Trust is something on which relationships are built, friendships too. However, without respect it fails. Relationships and especially friendships go for a toss when one takes the other for granted. There are many cases we may have experienced when friendships have turned sour, this is because adequate amount of respect wasn’t given. Don’t be a statistic, learn why respecting the friend who gives their all for you is so important. Looks, money, status in society all of it would fade, but when you learn to respect someone for who they are, their background, their orientation and for the human being they are, you will earn a gem of a person, for life. So is it so hard for us to respect one another? Is it so hard for us to look beyond the facade of physical beauty, monetary standards and power, and to look within the person, their personality and their values in life? The answer is both a YES and a NO. Here shows some tips for how to respect your friends and make your relationships stronger.

Get real:

The main thing about respecting someone is to get real in life and to make least expectations. Blame it on the media if you please, but we are conditioned to love someone for the flawless skin, the bouncy hair, the perfect washboard abs and the bling-bling money they can spend or throw, including flashy cars, swanky apartments and memberships to the crime-de-la-crème of clubs. Is that what is respect? Certainly not!!

Respect is what you earn and it stays for life, money is what you earn and can cut bonds like a knife. When you look to earn respect, you have made a wrong choice. Respecting someone is important, because life is a full circle, and who knows, the same person you disrespected today would come back tomorrow and that would be a slap on your face. Moreover, with respect comes trust and power, and this is positive power and trust that we are talking about here.

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Making someone fall in love with you by force, is not respect. Manipulating someone to break up with others and to be solely yours, wouldn’t earn you respect. Lying, cheating behind your partners back or your friends back, backbiting and spreading rumors about them, wouldn’t earn you respect. Interfering too much in their personal lives, their family’s life or their personal details, isn’t going to earn you respect. What would earn you tons of respect is allowing the person to be as they are and helping them out, as and when they need.

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Draw your lines:

Respect is all about understanding the person, the way they live, their friends, their family, their social obligations, their personal lives and not interfering with any of them. you could be a pro at solving issues, but unless you are asked to help it shouldn’t be a pro active helping hand from your end. This would be interfering in their matters and invading their private space, which would lead to disgust and indifference, not earning respect.

Be there for your friends when they need you, and if not possible in person, always call, text, SMS or whatsapp and email, but let them know you are there in spirit and care for them. this would earn you a lot of respect, since you have from the bottom of your heart shown that you care.

Finally, don’t be a drama queen when volunteering to help and to show respect, this would be hypocrisy. You need to be polite, loving and non-pompous when respecting the next, or else the whole point of mutually loving someone for who they are, is lost. Be a friend who cares, be someone who knows the meaning of respect!!

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