“Actions speak louder than words,” says an old adage, and this is so true. From the time we were on our mother’s lap, we were taught that your actions define who you are. The pudding base is where the proof is, which means the inner actions and feelings truly define a man or a woman. This is what we notice about him or her over time, a sort of consistency evolves for the same. Words are spoken at random sometimes, even without a strong intent of meaning them. Hence, have a plan of action in place, which would help you out. In this article, we will explore the art of saying ” How To Say I Love You Without Words” without words.

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How To Say I Love You Without Words?

Here are some tips that would help you express your love and true feelings to the next. Hence please read How To Say I Love You Without Words.

1. Listen With The Intent To Understand:

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An active listener is one who really cares, but searching for someone as such is tough. When your lover has his or her eyes on you as they speak, sans being bothered about what’s happening around, NOD. This would show them that you care, love and respect what they have to tell you.

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2. Surprise!!

An element of surprise spices up the love you have for them and them for you, but don’t be terrible or go overboard with the surprise element. It should be one that shows you have gone the extra mile, but not tried in all desperation to woo them.

3. Help Your Partner:

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It doesn’t mean you have to pay them cash for help, just be there for them when possible to help, that’s it. Divide responsibilities if you both are living together, don’t judge or question each other’s role in the house. Don’t stereotype roles, remember it takes two wheels for a cycle to run smoothly.

4. Understand The Need For Each Other’s Physical Love:

Both of you need to be affectionate, maybe you could be a tad bit better than him or her. However, it doesn’t mean only the sexual needs of one get satiated, while the other is left high and dry. Spice up your physical intimacy, which would only allow you to explore one another better, leading to a better understanding between the sheets and out of it as well. If there are issues which have no end, speak to a counsellor but don’t give up

5. Sleep At The Same Time:

A couple that retires together and wakes up together, stay strong as a couple for life. We don’t mean the two pair of eyes should shut and open at the same time, just know that a similar routine makes things easier for the two. Yes, it isn’t possible for this to happen always, but when it does, appreciate it and make it awesome

6. Hit the Gym Together:

How wonderful it is to watch couples work out with one another, maybe yoga or Pilates. This would help one another motivate the next, be strong and healthy as well, and enjoy quality time working out together too.  When the two work out together, stress and tension too would find a way out of the window

7. Stick To The Agreements Made:

Unless urgent and unavoidable, don’t change the deadlines or the agreements made with one another and to one another. Finances, the home, kids, pets, grandparents, parents, mortgage bills, food on the table, home decor, planning a vacation and the works, couples need to sit and chalk things out. This shows love and cares for the next, with loads of respect thrown in.

Once in a while, both of you should go out on a drive or a romantic dinner for two, just the two of you that’s it. This will tell you what’s playing in the mind of your partner, which when you observe would help you understand their needs better. Be observant of their moods, and space and work on making things better by talking things out.

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When you love yourself, physically and mentally, it shows. Find out what makes you tick well, and do that. When your lover sees you happy, he or she too would be curious, and you then can tease them by not telling them. This brings in more romance sans words being spoken.


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