Hairs are the most vital part of the human body, but they look marvellous on your head as they enhance the beauty of a person. But the overgrown hair on legs is a significant and persistent problem for all females as they disrupt their look of them. It restricts wearing short skirts, shorts and frocks as the hairy leg could be visible, disrupting your looks. These excess hairs on the legs occur due to an imbalance of hormones in the body, the use of certain medications, irregular or disrupted menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

How to Remove Hair From Legs at Home:

Now to remove leg hairs many latest technologies have been invented, but they pinch the pockets very heavily, thus restricting many women from enjoying these services. Here we let you know certain home or natural remedies through which you can quickly get rid of the leg hair without much investment and look prettier.

1. Miraculous Lemon Juice and Honey for Leg Hair Removal:

Lemon juice helps to exfoliate the skin and even naturally bleaches the hair. In contrast, else honey moisturizes and softens the skin by sticking to it, making the removal removingy way out. Both have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties preventing any irritation and thus suit every skin type.


One tablespoon of lemon juice and four tablespoons of honey.

The process to Apply:

  • Mix both of them in a bowl and apply on the legs.
  • Leave it for 20 -30 minutes, or clean the area once it dries gently with a washcloth soaked with Luke’s warm water.
  • For effective results, apply a week for months thrice and see the hairs start vanishing.

2. Yellow Lentil and Potatoes Paste to Remove Leg Hair:

All of us know that yellow lentils are a good source of protein, but now you can remove hairs permanently. A potato is a natural bleaching ingredient, and the combination of the two smoothly helps remove hairs on the legs.


One cup overnight soaked yellow lentil, one cleaned peeled potato, three tablespoons lemon juice and one tablespoon honey.

Process to Apply:

  • Drain the water from the soaked lentil and grind it to a semi-paste.
  • Crush the potato, extract the juice, and mix it with the lentil paste in a bowl.
  • Then add fresh lemon juice and honey and mix it well.
  • Apply on the legs where the hairs are there and leave it for half an hour. Then gently, with your fingers or cloth, rub the area of dried lentil helps to pull the hair.
  • Then clean the legs with water, and apply for a week and a fortnight to eliminate the hairs on the legs.

3. Multipurpose Chickpea Flour Mask to Remove Hair on Leg:

Chickpea flour has been used for decades by Asian mothers on their children’s skin as it makes it soft and even removes unwanted hair.


Five tablespoons of Chickpea flour and some warm milk.

Process to Apply:

  • Mix both ingredients to form a thick and sticky paste, and use milk as much as you require in the paste.
  • Then apply it on the legs and ensure that you use it in the same direction where the hair growth occurs.
  • Allow it to get 70-80% dry, then with your fingers in a circular motion, scrub the legs and see the hairs start removing.
  • Clean the legs with warm water and use them daily for effective results.

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4. Oatmeal and Banana Scrub to Remove Hair on the Leg:

Banana is a beautiful fruit that makes your skin soft and supple; at the same time, oat exfoliates the skin.


One banana and two teaspoons of oatmeal.

Process to Apply:

  • Mash the potato in a bowl to become a paste, then add the oatmeal to it and mix well.
  • Then apply it on the hairy legs, leave it for 20 minutes, and gently rub it with your fingers.
  • Clean it with water, apply it twice a month, and see the miracle happening.

5. Camphor and White Pepper to Remove Hair on Leg:

Both this ingredient works wonderfully and instantly remove the leg’s hair.


Two tablespoons of white pepper powder and camphor with some almond oil.

Process to Apply:

  • Mix both the ingredients in equal quantities with almond oil in a bowl and apply on the hairy region.
  • Then allow it to get dry or leave it for 20-25 minutes, and as you start washing the mask, see the hair disappear.

6. Angelic Aloe Vera and Papaya to Remove Hair on Leg:

Papaya is a fruit which suits all skin types and has “papain “, which restricts hair growth by breaking them from hair follicles where they grow.


One tablespoon of papaya paste and mustard oil, three tablespoon of aloe vera gel, half a tablespoon of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric powder, and 3-4 drops of any essential oil.

Process to Apply:

  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl to form a thick paste.
  • Then apply it on the legs and ensure that you use it in the opposite direction where the hair growth occurs.
  • Allow it to dry with your fingers or cloth in a circular motion. Clean the legs with water and use it thrice a week for effective results for three to four months for desired results..

7. Marvellous Safflower oil and Thanaka to Remove Hair on Leg:

Thanaka trees are found in Myanmar, and this tree bark is turned into yellowish-white powder and used for cosmetic purposes. Safflower oil deeply cleanses the skin and moisturizes it, making it soft and supple.


Two tablespoons of Thanaka powder and enough Safflower oil to mix.

Process to Apply:

  • Take the powder and mix the Safflower oil to make it a smooth paste.
  • Then apply on the hairy legs and leave it overnight, and the following day cleans it with water.
  • Apply it daily for two or three months and see the hairs start disappearing.

8. Turmeric, Glycerine and Sandalwood to Remove Hair on the Leg:

If you have tiny thin hairs on the leg with this pack application, you quickly get rid of them.


One teaspoon of glycerine, two tablespoons of sandalwood powder and grind 5-inch turmeric root into a paste.

Process to Apply:

  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl to become a fine paste, and no lumps exist.
  • Then apply on the hairy legs and leave it for 30 minutes, gently rubbing it with your fingers.
  • Clean with water and apply it daily for a month for better results.

9. Alum and Essentials Oils to Remove Hair on Leg:

Alum comes in a rocky form and can be easily powdered by grinding them. You get it in powdered form in all the cosmetic shops as it helps remove hairs from the legs and restricts its growth.


One teaspoon of alum powder, a few drops of essential oil according to your choice and rosewater or even plain water according to availability.

Process to Apply:

  • Mix the alum powder with rosewater or plain water with the help of a spoon and add the essential oil.
  • Then, apply the mix on the hairy legs with cotton and let it dry. Once again, apply the mixture with a cotton ball.
  • Do this for half an hour and once thoroughly dried, wash it in water and apply some moisturizer. Use a week thrice and see the hair starts gets disappearing.

Apart from the above mentioned natural remedies, you should follow these specific tips:

  • Please be patient as these natural ingredients directions take some.
  • As you apply them, eat healthily, drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and sleep adequately, and get involved in yoga to reduce stress.
  • Before applying any pack or scrub, steam the legs so that pores open, and after the application, ensure that you wash or clean the legs to remove the broken hair.

So use these tips sometimes and easily get rid of hairs on your legs magically and effortlessly without applying chemical-based products and harming your skin. In turn, these natural products add glow to the skin, making it appear more skinny and beautiful.


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