The Marathi saree is no stranger to the people of Maharashtra, who love their customary Indian attire. They drape the saree in a unique way called the ‘Marathi’ style saree. It highlights their rustic charm since most women here usually work wearing one. Owing to its uniqueness, it has repeatedly defined femininity for women in the Bollywood film industry, portraying women of Western India- namely, when portraying females of Mumbai and Pune. Not everything is a hard nut to crack, and this article on wearing a Marathi saree will open your eyes. All your troubles on sports one in style will end in no time.

Step By Step Process Of Marathi Style Saree Draping – Beginner’s Guide:

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How to wear a Marathi Saree to uphold your traditional vibes -A Paithani saree is always the first choice when shopping. A matching blouse would set the traditional aura around you straight even better. The best way to describe how to wear a saree in Marathi style, as the Maharashtra women do, is to highlight their conventional steps from the start to the end of the pallu.

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1. Remember, petticoats find no use in the Marathi saree-wearing style, unlike other saree styles. Use cycling shorts to tuck in the upper ends of the saree. Could you put it on?

2. First, grab onto the end of the saree away from the pallu while leaving out around a yard or so. Start with draping between the ends you’re holding. Keep the rest of the saree cringe-free with the other hand.

3. Since the saree involves leaving out a lot of movement spaces by the side of the legs, there are chances of wardrobe malfunction. Minimize the risk by making a double knot in the saree cloth around the waist.

4. Take the shorter end of the saree and start putting a fold by pulling it through your thigh gap- between the legs. Tuck and secure it at the back.

5. Grab the longer end and initiate by making around five to six pleats. Remember that the number of pleats you can successfully go on with entirely depends on how long the portion of the saree you bought is. The saree usually is long enough for around six pleats- the standard size. Once done, cleverly tuck in the pleats behind the waist.

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6. The saree should always be one inch above where you stand. Adjust your outfit if it is not at the desired height. Anywhere higher or lower could spoil the ultimate outlook of how you wear the Marathi saree.

7. Try putting on footwear to adjust the length faster and without hassle.

8. The final step to the Marathi style wearing saree is the four to five pleats that work well in covering up the entire pallu. Once you reach the end of all steps, bring the final pallu to the left side of your shoulder. Do remember the rest of the saree is already wrapped around you. You pin the saree up with your blouse, and you are done!

As you know by now, wearing the saree in Marathi style isn’t too hard- especially if you are a first-timer and have no traditional Maharashtrian around to help you.

When you step out, the key to looking your gorgeous best is to team up your appearance with the right accessories- jewellery, bindi, and a subtle hint of kajal and nose pin should do the trick. Also, to look even more traditional, wear a green bangle set on your hand- the Marathi women consider it lucky for auspicious occasions and often make the brides wear it on their big day of marriage.

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