With the increasing demands of life, what has become a major part of our lives is not happiness but the high levels of stress in both personal and professional lives. More and more people are getting into the crisis of stress that leads to various other health problems that one can’t even imagine. In fact, there are people who are not able to cope with these stress levels and often get themselves into psychological disorders as well. The good part here is that there are some constant ways and ideas through which you can reduce the levels of stress on the body and the mind.

The best tips and ways to achieve this goal are mentioned below. Check them out and follow the techniques regularly to have a good control over this deadly problem.

Best Ways To How To Reduce Stress And Depression:

1. Listen To Some Music:

Music has always helped people get back into good mood especially if the tracks are from the genre that they like. It helps in relieving the overwhelmed feelings caused by stressful situations. It leaves a positive effect on the mental state of a person and reduces the levels of cortisol which is a hormone that causes stress.

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2. Yoga For Relief Stress:

The yoga poses if blended well with some deep breathing can actually help in reduction of stress from the body in a highly effective manner. This should be done each day to get visible outcomes on the problem.

3. Use Aroma Therapy:

There are some scented oils and candles that can really help in bringing peace to the mind. Also known as aromatherapy, this helps in reduction of stress. You can light an aromatic candle in the room or take an aromatic massage. One can also add aroma oils in their bath to have a good smell that reduces pressure on the mind. Lavender is one of the best examples here.

4. Have Tea:

Green tea is known for hydrating and soothing qualities. It provides good health for the body and the mind. Some of the very good examples of tea that helps in reducing stress include chamomile tea, green tea and black tea. It reduces the level of cortisol in the body that thus help in reaching the right goals.

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5. Exercise Each Day:

Exercising helps in release of the endorphin that helps in killing stress from the body. Exercising in any forms for about 30-45 minutes each day will help you reach the goal of stress reduction. It is one of the good ideas to use.

6. Massage Helps:

Getting a massage helps in improvement of blood circulation as well as releasing the pressure from the muscles and nerves. This helps in proper stress reduction from the body and the mind. Get a good professional massage at least 2-3 times in a week in this regard.

7. Have Sex:

There is nothing more interesting when it comes to stress reduction techniques than to have sex. It has been seen that people who have frequent sex tend to have low levels of stress as compared to those who don’t. So try it out today!

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8. Laughter Therapy:

A laughter therapy of 10-15 minutes each day early in the morning helps in reducing the levels of stress on the body. This is a really efficient idea to follow when it comes to stress reduction.

9. Talk To A Friend:

By talking to someone who is really close to you can help you get solutions to your problems that are causing stress. This helps in reduction of the problem and to bring it to a level that is manageable. It is a good idea to use.

10. Visualize:

When you are confused about how to reduce stress this is definitely a great way to lift up your spirits. This is very simple because you will just have to closer your eyes and think about good times whether with your family or friends or maybe all alone. Thinking about how happy you are in that space will automatically make you happier.

11. Deep Breathing:

We are usually panting when we are stressed or maybe in a hurry. This is what induces a lot of anxiety and restlessness in the body. Now to reduce stress practise deep breathing where you will be able to feel the diaphragm expanding and then contracting again is important. This can instantly bring down stress levels causing you to relax.

12. Rocking Chairs:

Yes that old rocking chair in your balcony is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. It is best seen when you take a baby and do rock- a-bye to make it fall asleep and you find how comfortable it feels. The same is with adults in a rocking chair and a number of backs and fronts can bring down stress level and also relax your complete mind and body.

13. Pets:

These are living beings which can make you fall in love with them within no time. If you feel the stress that you are going through is because of too much work pressure and loneliness and you do not understand how to reduce stress in life there can be nothing like coming back to your pet at home and engaging yourself in the activities involving care for your pets and playing with them.

14. Vitamin C:

The nutrients in Vitamin C oriented fruits can bring down stress levels instantly and relax you very well. Also it is always better to have whole fruits rather than making tiny bits or juices out of them. The fibre content in fruits are also very good for the body. A glass of fresh orange juice or simple and tasty lime juice can tell you how to reduce stress once you start sipping on them.

15. Acupressure:

One of the age old techniques used to reduce stress is acupressure. The two main pressure points for stress reduction are the ears and the forehead. You can use your thumb and index finger to rub your earlobes and move gently to the whole ear. Then come to the middle of two eyebrows and move to the brows slowly massaging all over the area.

16. Lavender:

Lavender is a beautiful flower the oil of which is an essential oil which is also very useful in the study of aromatherapy. This oil can have really good effects in reducing stress levels and is a tried and tested method. You can pour just a few drops in the lukewarm water that you may use for bathing and then wash yourself with the same.

17. Polish Your Hobbies:

All of us do have certain hobbies and it is again true that most of us do not even get the time to polish our extra skills or maybe spend some time practising the hobby. It can be reading, gardening, cooking, singing or whatever. These have always taken a back seat given the very busy stress causing schedule. You can however spend time at least on the weekends with these and de-stress your life.

18. Voluntary Activities:

There can be nothing in this world which may give you more happiness than just seeing others smile. It is a common notion even sub consciously that we feel happy when we spread happiness and this is a good way because we can then find content with the help of voluntary activities. These may include pet service or service in orphanages or old age homes or things like that.

19. Walking:

Walking is a great way to de-stress yourself. It is said that even 30 minutes of brisk walking every day an prove to be immensely beneficial for your health and it is very true too. Whenever you are feeling anxious, tired, frustrated and tensed, what you can do is just set out on the road in the fresh air and walk alone or maybe with a friend by your side and you will surely feel much better.

20. Writing:

Writing may not be your hobby but sometimes writing can prove to be healing for the mind and soul. No we are not telling you to expand topics but write your own daily experiences and what makes you feel happy or sad. Writing about positive experiences always brings down your stress levels instantly and you will feel at peace and content.

21. Prayer Sessions:

Have you ever been to the Matri Mandir in Pondicherry? There they do not aim at making people chant with flowers in hand but they will allow you to meditate by concentrating your power towards a supreme strength which is absolutely intangible. It does not matter if you believe in God or not but a supreme power is always guiding you anyway.

22. Puzzles:

These games and puzzles and also crosswords which we get to see in magazines and newspapers are great ways to balance the stress levels in your body. This is because thinking about too much stress causes more stress and things such as these puzzles actually distract you. You have to concentrate at once on such puzzles when you want to solve them and your mind is thus diverted.

23. Caffeine Problem:

Excessive caffeine is very injurious to health. Too much of this content which is included in drinks such as coffee or may be cold drinks and cola syrups which we usually love are bad for the health and creates imbalance in hormones thus causing stress. Also the excessive consumption of these increases blood pressure thus leading to major problems.

24. Manicure And Pedicure:

It is always very important that you love yourself first because in that way you will have a very healthy relation with your own self and your mind will be at a happier space. Engage in a pampering session and get a nice massage along with some facial therapies, cleaning, spas and manicures and pedicures done. This will not only relax you but also make you feel beautiful inside out.

25. Arts and Handicrafts:

Engaging in creative activities always helps you not to get bored at all and also helps you in creating new and beautiful things. These can keep you distracted all the way thus keeping your stress levels lowered.

Stress due to our everyday lives is a common factor and a balance between the body and these levels should be maintained perfectly. A little imbalance can cause all sorts of problems such as tiredness, fatigue, stress, lethargy, nausea and so much more.

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