Have you ever been enthusiastic about the Independence Day decorations as a kid? We all have memories from our childhood of going to the Independence Day celebrations and enjoying all the festivities, whether we could understand the meaning or not. However, as we age, we all know the more profound importance of whether it is the Independence Day decorations or any of the festivities.

Though it might seem like many of us take Independence for granted, the entire country comes together to celebrate independent India and all the freedom fighters who fought for freedom. Therefore, review the list and look at some inspiring Independence Day décor ideas you can implement. Read on!

20 Beautiful Independence Day Decoration Ideas:

We have curated various Independence Day decoration ideas you can look into before choosing the one you like the most.

1. Independence Day Board Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a perfect Independence Day board decoration idea where a board is decorated beautifully, representing the critical day. The board has Happy Independence Day written in cursive and Indian flag colours. The addition of florals on all sides of the board adds to the beauty of the board. Furthermore, create a border in Indian flag patterns with paper. Finally, placing plants near the board with a kite in flag colours creates a visually appealing board.

2. Independence Day Stage Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

We all have memories of going to school in our childhood to attend the flag hoisting for Independence Day or Republic Day. But do you remember the décor the school used to decorate the stage? Yes! The décor changes with the occasion, and thereby the feel of it also changes. As depicted in the above picture, though the flowers in the background might be a common theme of the stage wall, adding the words Independence Day in blocked letters and words INDIA in bolder font and flag colours add to the patriotic feel. Adding flag-coloured decorative elements can also look good.

3. Independence Day Wall Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

Suppose you are looking for a unique wall decoration for Independence Day. In that case, you can try this décor in your home or office, or even school. This day is significant in our country’s history and is celebrated with great patriotism and enthusiasm. You can use fabric in tricolour to cover the wall beautifully. Furthermore, adding flying birds onto the fabric creates an elegant and unique look to the entire decoration. You can implement this décor anywhere, making it all the more special.

4. Independence Day Notice Board Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

This is another Independence Day notice board design that gorgeously depicts the enthusiasm and patriotism we all celebrate the day. Create a tricolour theme by using the colours of the Indian flag, saffron, white and green. You can add decorations like flowers for the borders, giving the notice board a creative outlook. You can also add prominent physical features of India, making the board more authentic and personal. Finally, adding two hands and leaving white pigeons in the air depicts Independence beautifully.

5. Independence Day Room Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

Whether staying in India or residing out of the country, you can celebrate your homeland’s Independence by decorating your home accordingly. This picture depicts minimal décor with the wall decorated with orange, white, and green balloons. You can also place cushions on the sofa in the flag’s tricolour, creating a cosy and patriotic space but not over the top.

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6. Independence Day Kite Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a perfect choice for a unique Independence Day celebration decoration. Unlike the previous decoration ideas, this one is done on the glass door, making whatever you paste look shiny and elegant. This can also be a perfect way to prepare this kate-craft for a bonding activity with your kids as you get nearer to the occasion. Furthermore, you can incorporate these crafts anywhere inside or outside your home or office. You can also place the tricoloured kites outside the door, which can be welcoming.

7. Independence Day Shop Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

We can see the explosion of patriotic décor in many shops and shopping malls way before the important days of our country, Independence Day and Republic Day. Beautiful tricolour floral elements are hung all over the mall or shop, which stand elevated with the light reflecting on them. Usually, these hangings are made with foam because the material is lightweight while looking attractive.

8. Independence Day Door Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

This is another DIY Independence Day celebration idea that you can do with family or kids as an art project and can be beautifully incorporated into your home or office. For example, you can use decorative or craft paper to make orange, white, and green butterflies similar to the tricolour of the Indian flag. Of course, the pattern you decorate depends on your preference and style. This way, you will be able to celebrate the national festival uniquely.

9. Independence Day Shop Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

Decorating a place for any occasion can be fun, whether it is your home, office, or shop. For example, streamers are one of the famous and best options for stylishly decorating a more prominent space. However, unlike the paper streamers, this picture depicts particular streamers made with ball-shaped objects but in colours from the tricoloured flag, orange, white and green. Walking through, you can see the streamers moving according to the wind while beautifying the place.

10. Blackboard Decoration for Republic Day:

Image Source: pinterest

The blackboard decoration for Independence Day is one of the standard features in many schools and colleges. This is one of the ways students learn our country’s rich history entertainingly. Furthermore, you can incorporate national symbols like the Indian flag, national emblem, Ashola chakra, or historical places like the Indian gate or the prominent freedom fighters to make the board unique and stand out.

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11. Independence Day Theme Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

This is another Independence Day decoration idea where colourful balloons make the décor more special. The balloons are made in circular shapes with orange, white, and green balloons making a perfect tricoloured circle. You can also make little stands beside the ring and place a flag to top it off. This décor can also be an excellent addition to the cultural programs performed during Independence Day.

12. Independence Day Office Decor:

Image Source: togetherv.com

In addition to schools and colleges, offices are also the spaces where the decoration for Independence Day looks exceptional, making anyone enthusiastic to celebrate the day. The perfect décor plays a vital role in keeping up the patriotic feel inside our hearts. Irrespective of the size of your office, you can opt for simple decoration ideas to enhance the true spirit of Independence Day while not disturbing day-to-day activities.

13. Independence Day Decorations at Home:

Image Source: pinterest

This is another simplistic home décor that you can incorporate for Independence Day. All you have to do is bring Indian national flags made of paper with a small stick. Then, you can stick these flags onto the wall with the help of a plaster. Additionally, add tricoloured pompoms to the wall, which can perfectly combine the flags.

14. Unique Independence Day Decorations:

Image Source: pinterest

Celebrate Independence Day and its significance by trying the DIY art presented in this picture. However, birds look perfect for incorporating into this windchime design, which looks like they are flying. However, you can always replace the birds with other patterns like flowers. But if you are decorating for the occasion of Independence Day, keep in mind to choose tricolours.

15. DIY Independence Day Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a simple and attractive DIY Independence celebration décor that you can incorporate anywhere, whether in your home, office, or school. Take sparkling paper and cut it into the shapes of doves. When placed correctly, use orange, white, and green colours that look like tricoloured flags. Of course, how you arrange the birds depends on one’s perspective.

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16. Independence Day Party Decorations In Shopping Mall:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a perfect Indian Independence Day theme used in the décor of large spaces like schools, colleges, office spaces, or malls. As shown in the picture, many streamers hanging from the roof in orange, white, and green colours represent the Indian tricolours beautifully. Furthermore, by reducing the size of the objects, you can incorporate the same décor even in your house, creating a festive vibe.

17. Independence Day Flag Decoration:

Create a flag wall in your home or office, adding an elegant and patriotic touch to the otherwise mundane walls. Unlike the other décor ideas where streamers or paper are used, you can brighten the space and stand out using balloons in tricolours. Place balloons so that it looks like an Indian national flag. Using balloons, you can achieve a unique décor to celebrate Independence Day.

18. Independence Day Showroom Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

Depending on the occasion, we have seen tremendous and marvellous decorations related to the festival in malls. For example, as shown in this picture, a sizeable 3d feature of an Indian map filled with orange, white, and green colours and Ashoka chakra creates a perfect vibe around the place. Once you see this beautiful feature, it ignites patriotism in your heart. This way, you can celebrate India’s rich history and traditions beautifully.

19. Independence Day Cake Decorations:

Image Source: Shutterstock

Baking a cake is another perfect way to celebrate Independence Day. Make sure to involve your kids in the baking process too. This way, you can tell them stories and the freedom struggle our country has to go through to gain Independence. Though you can bake a cake of any flavour, using tricoloured cream for the outer decoration is key. This way, you can enjoy the cake while commemorating the national holiday in the process.

20. Independence Day Flower Vase Decoration:

This is a perfect way to decorate your table to commemorate the Indian national festival, Independence Day. You can also call it a DIY project which you can achieve by involving the entire family, making it a group art session. All you have to do is take a class with a thin base and broad opening and fill it with coloured pebbles similar to the colours in the Indian flag. Finally, you can leave the glass as it is or place artificial flowers inside it, making it an ideal option to put on the table.

Whether you want to celebrate Independence Day in your home or office, we have provided various décor ideas to make the day all the more special. We all must have enjoyed celebrating this national holiday with great enthusiasm as kids; as adults, we have become busier, though we feel patriotic. This article gives you Independence Day celebration ideas to decorate any home or office space, like a veranda or a cubicle. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!


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