Naming a pet dog can always lead to a lot of confusion and suggestion from given from everyone surrounding you. To make it simple, it is best to gain some previous knowledge on the top pet dogs names used in India. Dogs names males listed in India as well for the female list are many, but finding out the perfect one requires reading articles and knowing the best Indian dog names. India is a land known as the land of different languages. Hence naming the pet dog depends on the language. In each state, the language so does the naming of pet dogs like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi dog names and many other language names.

The flow of this article body makes you continue reading the article due to the sequential explanation of Indian dog names for suitable dog breeds along with meaning. The best 25 Indian male, and female dog names as well as celebrity dog names, unisex dogs name and dogs names according to language has been detailed out.

Dogs Names in India:

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Best 25 Indian Male Dog Names:

1. Browny:

This is a commonly used dog name male Indian.

  • Meaning: A causal name short form of Brownie.
  • Breed: Indian Pariah

2. Chinnu:

Dogs’ names in Telugu used most commonly in Andhra Pradesh

  • Meaning: Creative, Spontaneous
  • Breed: Rajapalayam

3. Adil:

Indian male dog name used in all languages.

  • Meaning: The meaning of this name is Sincere
  • Breed: all breeds

4. Akash:

Indian male dog name used commonly in Southern part of Indian.

  • Meaning: The sky is the meaning
  • Breed: Rajapalayam

5. Amir:

Indian male dog name used in all parts of India

  • Meaning: Rich is the meaning
  • Breed: Indian Bear Hound

6. Arjun:

The mythological name for sharp dogs

  • Meaning: White is the meaning
  • Breed: Rajapalayam

7. Baloo:

Give your pet dog a simple and a modern name

  • Meaning: Comic character name used in the Jungle Book.
  • Breed: Chippiparai

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8. Batuk:

Indian Pet name used for calling pet dogs at home.

  • Meaning: Boy is the meaning of this Indian name
  • Breed: Rajapalayam

9. Bolly:

This is a fancy name for a male dog.

  • Meaning: Bolly is a short for of Bollywood.
  • Breed: Indian Gaddi

10. Cardamom:

One of the Indian dog names for male Doberman is used by all youngsters.

  • Meaning: Refers to Indian species.
  • Breed: Combat, Indian Bear Hound

11. Champak:

This is a traditional Hindi name for dogs used in the Northern part of India

  • Meaning: The meaning of this name is “Flower”
  • Breed: Rampur Greyhound

12. Cinnamon:

This is a modern Indian dog name used in all parts of India

  • Meaning: The word Cinnamon refers to Indian species.
  • Breed: Rajapalayam

13. Falgun:

An Indo-modern male dog used in all parts of India

  • Meaning: Refers to Spring
  • Breed: Indian Spitz, Pandikona

14. Hardik:

A traditional Indian name used to name pet ones

  • Meaning: The word means “Sincere.”
  • Breed: Indian Pariah, Rajapalayam

15. Jihan:

A peculiar name is used in naming the pet dog.

  • Meaning: The word refers to “Cosmos.”
  • Breed: Rajapalayam

16. Mani:

A common pet dog name used in Southern India, the Tamil male pet dog name

  • Meaning: Mani means jewel in Tamil
  • Breed: Chippiparai

17. Mowgli:

This name got its prominence after the kid’s comic called Jungle Book.

  • Meaning: The main character of the Jungle book, he is named as Mowgli
  • Breed: Chippiparai

18. Nirav:

Indian pet dog names used in the Northern part of India

  • Meaning: Still or calm is the meaning of the name
  • Breed: Bakharwal dog

19. Raja

Most common Tamil male dog name.

  • Meaning: the literal translation for Raja is King
  • Breed: Rajapalayam

20. Sundar:

A popular name for a beautiful dog

  • Meaning: The meaning of Sundar is beautiful.
  • Breed: Indian Spitz

21. Tiger

Ferocious and smart like a tiger is Dogs.

  • Meaning: Symbolizes Tiger
  • Breed: Kombai, Rampur Hound

22. Toddy:

A cute pet name for calling your male pet dog

  • Meaning: Toddy is an alcoholic beverage
  • Breed: Indian Spitz

23. Typhoon:

Fancy name inspired from the cyclone.

  • Meaning: Acyclone experienced in Northwest Pacific.
  • Breed: Jonangi, Pandikona

24. Yoga:

A trendy and simple native Indian dog name to call your pet dog.

  • Meaning: A Spiritual terminology
  • Breed: Pandikona

25. Yogi:

A traditional and a classic dog names male Indian.

  • Meaning: Instructor who teaches yoga.
  • Breed: Rajapalayam

25 Indian Female Dog Names:

1. Honey:

A sweet and lovely name for your female dog could be Honey.

  • Meaning: Brown sweetener
  • Breed: Indian Spitz

2. Daisy:

Pet dogs are cute and especially female pet dogs.

  • Meaning: Floral which is a soft and colourful flower
  • Breed: Beagle, Pug

3. Lily:

Name your female dog with a cute name.

  • Meaning: A colourful flower
  • Breed: Pug

4. Princess:

Let your pet feel royal with this name.

  • Meaning: Belonging to the royal family.
  • Breed: Indian Spitz

5. Roxie:

Call your pet dog with a cute name

  • Meaning: Star, a short form of Roxane.
  • Breed: Pomeranian

6. Sophie:

A graceful and elegant name.

  • Meaning; Wisdom or skill
  • Breed: Dalmatian, Pomeranian

7. Dolly:

A lovely playful name for her.

  • Meaning: Gift of God
  • Breed: Indian Spitz

8. Maggie:

A short, catchy and sweet name for a female dog

  • Meaning: It is a Persian baby, meaning Child of light
  • Breed: Boxer

9. Gracie:

A sweet and cute Indian female dog names.

  • Meaning: Kindness, mercy, beauty are a few meanings of Gracie
  • Breed: Pug

10. Rosie:

This is a definitive feminine name, a pet name for your dog.

  • Meaning: another name for Rose
  • Breed: Indian Spitz

11. Basanti:

A traditional and old name used in the modern era.

  • Meaning: Basanti means Spring or yellow colour.
  • Breed: Pug, Indian Spitz

12. Angel:

This is one of the pious names for pets.

  • Meaning: Messenger of God.
  • Breed: Golden retriever

13. Beauty:

A simple name for your female pet dog

  • Meaning: Elegant with added qualities like good colour etc.
  • Breed: Cocker Spaniel

14. Gauri:

An elegant name for your Tamil dog names.

  • Meaning: The pure Sanskrit meaning is White
  • Breed: Dachshund

15. Maya:

A modern and a classy name

  • Meaning: Power or illusion
  • Breed: Indian Spitz

16. Mia:

A modern name that originated from European culture

  • Meaning: Originated from the Spanish language, referred to as mine

17. Pari:

A traditional Indian pet dog name is used in the northern part of India.

  • Meaning: Pari means Fairy.
  • Breed: Cocker Spaniel

18. Steffi:

European influenced name which can be used for calling your pet dog.

  • Meaning: According to Greek, Steffi means Crown.
  • Breed: Indian Spitz

19. Stella:

Call your female pet dog with a modern name.

  • Meaning: Stella means Star
  • Breed: Pug, Pomeranian

20. Sweety:

A sweet name to call your female pet

  • Meaning: Something you consider as sweet
  • Breed: Indian Spitz, Pug

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21. Tweety:

Frictional comic story characters are taken from Tweety bird

  • Meaning: Short form of Twinkle
  • Breed: Pug, Indian Spitz

22. Zoya:

An inspirational name which is used these days to name the pet animal

  • Meaning: Zoya means Life
  • Breed: Pug

23. Elsa:

A traditional Indian dog names for female Labradors.

  • Meaning: Noble
  • Breed: German Shepherd

24. Holly:

A cool and a modern name for your pet Dog

  • Meaning: evergreen shrubs
  • Breed: Pug

25. Jilly:

An easy to call name for your pet Dog

  • Meaning: Youthful
  • Breed: Beagles, Rottweiler

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10 Unisex Dog Names:

1. Akasa:

A traditional Indian name which can be used to name your pet dog

  • Meaning: Open-air
  • Breed: Indian Pariah

2. Akhilarka:

This is a neutral and traditional name.

  • Meaning: Radiance of sun
  • Breed: Rampur Greyhound

3. Bala:

Name your pet dog with an Indian name.

  • Meaning: A child strength
  • Breed: Pug, Beagles

4. Charu:

Name your cute dog with a cute Punjabi dog names

  • Meaning: Pretty, Beautiful
  • Breed: Pomeranian

5. Chellam:

A cute and easy to call name for your dog

  • Meaning: A pampered kid
  • Breed: Pomeranian, Indian Spitz

6. Deva:

Name your pet dog with almighty in mind

  • Meaning: God, Heavenly, as well as a king
  • Breed: Rajapalayam

7. Hansa:

A modern and a traditional name

  • Meaning: Hansa means Swan
  • Breed: Rajapalayam

8. Keerti:

A typical Indian name for your pet dog

  • Meaning: Happiness, fame
  • Breed: Pomeranian

9. Manat:

If you got your dog after a wish, then go ahead with this name

  • Meaning: Manat meansWish
  • Breed: Indian Mastiff

10. Puran:

Name your pet Indian dog with a Hindi name.

  • Meaning: Abundant, Complete
  • Breed: Gaddi

10 Hindu Dog Names:

1. Arjuna:

Keeping a unique name and name related to God is very good.

  • Meaning: White and clear
  • Breed: Rajapalayam

2. Bhima:

Have a strong and brave pet dog at home. Then name him Bhima!

  • Meaning: Formidable
  • Breed: German Shephard, Rampur Greyhound

3. Aruna:

Go simple and religious name while naming your pet dog

  • Meaning: Reddish Brown
  • Breed: Kumaon Mastiff

4. Chandra:

Have a bright white coloured pet dog at your home, then give this name.

  • Meaning: Moon
  • Breed: Indian Spitz, Pomeranian

5. Devi:

A beautiful and charming female pet dog name.

  • Meaning: Hindu Goddess
  • Breed: Pomeranian

6. Durga:

Another simple and easy to call Hindu Indian dog name is Durga

  • Meaning: Unattainable, Hindu Goddess
  • Breed: Indian Spitz, Beagles

7. Ganesha:

Lord Ganesha is one of the most famous gods among everyone.

  • Meaning: Lord of hordes, Hindu God
  • Breed: Indian Pariah, Kombai, Rajapalayam

8. Hari:

Pet dogs are also protective guardians. Naming Hari is an ideal choice.

  • Meaning: Hindu God name
  • Breed: German Shepherd

9. Indra:

Name your pet Dog as Indra and get positive vibes in your house.

  • Meaning: Drops of rain
  • Breed: Kanni, Gaddi, Rajapalayam

10. Karna:

This name gives your dog a prominent place similar to Karna in Mahabharat.

  • Meaning: Ear, Hindu God
  • Breed: Rajapalayam, Chippiparai

10 Hindi Dog Names:

1. Shvan:

Name our pet dog with religious Indian dog names for male labradors.

  • Meaning: Shiva is directly linked to Lord Shiva
  • Breed: Rajapalayam, German Shepherd

2. Moksha:

A proper Hindi name for your pet dog

  • Meaning: Liberation, a release
  • Breed: Chippiparai, Ramopur Greyhound

3. Pyaar:

Call your dear one with total love.

  • Meaning: Pyaar in English is love
  • Breed: Indian Spitz

4. Parthiu:

The traditional name for your male pet dog

  • Meaning: Created from the earth is the literal translation
  • Breed: Rajapalayam

5. Resham:

Hindi and for your cute little dog

  • Meaning: Silk
  • Breed: Tangkhul Hui

6. Asha:

A simple Hindi name for your pet dog

  • Meaning: Desire, hope
  • Breed: Pomeranian

7. Damak:

A radiating name for your pet dog

  • Meaning: Radiance
  • Breed: Jonangi, Pandikona

8. Saawariya:

A cool female dog name for your pet

  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Breed: Pomeranian

9. Suhana:

A peculiar traditional name for your pet dog

  • Meaning: Pleasant
  • Breed: Pomeranian, Indian Spitz

10. Indriya:

Pet dog which protects your house, so name your dog with this Indian name

  • Meaning: Controlling the senses through strength.
  • Breed: German shepherd, Labrador retriever.

10 Tamil Names for Dogs:

1. Naathan:

Your pet dog is your life and wants to keep a precious name, and then this is it.

  • Meaning: God´s gift
  • Breed: Komabi

2. Nabarun:

You consider your dog as the most beautiful and he or she is creative, and then select this name.

  • Meaning: Morning Sun
  • Breed: Rajapalayam

3. Paal:

Dogs are always known for their loyalty.

  • Meaning: Guardian
  • Breed: Chippiparai

4. Paarthiv:

For the pets who are kings or prince of the house, this name is suitable.

  • Meaning: Prince of the earth
  • Breed: Indian Pariah

5. Omja:

A peculiar Tamil Indian dog name are many one such sublime names is Omja

  • Meaning: born of cosmic unity
  • Breed: Kombai

6. Nabendu:

Searching for an unknown dog name for your lovely pet, this name can be one

  • Meaning: New moon
  • Breed: Kanni

7. Oneesh:

Brilliant and intelligent pet dog and want an apt name for your pet dog?

  • Meaning: God of the mind/ Intelligent
  • Breed: Gaddi

8. Aakash:

You consider your pet dog as your life, name him this small catchy name

  • Meaning: Sky
  • Breed: Caravan Hound

9. Aahlaad:

Seeing your pet dog makes you happy and brings in a pound of joy to your heart.

  • Meaning: Happiness, joyful and delightful
  • Breed: Chippiparai

10. Aahva:

Naming your pet dog is easy if you know the pet dog’s nature very well.

  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Breed: Rajapalayam

5 Telugu Names:

1. Aadhish:

Want a traditional dog’s name in Telugu and are still in search of it? Then here is a simple name for your pet dog.

  • Meaning: King
  • Breed: German Shepherd, Komabi, Rajapalayam

2. Chaand:

Got a dog as a pet dog after your wishes come true, then name your male pet dog with this simple name

  • Meaning: Sincere wish
  • Breed: Pomeranian, Beagles

3. Chahel:

Have a friendly and bubbly pet dog at your house? Use this name.

  • Meaning: Cheerful
  • Breed: Great Dane

4. Chaitanya:

Have a brilliant and clever dog as your pet. Then this is the perfect name

  • Meaning: Knowledge
  • Breed: Rottweiler, Jonangi, Pandikona

5. Chaaru:

If your pet name dog is loyal and graceful, then choose this name

  • Meaning: Sanskrit word which means beauty and graceful
  • Breed: Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever.

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5 Celebrity Indian Dog Names:

1. Dash:

Are you a huge fan of the Hindi superstar actor Shahrukh Khan?

  • Meaning: The word dash is anglicised from the French surname de Chiel to Dashiell
  • Breed: Chippiparai, Caravan Hound

2. Saint:

Saint is the pet name used by actor Salman Khan for his pet dog.

  • Meaning: Short form of the dog breed
  • Breed: Saint-Bernard

3. My love:

My love is the other pet dog owned by actor Salman Khan.

  • Meaning: Love
  • Breed: Neapolitan Mastiff

4. Dude:

Anushka Sharma calls her pet with this name.

  • Meaning: Cool boy.
  • Breed: Labrador

5. Shanouk:

This is the name of Amitabh Bachchan’s dog.

  • Meaning: Gentle warm breeze during a cold morning weather
  • Breed: Piranha Dane.

Keeping famous pet dog names can get too tricky as well as confusing. It is best advisable to gain good knowledge and understanding about naming a dog with Indian names. Knowledge and understanding of Indian tradition, Indian history and culture can help you to decide the pet name easily. The history and traditions teach you many names of God, people and other characters involved in Indian history, and this can help you to pick a catchy name for your dear pet. Having good knowledge of language-oriented names can help to select an uncommon yet traditional linked name.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. What are the Criteria Should Be Following While Naming Your Dog or Puppy?

Ans: The top main criteria which you need to follow while naming your sweet little puppy or any breed of dog with the best dog names in India is: The gender and whether the name fits perfectly for the type. The colour of the dog is also an important aspect to select the dog name. The breed of the dog and also the nature of the Dog. Select the best and wisely, and keep the best Indian dog name.

2. What Are The Inspirations for The Naming of Your Pet Dog?

Ans: The foremost aspect of naming your dog is choosing the right type of name for the right type of dog breed. Some of the inspiring factors for naming your pet dogs with unique Indian dog names are the character of the dog, to get emotional bondage with the dog, select the name which is sentimental to you, celebrity inspired dog name, mother tongue inspired dog name, country-inspired Indian girl dog names and also ancestral oriented names.

3. How to Choose a Perfect Dog Name in India?

Ans: India land of various languages and traditions. It is quite difficult to name your pet animals easily from the dogs names male list in India as well as a female dog. To make it simpler, it is best to jot down the best few points to name your pet dog, and they include the origin of the dog, the state in which the dog belongs to, the breed of the dog, the look of the dog, the behaviour of the dog along with ferociousness of the dog.

4. Are There Any Pet Names That will Suit for Your Dog?

Ans: There is an infinite number of pet names in India since India is known for various languages and custom. The pet names can be kept according to language like Hindi dog names, Tamil dog names, Malayalam dog names, and neutral pet dog names. Some of the commonly used pet Indian female dog names, male dog names which you can use to name your pet dog are Shiro, Simba, Snoopy, Cooper, Dodo, Bruno, Babloo, etc.


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