There is no rocket science behind deciding on how to plan a team outing but just small planning that goes into it. The easiest way to do it is to pick out the games and activities that are group engaging and are attractive to a group rather than interesting to just one person. There should be full plan on the list of events along with the places to stay, what will the team eat and when will the team eat and where the team will eat. Once these details are precise and planned out the whole outing plan gets simplified, and it becomes easy to track the entire outing. Planning also ensures that the outing becomes predictable and the team focuses on building bonds rather than planning the excursion on the clock. These team outings ensure that the bonds among the team members strengthen outside the cubical.

Team outings are a company’s way of thanking their devoted employees for all their hard work. It is a great opportunity for various corporate teams to bond with each outside the office. A breath of fresh air from the daily routine of work wonders as some employees even come back to work with a renewed vigor. As much fun as it is, organizing a team outing is not an easy thing to do. It involves careful planning to ensure its success. So listed below are a few helpful tips if you have taken it upon yourself to treat your devoted team to a fun-filled day away from work.

Best Team Outing Activities Ideas

1. Plan in Advance:

Give yourself plenty of time to plan the outing. Rushing things at the last minute will leave you in a disorderly mess. Planning in advance will enable you to deal with any special requests or suggestions your team members might have. It will allow you to plan an organized outing taking care of arrangements like transportation, etc. It is essential to give your team advance information and details about the outing so that no one is left in the dark.This team outing images also ensures that the efforts of the team goes into bonding with each other rather than handling the last minute mess.

2. Pick Your Date:

Make sure to choose a day where the weather won’t play spoilsport and an appropriate date which won’t thwart any plans your employees might have such as holidays but most of all ensure that the date does not interfere with your Senior Boss’s schedule.Choosing a date before also ensures that all the team members have pre-planned their program and no one skips the outing because of any last minute issues.

3. The Venue:

When planning a team outing the venue is of the utmost importance. The more time you allow for this, the better will be your chance of securing the perfect location. The venue also sets the mood for the event so make sure it caters to the likes of all members of the team and includes the pre-requisites that you would be interested in.Thus, the venue is as important as the team outing ideas itself, from setting up the mood or deciding the team activities it plays a significant role.

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4. Secure Permission:

If you have decided upon the venue, do not delay in securing the necessary permit required for the place on the given day as you could land up losing it to other interested parties which is a common occurrence.It will also ensure that your team outing is fully proofed and nothing will go wrong in the last minute.

5. The Budget:

Make sure that the entire outing falls within your budget as team outings are generally on-the-house. The idea is not to go overboard nor too low but to determine what it is you want or need for the event and accordingly find a reasonable way of going about it. It is also imperative that you decide upon the guest list when chalking out the budget and accordingly decide whether you want to keep it to just the team members or extend it to their families. Getting a head count well in advance will further your purpose. Deciding the budget before the team outing will make sure that the whole teams participate as one without any hesitation.

6. Food and Beverage:

Determine the menu keeping in mind the specific dietary needs of your guests, whether they are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, etc. Decide upon whether you wish to limit the beverages to just cold drinks, tea and coffee or extend it to beer and other hard drinks based upon the guest list. The menu should accordingly be made to include items that everyone can enjoy while at the same time ensuring that those items are well within your budget.Also, make sure you know the food allergies of your teammates beforehand so that the outing is full of enjoyment.

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7. Keep it Abuzz with Activities:

A team get-together without any fun-filled activities spells ‘boring’. Keep it alive with activities which all members can partake of. You can even give it a competitive edge by pitting teams against each other in friendly games of tug-of-war, treasure hunts and various sporting events. If the outing is extended to families then ensure that the location has a playground for children and organize various activities to keep them entertained.Fun activities will result in good time for everyone and strong bonding among the teammates. Its addition will also make your outing more memorable.

8. Hire an Expert:

Arranging everything on your own is a cumbersome task. Why miss out on all the fun when you can hire an event management or picnic planning company that will see to the minutest of details leaving you free to enjoy yourself.So, you will be just left behind enjoying your time along with your team rather than watching and arranging enjoyment for others.

9. Make it a Blast:

If the outing is for an entire day then you would do well to select a location with a great open space, a swimming pool and maybe even a makeshift discotheque to get the adrenaline flowing and leave your guests reeling from an enjoyable experience.This planning will ensure that there are multiple activities to keep everybody busy and no one dies out of boredom or runs out of good time.

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So, what do you think about an idea to plan out a team outing? Let us know what advantages you think a team outing can have personally and professionally. Also, let us know if there is anything else that you have in mind for team outings and what kind of activities do you think will suit the best for team outing. Share this if you also believe that these pointers are essential and will help you plan the best team outing for your team.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q: Why are the official or formal team outings important?

A: Team outings are very important as they help in creating bonds outside the cubicle and make sure that the result is reflected even in work inside the cubicle. It helps team members to know each other better which allows them to work together as a team and ensures that their compatibility among each other is enhanced.

Q: Why it is necessary to plan a team outing?

A: Planning ensures that the team outing is known to all team members are part of it. When the plan becomes predictable then everyone can easily schedule their time accordingly and be a part of it, it also ensures that the team outing plan becomes full proof and fewer changes are happening in the last moment.

Q: What kind of team activities should be included in the team outings?

A: The activities that are to be included in the team outing should be chosen in a way that it should be attractive to everyone. Choosing the activities that require the team’s efforts as a whole and enjoyment as a whole should be selected from in team activities. Make sure that activities are not individual-centric and fall in the interest area of only some but are enjoyed together as a team.


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