Friendship, just as any other relationship would be, with its own share of ups and downs, highs and lows. And there would be times when you would have to play the Good Samaritan and apologize. Even though it is not your fault. There are many ways for anyone to use, especially when they want to save their friendship. A true friend would do all it takes without force though, to save the bond between you and them. Here is what you need to know on how to save. What you think you have lost hence please read on and be well–informed about the same.

How to Save a Friendship Save

How to Save a Friendship:

Think, act and respond aptly:

There is this uncanny feeling that you and your bestie are drifting apart, and something needs to be done. Don’t wait for eternity to make things happen, this could do more harm than good. It is wise to be prepared and to be that person who makes the first move. The reason is, your friend may be harboring anger towards you for something you may have done. And sometimes maybe for something they did behind you, which put you in a fix and they now are guilty about it. Hence, speak up, act now and don’t wait for a fairy to fly down and magically fix things. Get the talking started but don’t lash out or blabber too much.

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When you talk and analyze, alone or with your friend, be honest, and to the point, or else it wouldn’t work. Traceback steps to the moment when it all began, was it something you did or say, didn’t do or didn’t say? Was your friend going through something for which he or she acted weird and indifferent? Maybe you promised something and didn’t deliver as per the promise? Maybe your friend did something which he or she promised you they wouldn’t, and now they feels discouraged from meeting you in the eye? Hence, sans judgments talk it out, be calm and show empathy while listening to your friend. When you talk and get to know it is your fault, swallow your pride and ego, explain in a cool and calm manner to your friend, why you did what you did!!

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Listen and learn:

There would always be third party talks doing the rounds. Which could or could have not been the cause of your friendship breakup. This is why we say the two of you or the group and you should sit and talk things out. Let no third party who has nothing to do with this entry be that sacred space meant for you and them (your friend). You know deep within that your friend wouldn’t have said anything as to what rumors have to say, hence speak it out and get things clear.

Finally, after the talking has been done, be patient, calm and composed, have a coffee together and move on your different paths, giving each other space and time to think about the day gone by. Sometimes it takes minutes, hours, days or weeks, but eventually, it works for the best. Maybe this is a lesson which was meant for you and them to learn to look at the big picture. If the feeling of disgust arises, then there are issues which haven’t been addressed yet.

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So breathe, relax and let time heal the wounds of the past, don’t dwell on it. Move on and be there for your friend when time demands. Miracles happen almost every day, and this article, how to Save a Friendship would help you and your friend form stronger bonds ahead, but as of now since the talking stage is done, the next step would be to be patient and to give each other space to recuperate and heal.

How to Save a Friendship Save


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