Stunted height can be a real let down especially when you are the only one amongst your friends battling for recognition. How many times have you been made fun of about your height? Well, there is a common misconception that you really cannot grow in height after a certain age, especially after puberty. However, we have your rescue! We’ll tell you some of the best ways to increase your height. The simple to do ones are aimed at making your whole exercise an easy job. Try your hands at these stretching exercises to grow taller after puberty.

Height increase after puberty is actually possible. The mechanics is simple. The exercises will merely stretch your muscles. Typically, we grow at least 5 to 20 centimeters taller or may be even slightly taller after puberty. A good diet and routine exercise is adequate to reach your target. Here’s how to do it.

1. Hang About:

A lot of people as turned their back on the easiest of the methods just to chemically have a physical change. They have inserted serums in their system and popped in a pill or two every time waiting for the change to finally occur. However, a high rod and some morning hanging is all that you would need to see final results for yourself. The hang technique is a scientifically proven method when you hang by your hands from a sturdy rod and the feet which should be a foot away from the ground should deliberately try to touch the ground.

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2. Cycle Away Your Worries:

So, what are you thinking to do this weekend? Nothing in head? We’ll tell you what you what you could do. An early morning jog could be replaced with a cycle run from one side to the other. Cycling is a good way to increase your height where your legs go through a very strenuous workout session. Amongst the blood flow and the muscle pains, you would notice yourself go a little higher every time you measure yourself.

3. Take Your Calories Seriously:

After the natural growing period is over, you can only rely on external forces to keep your height growing steadily and for that one of the basic requirements is good food. The lack of proper nutrients in your body would get you only so far with the chemical pills. To get to the height that you desire start taking your diet into account. Proteins are body builders and the vitamins are the care takers and them together in your system in a generous amount can help you gain that perfect growth.
Include a lot of red in your meats and greens in your salads. A glass of milk in the morning and another one at night paired in with some potassium powerhouse, aka, banana should be a must too. The brunches should replace that burger patty with some healthy fruit salad and the scotch with your dinner steak should be reduced to once a week.

4. Eat Right Grow Well:

While we are speaking about what food can help us grow tall, let’s go over the no-no’s of the food section that needs to be restricted from your diet. As much as good food helps us grow tall, bad food elements and wrong diet plan would counter act the good and thus you will stay at a stunted position forever. While you integrate more health in your diet, chuck out the oily fries and the greasy burgers with too much ketchup and a bit too spicy salsas.

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5. Rest To The Bits:

A baby is never disturbed while it sleeps because they said a baby grows in their sleep. The mental pressure that we go through, throughout the day is being let off in the night when you sleep one of the reasons why you feel fresh in the morning. Often too much tension or depression might lead to insomnia, something that is responsible for stunted growth. Well deserved rest is an important criterion to letting yourself grow long and tall.

6. Cobra Stretch:

Cobra stretch is aimed at stretching your spine. This will make your spine flexible and strengthened. Here is a simple way to do.

  • Lie flat on floor.
  • Place the palms on the floor such that it is under your shoulder. Let your face look down.
  • Gently arch your spine up, allowing your chin to shape up to an elevated angle.
  • Arch your back as far as possible.

Repeat it for 4-5 times and each of this repetition should last for 5- 20 seconds.

7. Tadasana:

Tadasana is an effective yoga to increase height after puberty. The yoga helps to stretch all the body muscles, starting from your head to toe. This stretch will exert pressure on all your body parts. It will therefore facilitate the production of growth hormone.

  • Stand erect and make sure your legs, waist and neck are aligned in the same line.
  • Bring your feet together with your hands on side and the palm facing the thighs.
  • Inhale slowly and raise your arms in the upward direction, making they are parallel to each other.
  • Now, lift your heels and stand on your toes. While doing this, stretch your arms upwards as much as possible. Your legs and arms should be straight.

8. Mind Your Daily Habits:

Your daily habits also have a role to play in increasing your height. Sports and exercises are the first habit you need to develop to increase your height.

Sports like jumping, skipping, volleyball and basketball are the main proponents in stimulating your growth.

Dieting habits like drinking plenty of water, intake of adequate cheese and yogurt intake can also help in increasing height. Spinach and sardines are next to important when it comes to increasing height.

Good sitting posture and lying down habits are other essentials you need to keep in mind.

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9. Swimming:

Wondering how swimming can help? Swimming stretches your ligaments, tendons and spine. The breast stroke swimming is the best swimming exercise to increase height. However, practice swimming with intensity and you will see how it benefits your body as a whole.

If ever you were worried you would never grow taller after a certain age, here is an article that will bring the good news. Doctors and experts have suggested a range of exercises, that includes swimming and other dietary supplements to achieve the results. However, you will see how beneficial they are to the body with rigorous and religious practice.


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