Lehenga sarees no prior introduction, courtesy its hassle-free gorgeousness. Owing to its ease of wear, the lehenga saree has been a soaring uproar ever since its invention. It is gorgeous, and much any regular saree at all. Without the hassle of the pleat making drama, it can easily win the crown of the quick ethnic dress up category. A saree that gives and impression as though it’s a lehenga, is called a lehenga saree. If you are wondering how to wear this outfit, read more to know how to wear a lehenga saree step by step.

Uniquely merging two dress forms, this saree is usually refrained from wearing in simple occasions, and owing to its heaving georgette work, often brought out for ceremonies and celebrations like weddings and receptions. you can also Steal the show at wedding invitations with the ‘easy to wear’ lehenga sarees below.

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Steps For How To Wear A Saree In Lehenga Style Perfectly:

Here a few prerequisites before you can even start off with the saree cum lehenga. Make sure you have the following around.

  • The saree you want to wear, ironed well.
  • A similar embellished blouse
  • A satin petticoat, since the lehenga stones might stick to cotton ones otherwise
  • A pair of shoes (heels ) that match
  • Jewelry and accessories like bangles and bindi
  • Safety pins as you may need

If you are wondering if the saree is way over your budget- no its not. Easily available and affordable as well, it has been a crowd winner since day one. So, let’s make no excuse and get started right away on how to wear a lehenga saree.

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Now Let’s Begin With How To Wear A Saree Like Lehenga:

  • Begin with the saree and like you do with normal ones, start by the lehenga and cover up with some pleats. If you are however a newbie to the world of Indian ethnics, here is a better explanation. Take the saree and put on the lehenga. Once done, make a few pleats from what remains of the saree material. Tuck in the pleats just below your navel and bring the rest to your waist, so the remaining saree runs from your front to the waist.
  • Stretch out your right hand and slid in the saree cloth from under your arms. The saree is now ready to pleated at its pallu region. Make sure the pallu isn’t too big. Make according adjustments.
  • Make about 5-6 pleats of the pallu region or in case you have a blouse whose stone work you want to flaunt, go for a transparent saree.
  • Now, bring the pallu up to your left shoulder and pin it up neatly with the pleats or leave it open and just pin the end of the pallu as you please

How To wear Lehenga Saree In Different Styles:

  • Do feel free and adjust as many pleats as you think will make you achieve the body frame you wish to step out in.
  • Try wearing a belt fastener petticoat or go for an in skirt if you think the usual strings will make you look bloated and ruin the overall appearance.
  • You can also opt for an embellished belt on the waist for a different look
  • Reversing the direction of the pallu can make you experiment with your style
  • One can also try the skirt and crop top style using a Lehenga saree.

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It can be easily expected that you will love to take out your gorgeous outfit now that you have mastered the art of how to wear a lehenga saree. Do not forget to try out wearing the saree and walking around a few times for your own comfort since these sarees happen to have quite the weight. You can bring the twist to all your sarees with the round lehenga effect. Just skip the front pleats and that should do the trick. We hope you now know how to wear a lehenga saree step by step to allure and impress the crowd in your next party.

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