Being in love is an amazing feeling, and more so when it is expressed both ways. It goes to show how much you want her to be a part of your life, and your emotions, and to make this relationship work, you’d do anything. This is what she would need to know and understand so that she can respect and appreciate all that you do for her. When you tell her how much you love her, she fills fulfilled, loved and wanted. No matter how you choose to express your love for her, gifts, words or actions, it should be an intent which is clear and from your soul, but don’t overdo it to be taken for granted. Here we enlisted some best tips on How to Show your Love to your Girlfriend?

How to Show Your Love to Your Girlfriend:

Tips on wooing her:

1. Romantic Gestures:

Be romantic with your gestures, women dig men that are chivalrous and those who aren’t afraid to show their sensitive side once in a while. Being classy is the name of the game here, for example, penning a few words of love and appreciation and snail mailing them to her. Keep a copy of all those letters in a small box; give it to her on someday special. Consistency in such an act would surprise her, and the intent of loving her comes through, clearly and loudly.

2. Small Things:

The smallest things in life matter, and love can be shown in a large way through small things. Maybe you could offer to pick and drop her to college, once in a while. Go grocery shopping with her, help her car get fixed, and pour her a cup of coffee when she comes back home from work. Don’t forget your anniversary, women hate that. Doing all this would impress her, and your actions would touch her soul

3. Arrange a small dinner:

Small tokens of love given now and then would be fine, it needn’t be costly. Be classy, yet think out of the soap box. Arrange a small dinner for two cooked by you at home one evening. Gift her roses when she wakes up, give her a massage before she sleeps, and whisper a soft sexy goodnight in her ears every night. Text messages her notes of warmth if she stays elsewhere.

4. First Move:

Be bold and make the first move, women love it when a man is proactive. Tell her honestly about how you feel for her, how you love and respect her. The golden three words should be health felt and not just because you love her. Express gratitude for one another; tell her how she is in your life, and makes things easier for you on various levels.

5. Don’t be obsessive or jealous of her relationship with other male friends. This would lead to assumptions, and no one wants an obsessive boyfriend, and you wouldn’t want to lose out on quality friends in the bargain

6. Surprise her with a fancy gift; show her you, too, know how to shop for what women want. Maybe ask a girl pal of hers secretly to tell you the lady loves choices when it comes to clothes, accessories, shoes or the colours she loves to dwell in. Make a list of them, get some in varied forms, and it needn’t be expensive.

7. Be a man of honor; remember, women hate waiting and being waited upon. They also hate it when men shame other women on their behavior and character or if you talk too much about the ex. Don’t do all of that, the moment now is for you and her, so focus on this aspect.

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We wish you all the luck wooing the woman of your dreams. Be a classy elegant man she wants and dreams of.


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