Choosing a  good quality brand of nail polish can help protect brittle nails from chipping off. It is advised to use a acetone free remover to protect the outer layer of nails. With just a little patience and precision, you can create nails that can take the world by storm.

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