Gone are those days, when women are investing their life savings on gold jewellery. Not only is gold expensive to buy but also pose safety issues, considering the number of burglars lurking around. Also, the quest to wear something new every time is a desire that every woman has. The perfect solution is to opt for imitation jewellery. Imitation jewellery was once considered cheap and unattractive. However, modern imitation jewellery is made with good quality material and original gold plating, that not only lasts long, but resembles gold in every aspect. Especially, the temple jewellery collection which is made with intricate designs of Gods and Goddesses bring divinity close to us. This article is dedicated to some of the best imitation temple jewellery you would love to own

Latest Temple Imitation Jewellery Designs:

Check out these beautifully made imitation temple jewellery sets.

1. Golden Lakshmi and Ganapati Temple Necklace:

This is one of the best designs in imitation temple jewellery. The short necklace is intricately designed with pendants of Ganesh motifs and central Lakshmi pendant, that makes it a statement piece. The addition of mango motifs with kemp and white stones adds to its beauty. To increase the grandeur of this look, the necklace has kemp and gold hangings.

2. Peacock Design Temple Necklace Set:

If you are looking for a grand temple set for a special occasion, nothing can match this beauty. The long haram styled necklace has a peacock design pendant with three rows of ball chains. The chain is embellished with beautiful floral motif pendants between them. This set also includes Lakshmi design Jhumkas to complete the look.

3. Lakshmi Ganapati Temple Style Kada With Meena Work:

Looking for a grand looking Kada to match your temple jewellery neckpiece and earrings? This stunning Kada with Lakshmi and Ganapati motifs is the best bet. The highlight of this Kada is the Meena work done on either side of the Kada. The chain comes with intricately done cut work to resemble gold bangles.

4. Gold  Plated Temple jewelry Necklace Set:

One of the most sold temple jewelry imitation is necklace. To make it more attractive designs combined gold plated design with temple jewel pendant with Kundan and pearls. This necklace comes with earring which has the same design as the necklace pendant.

5. Floral Bud Design Long Chain Initiation Temple jewelry:

The small flower buds are called as Mottu in South India. This bud designed necklace with floral motif designed kemp stone temple jewel pendant at the center is the most common jewel piece worn by bridegroom on the day of marriage in a southern part of India.

6. Gold Plated Handmade Antique Pendant Temple Jewelry:

This designed gold plated short necklace which curb design row chain linked with gold-plated beads and a center peacock designs pendant with kemp stone design surrounding the Floral mudra. This type of designer chain is best complimented with kanchipuram sarees.

7. Hip Belt Imitation Temple Jewelry:

Gold plated temple jewelry bit belt design is commonly worn during any festive occasion. Since it is an imitation the cost of this jewel piece is affordable. The center of the belt has Lord Saraswati picture with Gold chain hanging on the lower part of the belt.

8. Pearl Beads Antique Imitation Temple Jewelry Set:

This unique imitation temple jewelry set made from pearl and dotted gold plated beads makes it look attractive when combined with an ethnic saree. The center of the chain has Lord Lakshmi image depicted with pearl drops hanging down the pendant.

9. Two-Row Gold Plated Bead Temple Jewelry Necklace:

Two rows of the gold plated chain are made from Gold plated beads with a center temple jewelry pendant. The size of the pendant is quite big when compared to the chain, which makes it more attractive.

10. Gold Plated Temple Jewelry Bharatanatyam Set:

This Kemp stone jewelry design which comes as set with a shirt necklace, a long pearl necklace with earrings and head jewel piece. This set is worn by Bharatanatyam dancers after which the concept of temple jewelry actually became famous.

11. Kundan -Gold Plated Designer Choker Set:

The combination of Gold plated coins with Kundan stones is simply a mesmerizing combination. The choker has the center hanging pendant which has Lord image depicted at the center of the round shaped pendant. The choker set comes along with Earring and a Tikka.

12. Temple Jewelry Gold Plated Kada:

Kada is a thick piece of the jewel which can be made from gold, diamonds or any precious gemstone. Due to the thickness of kada, it is not possible to buy one immediately. In such kind of situation imitation, jewellery comes handy. One such design is the kada bangle which falls under temple jewel category. The kada has center Lord face with pearl and colorful stone design around it.

Wearing temple jewellery is considered auspicious, especially on special occasions like festivals and weddings. However, a gold temple set can cost quite a fortune and may not be a great choice if you want to wear it just once. These beautiful imitation temple jewellery sets are made so well that not even the keenest of eyes can make out the difference, unless closely observed. These sets come in different prices to suit your budget. The higher the cost, the better quality you get, in terms of the material, gold coating and the design.


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