Sarong is one of the popular beachwear nowadays. It is very easy to wear and comfortable too. You can wear it in many ways. What? Are you wondering how to wear a sine piece of cloth in many ways? Here are some easy ways to wear a sarong.

How To Tie A Sarong In Different Styles:

Let’s find here with mentioned sarong wearing styles for women.

1. Gown Style:

Dressing gown is a most stylish way of wearing sarong and this style is perfect for summer. This is a stylish look that you can try this time. Let’s find how to tie a sarong dress.

  • Place the Sarong horizontally at the back of your body
  • Hold both ends and bring both sides towards front side from under your arms
  • Tie the tip of both side together
  • Take the knot back over your head
  • Your gown style is ready. Now you can add a waist belt for a fashionable look

2. Simple Skirt Sarong:

Easiest and common way to tie a sarong is a skirt. You can tie skirts in different ways. These are the very simple ways to tie a sarong.

  • Hold Sarong around your hip and tie up both ends.
  • You can adjust the skirt length by adjusting sarong.
  • This is how you can tie sarong skirt

3. Classic Halter Neck Style:

It is a stylish way to glam up your beach look. This style is suitable for all body shape

  • Place the sarong horizontally at your back
  • Hold each end of both side
  • Bring it towards front side
  • Cross both sides like left towards right and right side towards left
  • Take both ends towards back and tie up sarong around your neck

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4. Bandeau Style:

You can wear sarong in towel style which is also known as Bandeau style. It is also a stylish way to tie a sarong.

  • Hold the sarong at the back of your body
  • Wrap it around your body just like wrapping your towel
  • Tie the ends into a bow at the front end of your body and tuck in the remaining

5. Tie Sarong Dress Over the Shoulder:

This is also a popular style to wear sarong. It easy too

  • Hold one end of Sarong on left shoulder and pull the right corner under right arm
  • Wrap it and take that part toward left side and tie it
  • This asymmetric look make you stylish

6. Draped Twisted Skirt Sarong:

This is another way to tie Sarong skirt. This is a comfortable way and you can hide your tanned legs with this style.

  • Keep the end of your scarf on your hip horizontally. Collect the rest of the sarong and coil it once.
  • Wrap it again around your hip and fold top end like a skirt
  • You can keep it in place using a safety pin

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7. Brazilian Style Dress:

This is an effortless style and you can wear it for a modish beach look

  • Clutch the sarong horizontally at your front
  • Take both and take it to backside of your body
  • Tie both ends at the back of your neck
  • Gather the other ends and pull the sarong up and tie those end at the back of your body

Now you got an idea of how to wear a Sarong. Sarong is a stylish and functional piece of clothing that gives you compete beach look. Pay with this single piece of cloth in different styles. They are one of the simplest beachwear that you can try.

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