Every girl’s nightmare is when they wake up with a pimple on their face in the morning. This pimple will not only make you feel embarrassed to go out. Still, it will also slowly make you fall into a depression about your looks if it does not go, and this problem is actually being faced by many girls around the world today.

Many products are available which give a very elaborate promise of eradicating pimples from your face immediately. Due to a severe plight for this miracle, many girls fall prey to purchasing products that sometimes do not work. Still, not to worry, there are a few safe and very efficient ways that give you the best and fastest results regarding getting rid of a pimple immediately.

Popping Pimples – Good or Bad?

You have an event or the night of your life planned, and then pop appears a pimple. It is tempting to pop that zit and have flawless skin. You might think it’s easy to pop in and get done with it. But is that good? Absolutely not! It is a terrible idea. In many cases, popping pimples make the pimples last longer, and the spread of infection is another aftermath. Squeezing and trying to pop it makes the infection worse, and the bacteria spread. It is best to wait it out.

Consider taking an anti-acne treatment provided by a dermatologist and use the products recommended by skin care specialists. Also, following a daily skincare routine that suits your skin will stop the appearance of pimples over time.

How to Safely Pop a Pimple? – Tips to Keep in Mind Before You Do:

  • Ensure you have clean towels handy.
  • A washcloth that’s new and clean is a great idea if you’re planning to steam your face. It is also a good idea to pop a pimple after a hot shower.
  • Choose a sharp needle-like the ones used for sewing.
  • This tip is optional. Brands like Sephora make come done extractors that can extract the pimple instead of using your fingers. However, you must know how to use these extractors to avoid permanent damage.
  • Ensure you sterilize the needle or the extractor before you use it.
  • Always rub alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is used as a disinfectant and must be used irrespective of using your finger, needle, or extractor.
    Rub the alcohol before and after.
  • The use of drying lotion has been great, especially to disinfect the wound after the pus has been removed.

What are the Ways to Pop a Pimple?

Here are few tips to know the right way to pop a pimple:

1. Your Hands:

After you have followed the pre-care tips, you can use your fingers for popping the pimple or whitehead. Please be sure to follow the aftercare, which will prevent further damage and the spread of bacteria.

2. By The Dermatologist:

Visiting a dermatologist will help determine what type of pimple can be popped and what can’t. They provide topical creams that drain the excess oil killing the pimple. Large pimples can be treated by drain and extract methods followed by dermatologists. They might also suggest other treatments and therapies and treat the underlying cause for pimples. This is the right way to pop a pimple – seeking expert advice.

3. By Needles:

You can also use sterilized needles for popping a pimple, and again, be sure to follow the pre-care tips. Once you have popped the pimple, follow the post-care mandatorily as the chances of infection are much higher. Ensure you know how to pop a pimple with a needle.

4. By Using Warm Clothes:

You can use a warm cloth that’s soaked in boiling water and pop a pimple. Be sure to follow the pre and post-care tips.

How To Pop A Pimple:

The question on every girl’s mind is how to pop a pimple without leaving a scar. The answer to how to pop a pimple? is given in elaborate detail below:-


Cleanliness is the first step to removing a pimple; as pimples thrive on bacteria, wash your hands carefully before touching the pimple. Be very careful as dirty hands will only succeed in instigating the pimple to thrive on the skin giving you further discomfort and making it look even more menacing.

Cleaning the skin around the pimple is also required as the pimple requires bacteria to heal and grow. If you pop the pimple after disinfecting the skin with a cotton swab and some disinfectant, then the chances of the pimple growing back reduce drastically. The skin can heal faster, and there will be no sign of the pimple or any scar, for that matter, on your face. The swab removes excess oil and all bacteria, thus hindering the growth of the pimple once popped.

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Exfoliation And Anti Oxidization:

Exfoliation is required to remove dead cells from the skin so that your skin can stretch easily, thus allowing you to pop the pimple more easily. Exfoliation with a reputed defoliator gives your skin the strength to regenerate new cells so that your skin can heal once the pimple is popped. Be cautious about how you pop the pimple, and always wear disinfected gloves to avoid any infection.

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After you pop a pimple, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Never use your bare fingers, as this can lead to further infection due to the bacteria in your hands.
  2. Always clean it with an anti-bacterial or alcohol solution.
  3. In case it is bleeding, use a warm cloth to stop the bleeding.
  4. Dabbing salicylic acid also heals the wound and prevents any further bacteria.
  5. Use Neosporin if the wound starts to scab.
  6. Consult a dermatologist to prevent scarring and for scar removal treatments.

The Head of The Pimple:

The head of the pimple is usually located at the centre and is the main cause for the growth of the pimple. Please think of the head as the brain of the pimple; therefore, to completely remove the pimple, pop it from the centre so that the head is removed, eradicating any notion of further growth so that you do not have to worry about that particular pimple anymore. As always, keep your hands clean and try always to use disinfected gloves to avoid any infection.

It is natural for a little blood and puss to accompany the head of the pimple, which only shows that the pimple has finally been destroyed. On the other hand, too much bleeding shows that you have put too much pressure, which may leave a scar; therefore, make sure to apply just a small amount of pressure to remove the head and avoid scarring.

How to Pop a Pimple at Home with a Pin or Needle:

Let’s take a look at how to pop a pimple without scarring:

  • Cleanse your hands and face. Wash your hands with soap and water and your face and gently exfoliate. Before popping a pimple, a warm or hot shower is a great idea as it softens the pimple, making it easier to pop.
  • Be sure to sterilize the pin or needle (your weapon of choice). Use a matchstick or a lighter, pass the needle through the flame and cool it down. Rub the alcohol after that.
  • Rubbing alcohol on the pimple and the area around it sterilizes the pimple.
  • Sterilize your hands too. Alternatively, you could wear latex gloves.
  • Here’s the important part – piercing the pimple. Gently pierce the white part, the top of the pimple. Pierce across, parallel to your face and not down. Piercing it down will further push the bacteria down.
  • While the needle is still in the skin, create a small tear to drain pus. The white head or the white part of the pimple is nothing but dead skin.
  • Drain the pus. Gently push from the sides and get the pus out. Ensure you’re wearing gloves or are using a clean, warm cloth around your fingers to prevent the spread of any infection.
  • Back off of there’s no pus, and it oozes blood.
  • Apply a drying lotion—dab on some alcohol and spot treatment that you use.
  • Don’t apply any makeup for at least an hour after you have popped a pimple.

Things To Avoid:

Pimples usually occur due to the constant consumption of junk food which heats the stomach. Drink plenty of water and follow a healthy lifestyle to avoid any encounter with a pimple, thus giving you healthy and flawless skin.


It is not good to pop a pimple unless you know how to do it right! To be more realistic, we can’t help but pop that zit. These are some of our beauty scenarios that require such drastic steps. We hope that the tips we have shared will help you. Be sure not to create further damage. Always remember to sterilize and pierce across and down. It sounds scary, but these are tried and tested methods. I hope it works for you too. Else, see a skin care specialist or a dermatologist.


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