You can’t get over the easy way of wearing a Nauvari saree once you try. Once done and dusted, the traditional way of wearing an ethnic Indian saree in Maharashtrian style will never stop haunting you with its beauty.

It is different from its counterparts in the fact that there is no petticoat and it usually resembles how a man wears his dhoti. Obviously there are similarities like the pallu covering the bust.

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The length of a Nauvari saree is longer than conventional ones of the standard length of 6 meters. It stretches around 8-9 meters and is trendy yet easy to be pulled off by one and all. So, even if you have never worn a saree in your entire life, expect this to make you look your best feminine ever. How to wear a Nauvari saree isn’t too hard to wrap your head around.

Steps For How To Wear A Nauvari Saree :

Talking of which, the following step to step breakdown should make it easier to understand:

1. Begin with wearing slacks or cycling shorts, since there is no use of a petticoat and you still need to tuck in the pleats.

2. Next, tuck in the saree’s plain end and turn the saree from right to left. Keep tucking until you reach the point where you first began. Tie a knot that will secure the pleats in place.

3. Next, take the pallu ( it happens to be the decorative end part of the saree that you plan on wearing for the day). Continuing though, take up the pallu to your left shoulder and then wrap it around and bring it straight down to your right shoulder.

4. The fourth stage of these easy ‘how to wear Nauvari saree’ steps would be to begin making pleats of what is remaining of the saree after tucking. You ought to keep the pleats on hold together, so it doesn’t loosen away or fall off when you are walking. Wrap the pleats you hold into a bolster ( much like a banana fold structure wherein all the folds happen to be firmly tucked in ) using just the starting layer.

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5. Leave off what you make of the folds of the pleat and lay it out in front. Then, grab hold of the center most pleat between your legs and then pull it to the backside towards your waist and finally make a small border pleat and tuck it behind your petticoat around your waist.

6. The final step of the procedure is tying a ‘kaccha’ that has to be from the front. To do this, take the portion near the feet- of the saree of course. Fold the whole thing into a layer and tuck it into your waist. Allow the beautiful border of the Nauvari saree to be seen out in front, so it brings out the congenial beauty of the piece of clothing effectively.

As clear as it gets, it is obvious that it is one of the most intriguing ways to experiment with the ethnic Indian attire is to try out the Nauvari saree. This article on how to wear a Nauvari saree steps should make things easier for you. Besides, the saree can always be teamed up with a traditional moon shaped ‘bindi’, and a smoky eye makeup routine.

To become the ideal Indian woman that makes you the talk of the town, or to allow your saree to set an example for others, this is just the way to go.

Since ages, the Nauvari saree was the only saree style that Maharastrian woman swore by, until the advent of the Marathi style, closely following this style as an inspiration.

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