This is one of the many styles of wearing a saree. Created by the Bengali community of India, this style has picked up by many women across the country. Wearing the Bengali style saree is one of the easiest draping methods that will make you look elegant. It is an easy up-do for all occasions ranging from an ethnic party day to a puja held at your friend’s place.

As for suggestion of the best sarees to try this look with, go for one with a border, preferably red, and blouses that go all the way to your hands or long sleeves covering up to your elbows or just below, that is, the 3/4th sleeve. Puff blouses are common with the style as well. Cotton is tried and trusted by most since its easier to manage and leaves lesser crease when you take off the sari after sporting it all day.

How to wear a saree in Bengali style isn’t rocket science after all. Dressing up in a saree that follows the Bengali style can be a mess if you don’t know the right techniques to master it. This article will explain step by step process for how to wear a Bengali saree in traditional style which effortlessly brings you out of it in a flash.

Steps to Wear a Bengali Style Saree:

The tips and techniques to the Bengali saree wear is:

  • Wear a petticoat of the same color as the saree. You don’t want it to be too tight nor should it be too loose.
  • To begin, start by wrapping up the saree as per the usual. From the navel, tuck in the plain end into the petticoat by maintaining the rest of the sari to your left. Keep on the process until you finish taking a complete turn of the saree and reach the point of the petticoat where you first tucked. So the process goes like. Start- Tuck- Round up the saree and keep tucking until one circle is complete.
  • The next step is to make a pleat in the reverse as the previous and tuck it after one fold. You will notice the ‘Fall’ of your saree facing your feet. Once done, make another pleat in the reverse covering the previous pleat. Repeat until around five to six pleats are done.

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  • Eventually tuck in the pleats in your petticoat just below your belly button and move up to the pallu.
  • Start by making smaller pleats the same way but ensure that the end border of the pallu is visible. That is the main essence of the Bengali saree wearing style. Put up the pleated pallu and bring it to your left shoulder to pin it. Adjust the vertical border to your knee and down below, so it covers all your pleats below the navel. Adjust the length as it suits you.
  • The final end step would be to hold the pallu from the back and bring it down from under your right hand. Once you hold it close to your right shoulder, pin only one end of the pallu to the top of your blouse and let the other hag and adjust the pallu on the sideways.
  • To add Bengali flavors even further, add a key chain or so in the end and throw the pallu on the back of your right side.

This article must have cleared up most of your basic doubts on how to wear a saree in Bengali style. Tried by many celebrities and common people equally, it is one of the most popular ways to wear your traditional outfit and look as classy as it gets.

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Bengali saree wear can be teamed up with big jhumkas and a small bindi matching the color of your blouse. Usually best if the color of the saree ranges anywhere between maroon to red, women try it on all sorts of blended color combinations these days to experiment. They are a unique fashion statement and the cotton material will be an additional soothe on your skin.

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