Cuticles are the protective layer of the nails. It is important to treat cuticles properly while doing a manicure or pedicure. This is because not treating them properly can lead to severe bacterial infections. But it is not impossible to do your cuticles properly at home even without professional help.

How To Treat Cuticles:

Treat your cuticles in the right way by following our 9 easy steps.

1. Soaking:

Soak your hands in Luke warm water. Make sure the water is not boiling hot. Like cold water is not right for soaking cuticles, similarly boiling water is also not an option. Soaking cuticles in warm water for at least 10 minutes is required. Make sure your cuticles are properly dipped into the water.

2. Pushing:

Take a cuticle pusher and gently push back cuticles. Push back cuticles properly. Do not over do it. If you feel any kind of pain or while pushing them back, it may mean that your cuticles need more than just soaking. Try using a cuticle oil to rub on the cuticles on your fingers after soaking and keep the oil on the nails for at least 10 minutes.

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Do not cut cuticles. Doctors and dermatologists say that there is no point in removing the cuticles or cutting them off. These actually protect and enhance nail growth. Cutting them will lead to gaps at nail roots. Such gaps can lead to nail infections, white nails, ridges or red crusty infections. It’s therefore best to push back cuticles rather than cutting them off.

3. After Cuticle Care:

After your cuticles have been pushed back properly, use a potion made out of the following ingredients on to the cuticles.
Over indirect heat melt some cuticle cream or Vaseline. In it pour the following:
a) 4 drops of lavender oil
b) 4 drops of olive oil
c) Some antiseptic cream of your choice:

When this mixture is melt over indirect heat, stir it with a wooden spatula. Keep this mixture in a dark colored bottle in the refrigerator. Use it every night by taking a little bit on your palms to warm this mixture up. Next massage this on to the cuticles. This will serve a purpose of after care and regular night care cream for your cuticles. Do not use this mixture for over 1 week. Remake it using the same ingredients.

4. Preventing Dry Cuticles:

If your cuticles have the habit of getting dry and chipping or splitting, You should use a cream to massage the cuticles as mentioned above. Next, you should wear gloves while going to bed. You can easily protect your cuticles from getting dry or chipping during winter by following this process.

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5. Keeping Cuticles Neat And Clean:

It is important that you keep your cuticles neat and clean. A regular use of hand lotion or even your common body lotion can go a long way in protecting your cuticles and keeping them good. Think of cuticle skin like your skin. It grows, dries and dies. Next new cuticle takes place of the old one. If you keep your cuticle clean and neat, removing the dead cuticle with each manicure or pedicure, then your new cuticles will grow better. This has nothing to do with the growth of nail. Nail growth doesn’t get hampered with the removing of dead cuticles. It is however important to keep the cuticles soft, and moisturized always. This is because it helps your new cuticles to grow better and provide better protection to your nails. This is the best treatment for cuticles.

6. Use Of Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil has very good antiseptic properties. It is highly used in making and treating skin infections. You can use a few drops of tea tree oil to your cuticles if you are facing any kind of infection on the cuticles. Slightly greenish or yellowish or painful cuticles are a sign that you may be suffering from cuticle infection. Try some drops of cuticle oil before going to bed and also after bathing. This will prevent further infection and also kill the bacterial growth at the cuticles.

7. Cuticles Can Be Damaged By Sun Rays:

If you do not wear any sort of protective nail covering, there may be a chance that your cuticles may be damaged by UVA or UVB rays of the sun. Sun protection is needed for almost all the parts of the body. Though cuticles are not much affected by sun rays, but still it’s best to take precautions. Apply good quality base coat or nail strengthener to your nails.

8. Hang Nails:

You must be thinking this has nothing to do with cuticles. But the fact is hang nails has a good chance of getting infected due to lack of proper care. If you face something like painful hang nails, it is best to remove them properly with a hang nail remover. These are easily available in stores for nail and cosmetic supplies. You should keep sides of your nails clean and prevent any kind of infection. Remove hang nails very carefully. Over doing them can actually cut the skin there and make you bleed. Try not to overdo them. Remove hang nails with gentle pressure, only as much as required.

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9. Treating Already Affected Cuticles:

Treating cracked, painful and broken cuticles can seem tough. But it is not so touch in reality. You can get flawless cuticles with a few days of regular care. You will need a normal band aid and some Neosporin ointment. Apply the ointment generously on to the cuticles. With you other hand, massage it on to the nails well. Now bandage it up. Sleep with this bandage overnight. Its best you do this during night time. Next morning open the bandage and resort to your normal activities. Follow this process for a few more days till your cuticles are back to normal or at least better. This great treatment for cuticles

Keep these 9 easy things in mind to get beautiful cuticles.


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