There are indeed so many lip formulations to choose from in order to make your lips pop with attractive colours. You can select from glossy or matte finish lip sticks, tinted lip balms, lip glosses and so many more. These lip products wear off after a span of time. Have you ever wondered how you could make it last longer? Well, the answer to that question is – lip stains.

Lip stains are a must-have in a woman’s makeup kit. Instead of using a dry jell-o on lips in order to stain them, you can easily use lip stains just with a flick of a pen. The two purposes of using a lip stain are

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By using a lip stain, your natural lip colour is boosted up which gradually fades away with the rowing age.

A lip stain work great under a lip gloss or lip stick in order to pop up the colour.
Lip stains are easily available in the market regardless of people liking them or not. And since lip stains are generally alcohol based, it dehydrates your lips very often. Remember! A lip stain is only a base for your lips hence to boost the natural lip colour, you will need to apply lip stick or lip gloss over the top. If you are not acquainted with a lip stain and do not know how to use one then do not worry, read on this article to know how to use a lip stain.

• Step one:

You will need to exfoliate your lips using a lip scrub or a tooth brush. And then apply a lip balm to moisturize your lips. Since this is a very important lip for the overall lip to look pretty, you should not skip it.

• Step two:

Apply the lip stain before the application of lip gloss or lip stick. If you want more intense colour then you swipe the lip stain a couple of times over your lips. And if you are using a lip pencil, lip stain then it does not matter if you are using the lip stain before or after the lip pencil.

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• Step three:

Application of lipstick or lip gloss is the final step.

Lining your lips is an optional step. If you use a brand with the maker tip, you can always use a lip stain as a lip liner. You can line your lips or fill the rest of your lips with the lip stain to get the desired look. Depending on the kind of look you want for your lips that is, a deep dramatic look or a sheer wash of your natural lip colour, apply the coats of lip stains. Since sky is the limit here, you get choose how many coats you want to apply. Depending on your choice, you can make the lip colour as deep as you want or as sheer as you want.

If you want a slightly dewy look then you can apply a sheer gloss over the stain. And if you want a more ‘flush of colour’ look then you can choose not to apply any gloss over your lip stain. Since beautiful lips should complement with your overall look, you should be careful in choosing if you want a bare and a natural look or a striking dramatic look.

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Lip stains have the power to stay longer. And this is the sole reason why most of the women love to apply lip stains. Who would like to take out the lip stick or lip gloss from time to time to get a retouch?


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