A pimple on eyelid is medically referred to as an eye stye. In this condition, the edge of eyelid gets swollen due to infection. This infection is commonly caused due to debris, oil, bacterial and even makeup. Eye stye occurs only as a single pimple, unlike the common acne found on skin. This pimple can be extremely painful and irritating, as it can restrict your eyelids from battling. It can also lead to sore eyes, making to hard to see. Eye stye can occur either on the lower or upper eyelids along the water line. If you suffering from a pimple inside eyelid and want to know how to get rid of it, read more.

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What is an Eye Stye?

An eye stye is a pimple near eye and mostly occurs in the eyelids, either upper or lower, following to the lashes. It occurs like a bulged structure with sebum trapped it in. While there are many factors that cause an eye stye, common conditions like excess oil, makeup or even dust can lead to eye styes. Although eye stye occurs as a single pimple, it can be very painful. In certain cases, the size of the stye is enlarged with the pus trapped in it, leading to blocked vision. Styes are non-contagious in nature and there is no worry of spreading to the other eye

What Causes Pimples on Eyelids:

Pimples are usually caused when any substance, be it oil, hair follicle or a foreign body like makeup or dust is trapped inside the pores. This leads to bacterial infection and forms a lesion on the skin. Eye pimples are caused in the same way. except that they are local to the eye and do not spread like common acne. The most common causes for acne on eyelid are as follows:

  • Bacteria, commonly staphylococci bacteria that gets trapped in the pores
  • Contact of mucous from nose to eyelids
  • Infected contact lens
  • Old eye cosmetics
  • Unhygienic hands getting in contact with eyelids

Symptoms Of Pimples On the Eyelid:

Eye stye is very easy to identify. The most common symptoms of a stye are as follows:

  • A bump in the eyelid or near the eye
  • Swollen structure with pus oozing out in some cases
  • Pressure in the opening eye
  • Redness of the bump
  • Blurred vision

Another common symptom of an eye stye is a dry eye condition, where the water from the tear glands dry up due to excessive blinks.

How To Remove Pimple On Eyelid:

The below prepares list is one of the helpful ones to give you an insight into the various ways and effective treatments with which you can treat the pimples on the eyelids. Check them out and follow until the problem subsides completely.

1. Relax And Be Patient:

Before any treatment, the first and foremost idea is to adhere to proper relaxation. According to professionals, being patient is one of the best things to do. It will take about 2-3 days in most of the cases for the stye to subside from the eyelids. All you need to do is to wait.

2. Cleanliness Is Important:

It is significant to clean the pimples on the eyelids at least two times in a day with a clean cotton dipped in water. Use warm water to soak the cotton. A little mild shampoo can be added for maximum outcomes.

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3. Use Antibiotic Creams To Remove Pimple On Eyelid:

This is in a situation where you are constantly facing the issues of a stye in the eyelid from time to time. It is definitely one of the ideas that gives fast outcomes. The ointment should be applied on the eyelid at night and then early in the morning it should be wiped off.

4. Simple Surgeries To Remove Pimple On Eyelid:

A lot of times, it is the congestion of the oil glands that causes the infection and leads to pimples in the eyelids. A simple and painless surgery in such cases is the right thing to do where treatment is concerned. It will give you instant outcomes in hand.

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5. Taking Good Care Of The Eyelids:

Along with treatments, taking care of the eyelids is very important not only to cure eyelid pimples but also to prevent them. Removing makeup before sleeping at night, like all the residues of kajal, mascara and eyeliner is very important. Along with this cleansing, the eyes and the face twice will a good quality face cleanser is also recommended.

Natural Remedies to Remove Pimples on Eyelids:

Pimples on eyelid home remedies are easy and effective ways to treat eye styes. Follow these methods for a quick relief:

1. Warm Compress To Remove Pimple On Eyelid:

A warm compress opens the pores of the skin and helps in unclogging them. The heat produced from the compress unblocks the pores and pushes the debris out. This results in reducing the inflammation of the pimple.


  • Soak a cloth in warm water and remove the excess water.
  • Now place this cloth on the affected eyelid for about 15 minutes.
  • This should be a routine for at least three times in a day in the morning, afternoon as well as night.
  • It is one of the most efficient solutions for the crisis.

2. Apply Sandalwood Paste To Remove Pimple On Eyelid:

Sandalwood has soothing and healing properties to treat an eye stye. It can reduce inflammation of the pimple and also offer relief from pain due to its cooling properties. This is one of the best and safe natural methods to treat eye stye. However, ensure the purity of sandalwood to avoid side effects.


  • Take some good quality sandalwood powder and with water make a paste out of it.
  • Apply it on the pimple and let it dry.
  • The cooling effects of sandalwood really helps in the treatment of pain and discomfort in the eyelid pimple.

3. Turmeric For Eye Stye:

Turmeric has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Applying turmeric on eye stye can kill bacterial growth and also reduce the size of the inflammation. A warm turmeric press is the best-recommended eye pimple treatment.


  • Take some turmeric and mix it with water to form a paste
  • Take this paste in a cloth and gently heat it on flame
  • Use this hot turmeric compress and gently dab the affected regions
  • Using it frequently can push the pus out and control the pimple

4. Black Tea:

Another natural remedy for eye stye is the usage of black tea. It is quite effective in treating pimple quickly. A warm black tea treatment can reduce inflammation and also moisturize the area.


  • Take a black tea bag and dip it in warm water
  • Use this bag and place it on the affected eye that is covered with a cloth
  • Close your eyes to avoid tea from entering
  • Gently dab the bag around the eyes to push the pus out

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Eye styes are not serious or threating issues. They are extremely common and occur mostly due to hygiene issues. The only way to prevent eye stye from occurring is to cover your eyes when exposed to dust, washing hands properly before touching eyes and cleaning your eye makeup brushes regularly. Its also important to gently clean your eyes before going to bed. So next time you wear that beautiful Kajal, make sure to remove it properly to avoid eye styes.



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