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Top 9 Indian Braid Hairstyles

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Beauty extravagance is a part and parcel of Indian heritage where the culture is built up on norms and regulations that scream grace laced with rich beauty of the undertone Indian. Even though the modernistic looks of today’s Indians have definitely been an uproar of a change, can we really turn our backs to the beauty of a simple hairstyle that many has adorned for years now.

Even before the short wispy layers and the hair scrunchies, there was a fully fledged braid, a form of hairstyle that held no bar when it came to variety and type and thus I present to you a full range of different Indian braid hairdos.

1. The Sultry Mistress:

indian braid hairstyles 1

Indians are known for their sultriness and coming from this hairstyle, the basic braid is one of the most primitive yet luscious look for an Indian. To start off, we leave a section of the front locks to fall carelessly while the back is teased and bumped. End the hair with this basic long braid and try extensions to add volume to this look.

2. The Totter Tails:

indian braid hairstyles 2

The best way to keep the summer beat is to opt for this easy enough hairstyle where the front locks bothering you during the humid noon’s can be best braided into a two sided tail. One may bring the braid all the way back and attach it or simply hide the end with a clip behind the heavy locks.

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3. The Braid Band:

indian braid hairstyles 3

Once you section out your hair, form two upper layers. The lower layer can be made into a bun and as for the upper layer, start with a simply side braid by incorporating all the hair into a band. This can be achieved through French braiding or rope braiding and then bringing it all the way over lock it to one side forming the perfect band.

4. The Bun And The Braid:

indian braid hairstyles 4

Much like the braid, bun hairstyles are quite the shiz when it comes to Indian hairstyles and thus incorporating the two into a massive hit is indeed a grand idea. Usually the hairstyle is in three layers, the front bump, the back bun and the lonely lock on the end, into a braid.

5. The Warrior Princess:

indian braid hairstyles 5

This is a perfect fix for the summer days when the tresses on your back, neck or even on your forehead bothers you. For this separate the hair by sectioning it from the middle and then start with a tight front bang braid that travels all the way down.

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6. The Finest Ladder:

The Finest Ladder

To get this look start by gathering your hair into a tight little pony and then use a layer on the back to cover the hair tie at the base. Now incorporate the sides of the pony into a ladder braid by sectioning the side locks and bringing in pieces from the opposite side of the ponytail. End the look with a hair tie at the end.

7. The Ornamented Garland:

indian braid hairstyles 7

When we say Indian, deep down the word extravagance always pops up somewhere and here is a perfect example why. Precisely a wedding adornment, this look simply uses a flower garland to give an even simpler hairstyle the fresh breath. With a bun and a braid underneath, here is a grand gesture for a bustling wedding night.

8. The Fusion Mix:

indian braid hairstyles 8

This hairstyle is precisely a combination of two, preferably the French and the rope braid which fits the perfect purpose of breathing volume to your hair.

9. The Intrusion:

indian braid hairstyles 9

The last to the list is a braid from the middle being incorporated into loosely fit, maybe an even larger braid. However, this is indeed a new look that might make heads turn.

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