Having that dull and wrinkled face! Have you tried having a facial to get your youthfulness again? Yes, the facial is widely chosen by men and women to get that clean and clear young skin back. The facial provides that desired glow and helps with other skin treatments like exfoliation, moisturizing, blemishing, cleansing, and more. The facial kit for home use also comes in a variety of kits to select from according to your skin texture.

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How To Do Facial At Home With Kits:

Here are some popularly used facial kits you can try according to your skin type.

1. Gold Facial Kits:

The Gold facial kit is suitable for every skin texture type. It is also known as an after-skincare treatment, carried out after any kind of skin treatment. This kit can also be used at home; hence, you don’t need to visit the parlours. It not only provides you with a radiant glow but also provides you with adequate scrub.

Thinking how to use facial kit! Here are the steps to be carried out. The kit comes with five steps, the treatment kit, facial gel, cream, scrub and the cleanser. Before beginning with the kit, you need to cleanse your face with milk by applying it on the face and neck. Massage it gently on the face on circular motion and wipe it out after 5-7 minutes.

After that, you need to take steam using a towel for 4-5 minutes. This would reduce the dust, dryness, dirt, etc. from the face. The next step is to apply the cleanser and massage your face for approximately 5-7 minutes. Rinse the face with the help of a cotton ball. Then after comes the scrub.

Apply a good amount of the scrub on the face and gently rub it for 5 minutes using your fingertips. Make sure you don’t apply on the eyes area. Wash off with the normal water. The fifth stage is to apply the facial cream on the face and massage it for 10 minutes. After that, clean it using moist cotton. For the sixth step, spread the facial gel on the face and massage with a circular motion for 4-7 minutes. Wipe out using moist cotton. The last step is to apply the gold facial mask on the face and neck. Leave it for nearly 15 minutes and allow it to dry. Clean the face using wet hands massaging it. Rinse the face with cold or normal water.

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2. Fruit Facial at Home:

Fruits are always beneficial for getting that glowing look without any kind of side effects. No doubt women go for fruits facial kits, however, getting those ingredients naturally also helps to a great extent. It gives you complete benefits you are looking for. It has proved to be the best facial kit for home use, which provides you with benefits like moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-tanning, etc.

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Here are steps that would help you get the best outlook.

The first step of this facial is cleansing. For this, you need to mix lime juice along with raw milk and a pinch of salt too. Mix well and soak a ball of cotton in this mixture. Deep clean your face by rubbing the cotton on your face in circular motion in upwards direction. Carry on the similar process for 5 minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water. The next step is of exfoliation, which is done by scrubbing.

For this, you can select fruits according to the season like watermelon, oranges, and even papaya. Those who have oily skin then can go with lemon scrub and banana scrub for dry skin. For scrubbing, mash any fruit you have selected, apply it on the face and massage it on the face for 5-7 minutes. Wash off after wiping it with cotton. Then come up to the step of massaging. For this, you can select fruits like banana, papaya, or strawberry. Select your fruit and mix it with a spoon of milk and honey.

For those having oily skin or if you are prone to acne, you can skip the milk and replace it with lemon juice. Blend the mixture to make a cream-like texture. Massage the cream on your face for 10 minutes and wipe it using a cotton ball. Finally, comes the face pack again, go for the fruit that is favourable to your skin. If you are looking for an anti-tan pack then select lemon with cucumber or lemon with yogurt. For getting an attractive glow on the face, go for orange juice, milk and some drops of honey. For those looking for treatment for oily skin or pimples, go for Multan mitti, cucumber, and some rose water. Simply mix your ingredients and spread the paste or mixture on your face evenly. Wash out after 15 minutes and pat dry using a clean towel.

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Some Basic Points Of Application:

The application of the best facial kit to use at home is generally similar for all kind of kits. The process only differs when you select the homemade kits. The kits available in the market have the same steps to be followed. All the steps need to be massaged on the face one by one for nearly 5-10 minutes. In between the process, you can also go for taking a steam with hot water to deep clean the pores and open them for required glow. Taking steam also helps in getting rid of the black and whiteheads on the face, especially the nose area with ease as the pores are open to removing them quickly. Some of the kits are also used along with ice cubes that help in reducing the skin wrinkles by giving you a tight and youthful skin.

The market is full of a variety of facial kits. Some of them are the diamond facial kit, papaya fruit kit, skin rejuvenation kit, anti-tan facial kit, pearl facial kit, choco facial kit, carat gold facial kit, de-pigmentation facial kit, herbal facial kit, and many more. However, when the question how to use facial kit at home arises, the answer would be a similar process that includes massage and then pack.


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