Most people refer to post-delivery flabby tummy as belly fat, it is actually not. Belly fat is accumulation of fat around your tummy due to various reasons like lack of proper physical activity, bad diet or any health issue. On the other side, the bigger tummy post-delivery is due to the elasticity issues. Most moms experience disappointment due to lack of knowledge on how to naturally shrink in the tummy post-delivery. Here are quick picks.

Flabbiness in the tummy region is quite normal and natural post-delivery. Since your uterus expands to create space for your baby to grow, the tummy expands as much as it can during pregnancy and when the baby is born, there is sudden decrease in pressure which puts tummy in relaxation mode and that is when it tends to have imbalance in elasticity.

Now if you are one of those new mothers wondering how to reduce stomach after cesarean delivery, or after normal delivery how to reduce tummy, this is for you.

Why does tummy grow during pregnancy and later become flabby post-delivery?

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Reasons for Stomach Fat:

1. Hormones:

Hormones often lead to stomach fat gain. Estrogen is a female hormone that leads to weight gain during pregnancy. The estrogen levels during this time is reduced that stores fat all around the tummy and even thighs. Sometimes it’s just the flabby tummy due to lack of proper elasticity in tummy region.

2. Pregnancy:

During pregnancy, the uterus expands creating room for baby’s comfort and easy growth. Also, due to intake of carbohydrate foods to help the baby grow may lead to fat accumulation around the tummy. The reason is to stretch the skin for new baby and also to provide cushion for the baby’s protection.

3. Stress:

Stress is the biggest and worst reason for all sorts of health issues. It is also one of the reasons behind flabby tummy in new moms as they are under constant pressure to look after the new born and its needs. When you get chronically stressed the body makes huge amount of cortisol that can combat stress. High cortisol can also cause the body to store more fat to stomach region.

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How to Reduce Tummy After Delivery:

Most new moms these days are given maternity belts to combat flabby tummy post-delivery, however the belts are often helpful for those who have delivered normally. But in case of moms who deliver through c-section, it may be difficult as the belt when put on the tummy might interact with the incision causing discomfort. Still, we have some tips for you all. Read on.

1.  Breast Feed:

Irrespective of whether you delivered normally or through c-section, breastfeeding is the best way to shed all that extra flab you have all around over your body, leave alone the tummy area. When you breastfeed, the body responds to the action and starts burning fat to make more milk for the baby, thereby helping the uterus to get back to the normal size and making your tummy shrink in.

2. Good and Balanced Diet:

You have to eat right foods when you want to shed some extra flab, especially in the stomach area. All Processed foods or junk foods lead to fat gain around the stomach. You will surely lose stomach fat after you get just the right balanced diet. Include loads of complex carbs, vegetables, wholegrain, fruits and lean protein. They help you get many nutrients and keep your healthy and happy by losing tummy fat.

3. Avoid Carbonated Drinks:

When you are new mom it is highly injurious to consume alcohol or carbonated drinks because they may interrupt your baby’s growth, especially if you are breastfeeding. Even if you are bottle feeding your baby, it is good to eat healthy food and replace carbonated drinks with fruit juices and water as your body needs some good stuff to recover from the stress it had been put through during pregnancy and delivery.

4. Exercise:

Most moms think that you only need to exercise for the body part that needs fat reduction. But, that’s not true! It is essential that you exercise for all the parts of body.

  • If you had delivered normally, you can start exercising after the first one month.
  • Start with stretching exercises and then slowly get into walking, squats and yoga.
  • If you had delivered through c-section it is advisable to wait until 3 months post-delivery to get into exercising mode as your body will be coping with the surgery.
  • Take it slow, start with stretching and simple yoga postures.

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5. Stay Motivated:

Staying motivated is the best way to lose weight. You can have stubborn stomach fat after your delivery or just flabby tummy but you have to be motivated. Do not ever shame your body. It has undergone a huge transformation to bring a life into this world. Love yourself and take it slow.Do not exert too much. After all you gained all this weight along 9 full months and your tummy needs time to shrink back in. Give it that time and consciously do it with positive thoughts.

Three power-packed ingredients for natural tummy shrinking after delivery

Lemon with Honey:

Oh yes! The age old power drink, lemon and honey mixed in warm water. This does magic with shrinking your sagged skin post-delivery. Every morning, have a glass of this power juice. You could squeeze in half a lemon and add one tablespoon of honey to a glass of lukewarm water.

Green Tea:

Although not all green tea ingredients are good for breastfeeding mothers, simple green tea ingredients like basil, lemon and honey or just plain green tea can be taken post-delivery. This also helps in shrinking the sagged tummy skin.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Oh! An apple a day also shrinks your tummy away! Well! You dint know this right! Try and watch it play its magic!

Here are Some Precautions:

  • Never consume any herbal or home remedy ingredients claiming weight loss without consulting your gynecologist and your pediatrician if you are still breastfeeding.
  • Before trying your hands on any herbal oils or slimming oils, read through the ingredients they contain to assess whether they match your skin and body.
  • Never take decisions in a hurry. Think, read, understand and do.
  • Research thoroughly before you add some new ingredient to your diet.
  • Do not put your body under extreme pressure. It may cause serious conditions like varicose veins or sprains.

Be it fat around your tummy or the flab around it that makes it look loose, you could choose to use a maternity belt. Also, drink lots of water, stay calm, give yourself quality me-time, rest when the baby is asleep, do not stress about other unimportant things.

When you are a mom you just be one fully. Don’t put your feet in different boats and fall. Stay at peace and enjoy motherhood. When you are happy, the body automatically recognizes it and then everything falls back in place! Happy motherhood!

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