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How to Shampoo Your Hair?

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Even after the third wash this week, your hair still feels sticky and muddled? Often the busy mornings take up most of our valuable ‘me’ time and in between the makeup fixes and dress code matching, we often neglect our hair. Even after a quick 5 minute shampoo, your hair still feels heavy and unwashed and this is primarily because you are not devoting enough time to get your hair to wash out properly.

However, it is quite possible that even a 5 minute shampoo can give you the best of the results, only if you opt for the perfect method. Shampooing hair takes a whole lot of strategy, something you might still be unaware of. This is why it is of utmost importance that you follow this article where we reveal the proper way to shampoo your hair without having to deal with messy muddles of sticky hair throughout the week.

Work With The Right Ingredients:


Before you venture out to shampoo your hair, make sure you are working with the right kind of materials. It is often possible that your shampoo is just not compatible with your hair type, one of the reason why your hair never feels the way it should.

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There are two things that you should be aware of when choosing a shampoo, your hair type and scalp type. Often oily scalp brings down perfectly refreshed hair while often dull limp hair can make you look damp even though you are sporting a cleansed scalp. Then there are different shampoos for fine thinning hair and dense thick hair. Opting for personalized shampoos will not only help you clear your head properly but will also help you outlast your fresh shampooed hair.

The Steps To Be Followed:

1. Before you step into your shower, make sure you have the right ingredient to work with. Always accompany a conditioner along with the shampoo to keep your strands manageable and soft.

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2. If you have dry hair or dry scalp problems that easily flake and are prone to dandruff, it is better if you thoroughly hot massage your hair with luke warm oil which would nourish and hydrate the hair strands while improving circulation.

Hair Shampooing

3. Once in the shower start by wetting your hair completely. This would be easier if you turn your head upside down which would allow the water to trickle down through the dense hair while thoroughly wetting up your scalp and roots.

4. Pour the shampoo in your palm and rinsing your hand together spread it equally in your hand before you reach down and apply it evenly throughout your whole head. Usually at the first attempt aim for the scalp rather than the hair. The wet hair will act as a facilitator to lather and foam up the shampoo before using an extra helping of the shampoo to cleanse your hair length after the nape of your neck.

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5. Once done, massage your head for five seconds using your finger tips before you once again turn your head upside down and wash out the lather. This time use slight warm water that will force out the dirt and product build up while opening your scalp pores, emptying out possible oil pockets underneath.

6. Make sure your hair is stripped of shampoo before using a second helping to complete the final cleanse. If time is of the essence, move on to the conditioner and after applying it to the hair and only the hair wait for two minutes.

7. This time use cold water to cleanse out the hair while enclosing the pores so that dirt and pollution is not allowed in. once done, wrap up your hair in the towel and let it soak.

8. Immediate rinsing of hair can strip your hair of possible moisture drying it out. Leave the towel wrap on for a good 15 minutes as you continue with the rest of the morning.

9. Unwrap the towel and now blow dry your hair before styling it.

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