Butterflies in the stomach, a feeling which most of us have gone through in the past, and don’t we just love it when a word, gesture or note comes from him, saying “Have a nice day” or something like that? The angels sing in choirs, the heart skips a beat, you feel like doing the tutu, and the whole world seems cosy and rosy. However, he still doesn’t get the point, the point that you have feelings for him. Well, if you want to give this a shot, you have got to try smart, not hard. Here are a few tips on how to show your love to your boyfriend.

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Tips for How to Show Your Love to Your Boyfriend:

1. The Languages of Love:

Everyone is an individual, what makes you feel mushy may or may not be the way he feels and thinks. You may love a bunch of flowers, but he may not and remember. Men are not alike no matter how much we women generalise and categorise their behaviour.

2. Choosing the Right Words when Talking:

An affirmation or a phrase of affirming love is what you should use when you send out a compliment to him. Such as in a poem, phrase or letter.  You could even whisper something sweet in his ears later on. However, keep the language simple and subtle, and don’t go overboard with the choice of words, he wants a real girl to love not an Oxford returned professor.

3. Choose the Right and Very Simple Ways to Pen Down Words:

While writing to him, the words should be familiar, and the sentences should follow the K.I.S.S pattern. A pet name to use would be good. But once again no going overboard with the “honey” and “baby”, most men after a point want it off their shoulders. Most importantly, it can be interpreted as coming on too fast on the man, he may then want to run away.

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4. Express Love Through a Helping Hand:

Cook his favourite meal, read him a book at night, pamper him with a drink he likes, help him with his laundry, run an urgent errand for him, walk his pets, care for him when he is down under the weather or simply give him a head massage if possible. Help but don’t overdo it or be his doormat, or else he would take you as a friend only, and that would mean taking you for granted at times, which would hurt you. Only time will show you how and when to spice things up.

5. Present Him with a Token of YOU:

“YOU” means LOVE, yourself and your embodiment. One could also think of giving him YOUR time as a special gift. Especially when he has an exam or a job interview. This would show him that you really do care for him unconditionally. Since you have sacrificed your moments to be with him on this big day of importance.

6. Physical Love and Time:

We aren’t asking you to jump into the bed with him to show him how much you love him, NO! Your boyfriend to be should love spending time with you as a person, not with you between sheets at all times. Sensual games and physical attraction would be there, but you would know where to draw the line.

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If a man says he can only love you after checking sensual compatibility. No matter who he is or what his promises are, chances in cent per cent he would leave you and blaspheme your name amongst the circles of friends he has, so this is not how you show him your love


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