A saree is a woman’s best friend. It is perfect attire for any occasion making the woman look at her best. No woman’s wardrobe can be complete with some traditional sarees in it. One of the traditional sarees of the south is the Ilkal Sarees. It gets its name Ilkal from the name of the small town in Bagalkot district in Karnataka where it is traditionally made. The saree is woven on a handloom using cotton for a wrap, and art silk for the weft, and then both are joined together using a traditional technique called the Tope Teni technique. The other combinations possible are cotton for wrap and pure silk for weft and silk for both wrap and weft.

Ilkal Sarees Importance:

Ilkal sarees, the traditional hand-woven sarees of Ilkal town in Bagalkot are considered very auspicious. And hence people of this region gift the handwoven Ilkal sarees to their relatives and friends saying it is a handmade saree. Ilkal is small in Karnataka, which is mostly dependent on agriculture as their primary source of income. As this source is very uncertain people started weaving the sarees in the home as an alternative source of income, and hence these handwoven sarees got famous as Ilkal Sarees.

Ilkal Sarees Features:

The following are some of the unique features of the Ilkal saris that makes it stand out of the lot:

  • The body wrap of the saree is joined with the pallu wrap using the traditional Tope Teni technique.
  • The pallu portion also is known as ‘TOPE TENI SARAGU’ is divided into 3 solid portions of which one is in red and other 2 in white with the traditional temple design.
  • This TOPE TENI SARAGU is regarded as the state symbol and is considered very auspicious for any religious occasions.
  • When it comes to the border of an ilkal sarees, red or maroon colour dominates.

The Various Types Of Borders That Accompany An Ilkal Sari Are:

  • Chikki
  • Gomi
  • Zari
  • Gadidadi
  • Modern Gayathri

Latest and Trending Ilkal Saree Designs Collection with Pictures:

A saree is more than just a piece of cloth for many women. It’s a keepsake that reminds them of their mother’s love. Check out the best picks of Ilkal sarees we’ve curated in this article especially for you.

1. Kasuti Embroidery Ilkal Saree:

This traditional Ilkal sari comes with a heavy kasuti embroidery in the pallu. There are buttas made by kasuti embroidery in the weft giving it a very elegant yet heavy look. The green, yellow and red buttas in the royal blue saree gives it its richness making it ideal wear even for the weddings. Both saree and the pallu are made up separately using silk and are then woven together using the TOPE TENI technique.

  • Saree Design: Kasuti Embroidery Ilkal saree
  • Fabric Used: Silk for both warp and weft
  • Occasions to Wear: Evening parties, wedding, pre-bridal functions
  • Body Shape Preferred: Suits all body types
  • Blouse Suitable For This Saree: A royal blue raw silk blouse as shown in the picture or a contrasting red silk blouse that matches border will look great with the saree

2. Handloom Cotton Ilkal Sari:

This Ilkal saree in red, green and yellow checks combined is a beautiful handloom cotton Ilkal saree which is handwoven on the pit looms using cotton for the wrap of the saree and art silk for the weft of the saree by the skilled weavers in Amingad, Karnataka. The beauty of this saree lies in its border, which is woven in chikki paras pattern. The pallu of the saree with stripe bands of red and white is highlighted by the temple pattern which is famously known as the TOPE TENI SARAGU. This saree receives the tag of the Ilkal saree as it is made using the ancient weaving technique of cotton for the wrap and silk for the weft which is woven separately and is joined externally using knots.

  • Saree Design: Handloom cotton saree with silk weft
  • Fabric Used: Cotton for saree, art silk for pallu
  • Occasions to Wear: A very comfortable daily wear saree especially in summers
  • Body Shape Preferred: Suits all body shapes
  • Blouse Suitable for this Saree: A redraw silk blouse will go best with this saree

3. Handloom Gomi Border Ilkal Saree:

This is a beautiful traditional Ilkal saree from the handloom of Amingad in Karnataka. This light brown colour saree has been developed by weaving two different colour threads together. The maroon border of the saree has been highlighted by the traditional handloom Gomi border which is the essence of any Ilkal saree. The pallu of the saree has been stitched using the Tope Teni method and consists of the 3 solid portions, one is in red and the other two in white in the temple tower pattern. The saree is 6.5mtrs long with an attached running blouse of 20.”

  • Saree Design: handloom Gomi border ilkal saree
  • Fabric Used: Wrap – Art Silk, Weft – Cotton
  • Occasions to Wear: Daily wear, any small get together
  • Body Shape Preferred: Suitable for all the body shapes
  • Blouse Suitable for this Saree: Comes with a black lace blouse attached to the saree

4. Partywear Ilkal Saree:

This beautiful saree is made from pure cotton and has an art silk pallu. The saree looks pretty due to its colourful shaded stripes, making it an ideal choice for any party. The shades of green with purple looks attractive with the red border and the Tope Teni pallu. Drape it around in a party, and you are sure to receive compliments for this simple yet graceful attire.

  • Saree Design: Partywear Ilkal Saree
  • Fabric Used: Cotton for the saree and art silk for pallu
  • Occasions to wear: bridal functions, weddings, religious functions, social get-togethers
  • Body Shape preferred: Suits well on all types of body shapes
  • Blouse Suitable for this Saree: This saree comes with a silk blouse to complement its look

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5. Ilkal Checks Saree:

When it comes to Ilkal Sarees, the check pattern leads the demand list. The contrasting coloured check with Tope Teni pallu looks extremely attractive. The Ilkal checks saree looks equally elegant in both cotton and silk fabric. Featured here is the one in pure silk which adds to its richness.

  • Saree Design: Ilkal Checks Saree
  • Fabric Used: Silk for wrap and silk for weft
  • Occasions to Wear: Weddings, evening parties
  • Body Shape Preferred: Suits all body shapes
  • Blouse Suitable for this Saree: Pair it with a matching silk blouse to add to its elegance.

6. Peshwai Ilkal Saree:

This is a high-quality pure silk saree with zari work and temple border. The cloth of the saree is extremely rich, making it ideal for any wedding and festive season. Pair it with any heavy zardosi work blouse, and you will look fascinating in this saree. Unlike the typical Ilkal sarees that come with red or maroon borders, this saree features a royal blue border which looks strikingly attractive.

  • Saree Design: Peshwai Ilkal Saree
  • Fabric Used: Silk X Silk
  • Occasions to Wear: Wedding, parties, festivals, religious functions
  • Body Shape Preferred: Suits well an all types of body shapes
  • Blouse Suitable for this Saree: Pair it with a heavy work blouse

7. Ilkal Silk Saree:

A typical weave of the North Karnataka, this Ilkal saree is a must-have in your wardrobe. Your saree collection looks incomplete without this rich silk Ilkal Saree. Unlike other Ilkal Sarees, this one has a combination of Silk X Silk. That means the silk is used in weaving the wrap and the silk is used to weave the pallu, and then both are joined using the traditional Tope Teni technique. The richness of silk makes this saree ideal for any wedding or large scale social functions.

  • Saree Design: Ilkal Silk Saree
  • Fabric Used: Silk X Silk
  • Occasions to Wear: Weddings, parties, cultural events
  • Body Shape Preferred: Suits best on any body shape
  • Blouse Suitable for this Saree: Red Raw silk blouse or any other contrasting blouse can go well with this saree.

8. Ilkal Cotton Saree:

This is a typical Ilkal cotton saree that comes with an art silk pallu weaved in Tope Teni technique. The small checks in the saree enhance its look while the traditional pallu speaks about the style of the saree. Pair it with any contrasting blouse or art silk blouse of red colour matching the border, and you are ready to rock this summer.

  • Saree Design: Cotton Ilkal Saree
  • Fabric Used: Cotton and art silk
  • Occasions to Wear: Daily wear, small functions
  • Body Shape Preferred: Suits all types of body shapes
  • Blouse Suitable for this Saree: Any contrasting blouse will go good with this saree

9. Designer Black Ilkal Saree:

Get a divine look with this traditional zari striped designer black Ilkal Saree made up of pure cotton and a zari betex border. The pallu of the saree contains red and gold alternate strippings, but the Saree gets its richness from the rich zari thick border, making the saree ideal for parties, social functions, and festivals. The fabric is light in weight, easy to carry, and slightly transparent, which makes it even more appealing. It comes with an 80com blouse piece attached to the saree that gives the saree a complete look.

  • Saree Design: Traditional zari striped black ilkal handloom cotton saree
  • Fabric Used: Cotton for the saree and silk for the pallu
  • Occasions to Wear: Parties, wedding, social functions,
  • Body Shape Preferred: Suits well to all types of body shapes
  • Blouse Suitable for this Saree: The saree comes with a black silk blouse.

How to Style Ilkal Saree:

The following are a few pointers that will help you rock in an Ilkal sari.

  • The patterns of all Ilkal saris are more or less the same. So what will make you stand out in the crowd is the blouse?
  • Design the blouse in a fashionable style which will add to the grace of the saree.
  • Band gala with a designer back is a great option for the blouse of an Ilkal Sari.
  • A nice long matching neckpiece with long jhumkas go well with Ilkal Sarees.
  • Carry a nice handbag to complete the look.

The traditional Ilkal sarees are the fame of Karnataka. Your trip to South India won’t is complete unless you buy a beautiful handwoven Ilkal Saree as a souvenir for your friends and relatives. Gift them an Ilkal Saree, and they will remember you forever. And forget to buy one for yourself too. But as these are handwoven, be sure to do a quality check before you spend your hard-earned money on it!!