Think you are in your favorite outfit, and suddenly a drop of mehndi comes on it! Yes, this is a common problem faced while applying mehndi. Even if you are not applying, you may get such stains from others. Sometimes, the thought of how to remove mehndi from hands instantly also brings you stains on the clothes. At that time, your mind would directly panic thinking how to remove mehndi stains from clothes. No doubt the stains are tough to remove; you can still get rid of them.

Best Ways to Remove Mehndi Stains from Clothes:

Here are some homely solutions for remove mehndi stains from clothes.

1. Remove The Stain as Soon as it Falls:

Yes, the basic step of avoiding mehndi to darken on your clothes is to remove the drop quickly. For this, just grab a soft cloth and simply dab the stain. Don’t rub the cloth over the stain. This might spread the mehndi making your clothes dirtier, and the stain more difficult to remove.

2. Use of Laundry Soap:

The next step towards how to remove colour stains from clothes naturally is by using laundry soap. Dip some laundry soap on the stain and gently scrub on the stain in a circular motion. Continue to scrub till you find the color leaving your clothes. Wash out the clothes with cold water, and repeat the same process again. For better results, you can also use an old toothbrush to scrub the stains.

3. Use Milk:

Milk is quite useful for getting rid of the stains. Even when you are looking for how to remove mehndi color from hands instantly, milk would be much beneficial. Take some milk solution and dip the stain area into it for nearly half an hour. Next remove the clothes from the milk solution and apply some liquid soap on it. Scrub the area with a toothbrush or merely a scrubber in circular motion. You would see the color shading from the clothes. If you find the stain to be stubborn, repeat the same process again to remove it.

4. Use Hydrogen Peroxide:

For stubborn mehndi stains, the use of hydrogen peroxide is also helpful. Merely a drop of it would help you in removing the stain completely from the clothes. However, make sure you are using the solution in adequate quantity, as if used more can give bleaching effects to the clothes. A small drop would surely do the job, but if it doesn’t, move to some other technique to remove the stains.

5. Use Some Vinegar:

Vinegar is the answer to your question, how to remove henna stains from clothes. Vinegar is capable of removing nearly all the stains from the clothes including mehndi stains. Even if you have rubbed the mehndi on your clothes, white vinegar would give you the best trick to remove the stain. For this, simply apply some white vinegar to the stain, and rub the area gently in circular motion. Rinse the clothes using warm water. You can also repeat the process if you still find some stains on the clothes.

This was some popular steps that would help you in removing the mehendi stains from the clothes. Some other solutions for how to remove mehndi stains from clothes include enzyme stain remover, enzyme laundry detergent, ammonia, rubbing alcohol, and methylated spirits. The stains that develop while coloring your hair on the face, back, or clothes can also be removed by some specific tricks for complete wash. There is a tannin stain remover also available in the market that helps in getting rid of mehndi stains.


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