Women love being pampered, and a surprise seems apt. Now that she is going to be your wife or if you have recently married her, it’s time to show her that you are always thinking of her happiness, and what better way to show that, than to throw a party? Goodie!! Her birthday is up in a few days, and you want her first birthday to be special. Special because she is now a woman, married to you and here you call the shots. Surprise her, not by forgetting it’s her special day, but by making it extra special. Here shows some tips for How to Plan Her Birthday after Getting Engaged/Married.

Tips for How to Plan Her Birthday after Getting Married/Engaged:

1. Plan to Secret Vacation:

Plan a secret vacation for two. In most cases, birthdays fall on a weekday. Which means she wouldn’t have the time to party because work beckons the next day. What you could do is to have an exotic weekend for two in mind. Call up the nearest travel agent or look online for such options. Leave on a Friday night and be back on Sunday noon, rest in each others arms till midnight and wake up fresh to hit real life back on Monday.

In doing so, she would be surprised and thrilled, it would be a perfect birthday, and you can induce romance and hot passionate love while the two of you sip a drink watching the setting sun. Ask the resort to throw in activities for romantic couples, socialize with other couples at the lodge, get her a yummy cake, eat it off her, and get romantic and adventurous, she is all yours, and she would be ever so grateful

2. Invite Her Friends & Family Members:

You could also secretly call her closest friends and family members. Invite them all to join in for lunch or dinner on her birthday. Let all know it is a secret and not a word should reach her ears. Get someone to plan the food and wine, someone to help you pick up her favorite outfit, and yet, and someone else to help you decorate the place before the lady of the day arrives. Clichéd as it may sound; it is a formula that never goes wrong. At the end of the day, she would be glad to have you as her soulmate, someone who cares for everything she needs in her life.

3. Pack an all inclusive day spa treatment for her. Right from morning to evening; get her the much needed manicures, pedicures, body massages and therapies which would bring her back to life. Join her; there are many spas that allow couples to get treatments together. Enjoy spending time with her, and she would appreciate it too. Tell the spa manager it is a special day for your lady, and they would surely come up with a surprise or two. Make the spa session a magical one with their help. Set up aromatic candles around the place, and let her relax in them, while you play the Congo bongo and entertain her.

4. Do something naughty and wild when the two of you are alone. Be the male bar dancer, show her some hot moves, play peppy music, open a bottle of wine and enjoy the night out.

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It’s just the two of you:

Should you wish to have her only for you on that day, plan something which would keep her happy? Remember, on her birthday chances are that she may miss her near and dear ones around. Give her some space and allow her to take calls as and when they come. It is her day, and now that she stays with you, she surely would be missing her maternal home a lot.

Let her feel what a great husband she has, prove it to her this time!!

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Planning your wife’s birthday after getting married is an opportunity to make her feel special and loved. Consider her preferences, interests, and hobbies to create a personalized celebration. Pay attention to small details, like decorating the venue and selecting meaningful gifts. Ultimately, the key is to show your thoughtfulness and create beautiful memories that will strengthen your bond as a married couple.


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