The traditions deeply rooted in our culture speak of a world where saree was mandatory to wear for the womenfolk of the colonies. Even before the British came in and settled, our traditions have been set where the cultures followed their traditional look. For the westerners, it was a suit and pants with a gown and a hat, and here it was Dhoti and sarees.

It is still amazing to know that even today, after so many years of modernization and globalization, India still celebrates its traditional roots by wearing traditional attire every now or then. Today in this article, we will talk about how to wear a cotton saree right before occasions.

Best Way To Drape Cotton Saree Perfectly With Images:

1. Preparations:

Now before you wear a saree, make sure you have plenty of time to revise the matching blouse that you would wear along with it. Sari has two best friends, the blouse and the petticoat, which on a normal day would be a requirement while wearing a saree. You may go sans the petticoat if the sari is thick and opaque enough, but it is usually not advisable without a blouse. The thing with a saree is that you don’t have to go for the same blouse colour and experiment with mix and matches.

2. Starting:

Start by wearing your blouse, and then secure the petticoat from the waist. Choose a favourable position just underneath your navel to tie the band. If you opt for low waist sarees, which come in a different category than the normal ones, make sure the petticoat is tied around your hip girdles. You may choose an open back blouse or design with cuts based on the saree.

3. Wrappings:

Start by opening the saree fully and then take the end of the saree and hold it horizontally. Now around the lines of your tied petticoat, halfway a little right to your navel, tie the loose end of the saree and start wrapping it around your waist. Take only one circle of wrapping so that now your petticoat is entirely covered with the saree. At the end of the wrapping, the saree should be well hiding your petticoat from underneath too. The loose end of the saree will come out of your left now.

Once the first wrap is done, tuck in the saree with the petticoat at least the front securely to obtain the look. Now we go further with our saree. Once you are done tucking in, you will notice a blob of cloth from the sari falling right in front of your feet. Pick that up and start pleating it in an organized way. Make sure the pleats go all the way to the end of the saree where your feet are. Take assistance from someone to even out the pleat or help with the pleating. There should be about 4 to 6 pleats of about 5 inches. Once the pleat is made, carefully tuck the entire structure into your front petticoat.

Now the remaining piece behind you needs to be brought to the front and draped diagonally across your body to form the saree’s pallu. Often the pallu is left free to cover the midriff and stomach, and at other times you can use the pleats in the pallu and then pin it with your blouse.

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Tips To Sarees 101:

1. For any office party or formal look, always go for the pleated pallu, which is a much neater approach. However, keep the pallu loose for the parties if you are not being upright and formal.

2. Make sure your petticoat is strongly tied around your waist and secured properly. The same goes for the lower pleats, which you can add a pin-up to hold in place.

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