18 Latest Indian Hairstyles for Men in 2019

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There is a great deal of haircuts which are stylish and style among the young. However before endeavoring to attempt the style for your hair simply think whether it is suited for you or not. Some haircuts are suited for all. Also other may be appropriate with particular face shape. The thickness of your length and quality of hair everything is relies on upon the choice of haircut. So before going to attempt another haircut simply think and select the ideal style.

18 Best and Latest Indian Hairstyles for Men with Pictures:

1. Shaggy Cut:


In spite of the fact that it may look to some degree untidy, shaggy hair is a la mode. A complex coolness accompanies hair that is deliberately out of spot. Tossing alert – and tradition – to the wind, a shaggy harvest challenges the tenets of congruity, thinking outside the box of fastidiously brushed hair. It provides for you an adaptable style that can be accomplished immediately; additionally, it gives a smooth look that is astute, trendy and contemporary. Need a case? Hollywood’s Kal Penn exhibits the correct approach to wear this hair styling. Wearing his shaggy bolts somewhat rumpled, Kal builds an expert, modish picture that is not very stuffy, yet not very adolescent. Any fellow who needs to oppose tradition and push the envelope ought to try for the shaggy harvest.

2. Combed Back:


This gelled and brushed back improved hairdo is an excellent ever-enduring style. It is suitable for both adolescent and center matured men. Apply some gel and brush back your hair to get that reflexive and flawless look.

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3. Medium Shag:


For an Indian hairdo that is both attractive and smooth, strive for medium shag. Through its sleek length and appearance, the medium shag moves pleasantly between cool trips and excursions to the meeting room.

4. Straight Shag:

Straight shag

This medium length haircut for men serves to mollify the solid manly gimmicks adding a boyish appeal to the face. This is one of the most blazing hairdos for youngsters.

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5. Going Long:


Not to propagate generalizations, however long hair is gangsta. Extreme is the fellow who can wear this urban look and escape with it. Since it conveys an insubordinate meaning, long hair is brave and attractive. (The women typically think that it powerful.) Sporting your hair in more lengths exhibits only certainty. On the other side, long hair isn’t only for pub brawlers; there’s a smooth, advanced turn innate in this ‘do also. In spite of the fact that disgrace makes it restless, long hair additionally epitomizes a gentler methodology to style. Gentlemen wearing long hair appear to be both rebellious and touchy in one swoop. (What’s more that is the thing that the women truly like) This search lives up to expectations impeccably throughout today’s most intrepid, dauntless dressers.

6. Side Parted Short:Indian hairstyles for men - Side Parted Short

Here is the ordinary haircut for men. The short side separated hair with trimmed sides looks perfect and brilliant. This vintage search is suitable for men of all ages, particularly center matured and more seasoned men incline toward this style.

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7. Mopped Up Look:

Mopped up look

Not to proliferate speculations, yet long hair is truly gangsta. Exceptional is the noble man who can wear this urban look and get away with it.

8. Crew Cut:


In the hot and moist Indian climate, group trim is a cool hairdo for Indian men. It is perfect and stylish and extraordinary for young people.

9. Long Layers:

Long Layers

Long-length layers are exemplary, refined and current. Basically, the gentleman who wears this ‘do is at the apex of style. Despite the fact that it’s a popular cut, longer layers are smooth and cleaned; they are common and great looking.

10. The Straight Shag:

The Straight Shag

This look has been carried by many celebrities such as Shahid Kapoor, who is a popular Indian actor. This look adjusts the jaw and makes our face look alluring. You will require shoulder-length long hair for this look. At the front, most of the hair will fall over your forehead in an asymmetrical manner. At the back, this hairstyle will sport medium layers.

11. The Shaggy Cropped Hairstyle:

The Shaggy Cropped Hairstyle

Medium length hair will be fine for this look. The length of the hair will display the still-growing image. This hairstyle looks a bit messy and is presently being sported by a number of celebrities in India. The look will display your playful nature and will also give your hair the professional and smooth touch.

12. The Gelled-Up Dapper Do:

The Gelled-Up Dapper Do

This style is currently being carried on the Indian cricket team captain, Virat Kohli. This effortless look is a pretty stylish one and makes you look like the ideal gentleman. The hairstyle is so attractive that it will force you to cut your long hair for attaining this awesome look.

13. The Medium Shag:

The Medium Shag

This is one of the coolest hairstyles for men who wish to sport a beard. This sexy and sleek hairstyle is actually an effortless one and does not require much maintenance. The shoulder-length feature of this hairstyle makes it look a lot more alluring than other medium length hairstyles.

14. The Curly Peak Hairstyle:

The Curly Peak Hairstyle

Is the curly hair a barrier between you and the world of fashion? Simply try the curly peak hairstyle which is specifically intended for people with curly hair. This is probably one of the best looks for India men and can be worn in both and informal events.

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15. The Crew Cut look:

The Crew Cut look

Bollywood hunk, Johan Abraham often carries this famous look. The hairstyle will represent discipline and wisdom. Since India is a humid country is a humid country, this hairstyle will be suitable for people residing there. The longest parts of the hair are in the front, whereas the shortest is at the crown.

16. The Razored Crop Hairstyle:

The Razored Crop Hairstyle

This is one of the smartest hairstyles out there. This edgy look needs a bit of a maintenance. Smooth hair (not too smooth) will be necessary for this hairstyle which will provide you with a sharp and contemporary look. This haircut will provide you with immense confidence especially when you’re willing to impress some ladies.

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17. The Buzz Cut:

The Buzz Cut

This smart and modern look demands short hair. The hairstyle is suitable for men of almost all ages. It will adjust the fowl angles of the face and make you look attractive.

18. The Short Spiky Hairstyle:

The Short Spiky Hairstyle

The short spiky hairstyle is a very good if you’re willing to impress everyone on the first day of office. This hairstyle efficiently hides the baldness.

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