Wearing a silk saree is the easiest way out of your daily boring cotton saree routine. It is nothing over the top but brings a new classy vibe. The silk saree can be difficult to walk around in owing to its smooth texture, but there is absolutely nothing Indian women can’t conquer. The maximum number of women in India wear silk sarees.

There are so many styles of wearing sarees, but in south India, the style is more beautiful than other styles. The beauty of women appears based on how they wear sarees. Some short-height and bubbly ladies will look slim and tall if they wear silk sari neatly and properly. So wearing a silk saree is a very important aspect for women.

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If you aren’t aware of ways to transform your silk saree from a boring outfit to a classy ethnic attire, this article will show you what you’re missing out on. Below is the easiest method to drape around a silk saree and not make a fool of yourself or look like a bandaged mummy. Own the day by mastering wearing a silk saree and standing out in the crowd.

Step By Steps Process For How To Wear A Silk Saree Easily:

1. Getting Basics Right:

  • Wear a petticoat, preferably cotton. Entirely avoid satin.
  • You do not want the saree and the in-skirt to keep slipping away and go out of hand.
  • The chances of wardrobe malfunction are subtly high.
  • Coming to the point, make sure that the petticoat you put on is tight enough to be tucked but not too loose.
  • To check, insert two fingers through the space between your navel and the petticoat.
  • If it is too easy to slide the fingers, tighten the petticoat slightly; if fingers don’t go in at all, loosen up, else you’re good to go.

2. Put on your blouse and then proceed to the next step.

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3. Tucking Pleats:

  • Please start with the plain end of your saree and tuck it in from the centre until you make a whole circle and cover the petticoat entirely with the saree cloth.
  • Now, make a few wrinkles as you hold the ones made firmly. Tuck in the pleats towards the right side, just below your belly button.

4. Adjusting Pleats:

  • Keep the process on and tuck the sari edge finally when done into the petticoat.
  • Repeat the cycle, and since most silk sarees have decorative hems, make sure when you’re tucking in the pleats, the hem is facing outwards, and don’t pull the saree too high up the ground, since that makes it less appealing to the eye.
  • If you plan on wearing heels, wear them when you adjust the saree length.
  • It is easier to wear silk sarees that way.
  • Nobody wants to fall face down to the ground wearing a gorgeous saree.

5. Getting The Pallu Right:

  • Grab the decorated end of the saree you are wearing- it goes by ‘pallu’ or ‘aanchal’ as you know it.
  • Grab the pallu, put it under your right arms, and bring it towards your left shoulder.

6. Pinning It Up:

  • Pleat the pallu neatly and ensure the silk saree’s ironing isn’t disturbed.
  • Pin up the pleats on your blouse on your left shoulder and keep fixing the pleats so there is no space for imperfection in your look.

7. Finishing Touches:

  • The final step is to neatly cover your chest area and stomach with the pinned pleats.
  • Again, the point to make sure of here would be to take care of the decorative border.
  • The border should be visible when you are done with the saree.
  • So the pin-up should be done in a fashion that balances out both the covering bit and the flaunting of the design, which makes you slim and tall.

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It is as easy as day once you know how to manage your silk saree without constantly needing your attention. You can garner all that praise without effort and in minimum time. So, don’t deck on your old jeans and top the next time you are invited to some nice place. Instead, surprise everyone with your newly learnt silk saree-wearing style tricks, and you will be pleased by the reaction you receive from their end!

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