Have you ever been through a sleepless night? Frustrating. You feel so restless, tossing and turning in bed wondering why that you cannot sleep. If it happens quite frequently to you, it might be that you are suffering from chronic insomnia. The medical management of this condition is an entirely different topic.

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Before we get into the do’s, lets understand the don’t s

Don’t do These Things Before Going to Sleep:

To have a sound sleep at night, you must first know what you should avoid.

Remember falling asleep should not take more than 15 minutes. If it is taking more than that and after putting in a lot of effort, if still you are unable to have a sound sleep at night, you must check and ensure. Read on:

  • Not every person’s sleep cycle is alike. Remember this before you fret about your sleep cycle the next time.
  • Avoid short naps during the day. Power naps lasting for not more than 1o minutes is ok for office goers
  • Avoid vigorous workouts during the second half of the day as excessive strain also disturbs your sleep.
  • Must avoid beverages with caffeine in them after sunset, especially after dinner.
  • Avoid late meals and spicy food for dinner
  • Avoid carrying your mobile, food or books to your bed. Finish off them before you hit the bed. Once on bed, just relax, calm down, and fall asleep.
  • Avoid bright lights or bed lamps that disturb the peace of your eye.

How to Get Better Sleep At Night Naturally:

Here are a few ways to understand how to get better sleep at night naturally.

1. Drink Some Warm Milk:

Yes, the old belief that having a glass of warm milk helps you sleep better is true. Milk contains an enzyme called tryptophan that helps your brain calm down. Also, the fat and proteins present in milk give you a sensation of being full and help you catch up on sleep. Another good alternative is Chamomile tea.

2. Include Bananas in your Diet:

Bananas are a rich source of potassium that helps in easing out muscles. It helps in toning and relaxing the muscles.

3. Fix a Schedule:

Try to follow a routine. Have your meals at a fixed time and retiring to bed at the same time every day. This is a way of cheating your body to follow a certain timetable.

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4. Eat on Time:

Have your dinner early and do not go to sleep for after having your meal. Allow a gap of three hours after your meal before you retire to bed.

The entire process of digestion slows down at night time, and a full stomach may interrupt sleep. The heavier the meal, the longer it takes for your stomach to settle. So, ideally dinner should be the lightest meal of your day. This helps you digest your food better and prevents issues like acidity, gas, indigestion etc. Similarly, do not skip your dinner entirely. Here are a few light snacks that help you understand how to sleep well at night?

Some Good Choices:

  • One piece of whole-grain toast with a slice of low-fat cheese
  • Whole grain cereal and fat-free milk
  • Fruit and low-fat yoghurt

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5. Slow Down That Air Conditioner:

Studies have shown that a cooler environment you sleep in, the more are the chances that you would have a nightmare and that sure is one spoiler alert!

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6. Replace Coffee or Tea with Water:

Skip that coffee. It is a proven fact now that caffeine interferes with sleep patterns.

7. Use a Comfortable Mattress and Pillow:

Adjust your pillow in such a way that your neck and spine are aligned in a straight line to prevent tension and cramps in your neck and shoulder region while you sleep.

8. Breathe in Positivity and Breathe out Negativity:

Practice Pranayama or deep breathing that helps regulate your heart rate and blood pressure-and releases a hormone called endorphin that relax your body and helps you sleep better. I am describing a very simple breathing technique.

Bhastrika Pranayama:

The word ‘’Bhastrika’’ means Bellows. This Pranayama provides your body with the maximum amount of oxygen.

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This exercise involves sitting comfortably in Padmasana followed by normal breathing and relaxation. Now, start breathing deeply and completely to infuse your lungs with oxygen. Thereafter, breathe out forcefully. Repeat this for 5-10 times.

This exercise should not be practised by people suffering from heart disease.

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9. Relax Your Feet:

Massage your feet with warm oil. You can use almond coconut or olive oil to massage the bottom of your feet.

10. Light some scented candles in your bedroom. The more relaxing and conductive the aura is. The better you can sleep. Aroma therapy can work wonders for the brain to calm it down. Fragrances like lavender, chamomile, and ylang-ylang activate the alpha wave activity in the back of your brain that helps you sleep more comfortably.

These 10 gem tips are just for you to confront your “how to get sound sleep at night naturally” question that bothers you every day.

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Just close your eyes and remember the most wonderful moment of your life. Feel the love and feel the warmth. Relive that moment and go to sleep!


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