One of the biggest problems for many women faces is hair thinning. While it can be sad, what could be sadder is choosing the right hairstyle for it. In fact, hair of fine consistency would often lead to easy hair damage or exposure of the scalp and thus highlight the hidden fact. But, the good news is there is a range of Indian haircut for thin and Indian hairstyle for thin hair that brings out the prettier side to your fine hair. Take a look at some of them.

10 Best Indian Hairstyles for Thin Hair Female 2023:

Let’s find here with mentioned top 10 Indian hairstyles for the thin hair of a female.

1. Curly Indian Hairstyles for Thin Hair:

This Indian curly hairstyle is perfect for female with hair thinning concerns. This suits thin hair and tones down the look to bring you a feminine and elegant style statement. It gives an illusion of voluminous hair with the tie-up, and sure will always accompany you with a beautiful look. This Indian hairstyle for thin hair is suitable for women with round and oval face shapes.

2. The Braided Waterfall Style:

The right kind of hairstyle will always lift up your hair and here is one living example of it. The waterfall braid is a kind that gives you free-flowing locks while allowing you to braid the front few locks thus adding some volume to the braid.

  1. You can start from either side and bring it all the way back and secure it with a pin.
  2. Leave the hair loose after combing it well and if you like some spray on it.

3. The Classy Hair Bun:

When in doubt, always opt for a hair bun that would let you sport a little more volume than open free flowing fine locks will. The next trick to this bun is to try and make it as messy as perceivable so that the volume from the looks can be misjudged.

  • Gather up the hair from the back and let the occasional accidental locks flow out before scrunching it up into a messy blob.
  • Secure it well with pins and buns.
  • Leave some locks from the back and let it fall on your back while leaving some hair on the front too.

This simple Indian hairstyle for thin hair will go well for a party and wedding look too.

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4. The Flower Bun:

Extravagance is yet another name for Indians and this can be especially seen during the hustle-bustle of the busy wedding nights when every woman is flaunting their extensive hair and make-up.

  1. For fine hair, this flower bun is an apt choice where you individually curl and pin the hair to get this awesome look.
  2. If you like, adorn the bun with some decorations and clips if you like.

This is yet another Indian bridal hairstyle for thin hair. Match it with small studs and carry it simply!

5. The Pony Braid:

The braided ponytail is the right choice when you like to experiment with hair and have time. It is relatively easy and is a South Indian hairstyle for thin hair, one that will aptly fit an oval face.

  1. Start by tying your hair into a pony.
  2. If you have a problem with fine hair consistency, spice up the sleek little pony with a dash of braiding in it.
  3. Section the pony into three equal segments and with the middle segment tie a rope or twist braid.
  4. Now use the middle to create a fanned out normal braid and flaunt it.
  5. Secure it with a rubber band.

6. The Loop Bun:

To give your bun that extra volume and bounce, try this new loop bun look.

  1. Loop your pony from the above and then curl up the pony ending eventually passing it through the loop and pinning it down.
  2. Secure it tightly with a bun and pins
  3. Ornaments can be used as an accessory to make it look beautiful.

This simple Indian bun hairstyle for thin hair will look absolutely stunning and beautiful while adding a touch of elegance and class. Match it with your favourite accessories and walk in style.

7. The Side Braid:

The busy office mornings can really leave you jumping from breakfast to clothing, from hair to shoes in no time and it is at this time a loose braid at the side of your head that can help you give your hair the perfect volume.

  • Gather the hair to the side and once the braid is done, fan it out properly to add mass.
  • Secure it with a rubber band to the extreme end of the braid.

For an Indian haircut for long thin hair, this hairstyle will look beautiful. If messy is your style, then go for it. Match this hairstyle with a jean or a skirt and look gorgeous.

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8. The Side Bob:

If thin hair is your problem, be the best at combating your hair by opting for a much trendier look. Hair when short immediately brings about the bounciness and volume to the look. This is why to add volume to your head, cut the tresses into a stylish new bob and flaunt a solid curl along with it. This Indian haircut for thin hair is stunning and will look classy on any day.

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9. The Bump Style:

Bumping or puffing up the hair in the front or the back is also a great way to add volume to your head. This is usually resorted to while sporting a pony or a bun.

  • You can either use hand teasing and hairspray to create the bump or simply use bump-its.
  • Secure it tightly with pins and tie the remaining hair with a rubber band and make a ponytail.

This Indian party hairstyle for thin hair will look simple, yet maintain your signature style. Match it with a beautiful necklace and minimal makeup.

10. The Hippie Hairstyle:

Small or thin hair may not be the right choice for a tight little low bun, and therefore using a hippie band and curling the hair around it in Gatsby style can help you get that volume filled look you always wanted.

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So, there is no reason to worry if you have thin hair. With a range of hairstyles out there for you to try, a hairstyle for your hair will be no trouble. A wide-toothed comb, an optional hairspray and some pins are all that you need to set the hair right. The experiment is even more if you like to try out some more Indian hairstyles for thin hair while keeping it simple and easy to do.


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