Is it disdain or apathy? Why do you hate her so much? Is it because of the lovely family she lives with in comparison to yours? Is it because of the male fan following she has, and not a single man looks at you? Does she manage to do it all without any assistance because she’s a supermom? This is all that’s making you avoid social listing with gal pals, isn’t it? And you’d rather have a bunch of male friends over, dirtying your home and drinking beer all day long watching sports, and not a group of gal friends over, your own gender, who actually would make you feel good. Now you have got to take a stand for yourself, because, in the end, it is only a woman who understands another, sans the effort. Here we enlisted some tips on How to Stop Hating other Women?

How to Stop Hating Other Women?

What is making you hate her?

1. Did you grow up in a home where the women were over dominating, which could be the reason why you are so put off with women friends? Or maybe while in school, a female friend suddenly broke your trust and spread stories about you? These experiences may be nestled in your subconscious mind, and it’s time for you to let them out completely. Let go of the days and those memories that haunt you, those girls who bullied you, teased you, pulled you down have moved miles ahead in life. You now are a strong independent woman, and you need to start sending out that signal, not by hating women but by helping those who need to learn from the experiences you went through.

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2. You need to stop looking at female bosses and co-workers as impossible to work with. Not all women out there are the ones who are waiting to hurt, belittle or betray you. Women these days treat women with more harsh tones than their male counterparts do. Don’t use the “being under my thumb” rule for all women out there, and stop being stuck in a pattern long gone. You aren’t a bad person, to begin with, so why make such an image which tarnishes your reputation at large? And if you thought hating other women was cool; newsflash: IT IS SO NOT COOL.

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3. Did you have a problematic childhood, where your sibling was a sister who was always compared to you? This could also be a reason why you hate women so much. Maybe the boys paid more attention to your sister, or maybe the men at home praised your sister more than you. It is, but natural you harboured ill feelings for your own sister because of that, but that was in the past. Have you tried to start loving yourself for yourself? If yes, then you deny the truth, and if no, then you better start now before you lose out on real good female companionship.

4. Are you secretly envious of the girls around, because of the looks and the fabulous bodies they flaunt? Don’t be, because looks and bodies would fade over time, what stays behind is the heart and soul that weave good memories.


Don’t be an insecure woman, your male partner isn’t going to run into the arms of another woman ever. Remember, what you send out unconsciously does come true (law of attraction). Hence, if you want the women around to despise your existence, the same would happen. Stop hating other women for what they have and what you lack. Start praising and loving yourself for what you have and help others achieve the same, for the lack of not having it. In this way, you would end up loving those you help, and hate would be by gone.

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