Trust is what friendships are based on, and when that is broken, all hell breaks loose. It is with trust that confidence between two individuals grows, and violating it breaks the norm. Piecing them back is a chore, and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. However, if you or someone you know would like to restore the glorious past between the two, nothing is impossible. In this article, we will explore practical steps and strategies to help you repair your friendship after a fight.

Give it a try and be very patient in doing so, but remember, even though the two of you may get talking with one another, things would be different at the moment. Hence, accept it and move on. You never know when things will come back to the original and for good. Below we enlisted some tips on How to Repair a Friendship After a Fight?

How to Repair a Friendship After a Fight:

Why did it happen?

The first thing you should do is to sit and understand what happened and why? This would give you answers to why you are fighting with the other person, your friend. Apologies would seem nonchalant here because you wouldn’t be able to tell the other person why the apology seems apt at this point in time. And this could be misinterpreted by two hotheads, making a bigger issue out of nothing. However, sit and talk things out with him or her, or them and tell them what you feel.

Explain to them that things need to be sorted out and what you miss when not having them around. Hug them once and talk. A hug can go a long way and solve a lot. Honestly speaking, no matter how bad the fight was, there is always hope that a face to face conversation can solve it all. You never know what a one-on-one conversation can lead to, and bonds can be reestablished again.

Take the first step, be proactive and clear that you want to fix what seems broken. Don’t play mind games; this is not what friends do with one another. Friends love each other unconditionally, and that’s why they want to be in touch with one another regularly.

Hence open up to the next and be clear, and if you are truly sorry, mean it and say it. Don’t try fooling them because the soul will recognize sometime soon if you really mean to be sorry or not, and if the negative is seen, it can get worse.

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What if You are The Victim?

Apologizing, even though you are the one at the receiving end, will not make you small. Remember, the human ego needs to be watered with love, not anger and hate. And when the sorry is passed with love and meaning, the pride would melt and wash away egoistic conflicts. Calmness is important while doing so, hence not putting up defences when you are being blamed for something you didn’t do. Listen carefully and speak with a cool mind, no matter what. This would then initiate an open discussion, which would lead to better consequences ahead.

After the talk, give it some time. Maybe a week or more, but do give them time and space. Remember, a broken friendship needs to heal, some heal soon, and the rest take ages. True friends wouldn’t just leave you. Hence be smart and mean what you say when you apologize to amend. This will only help in boosting your image in front of them. And in addition to that, they would know that you are indeed someone who can be relied on and true to the core.

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Finally, this is also an episode in life which teaches you what you should or shouldn’t be. Hence, rather than dwelling on the fight, work it out and make life happy.


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