A living room or Hall is an essential room in any house. As they say, the first impression is the best one, and the living room creates an impact on the guests. Hence, decorating the hall in a way that reflects our personality gives a special touch. With many technological developments coming our way, designing our homes according to our taste is not so difficult anymore. Traditional, modern, and contemporary, there are many latest Indian hall designs that you can implement and redesign your hall. Besides, in traditional Indian halls, Indian designs can be fused with modern looks to create a new and stylish design.

Importance Of Hall Design In A House:

India is a country where people live in a variety of apartments according to their affordability. The living room is like the face of your home that represents the unique taste of the decorator or the designer. It functions as a reception area for guests. You can regulate the amount of personal information in the hall according to your taste and the intimacy you desire with guests. A living room typically consists of furnishings like a sofa, coffee tables, bookshelves, lamps, etc.

Modern Indian Hall Design Ideas:

Here we enlisted 18 simple and best Indian hall design ideas to decorate your home. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Entrance Indian Hall Design:

The entrance hall or hallway is also known as a foyer. It is a small area that leads to various rooms in your home. For people who like to keep it simple yet elegant; this is your design. The walls, doors, and the lighting of this hallway are bright white. A copper vase, a basket with fruits, and big brown frames add to the décor. There is a staircase that leads to other parts of the house, like a living room, bedroom kitchen, etc.

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2. Latest Indian Hall Design:

Image Source: Freepik

The latest trend to decorate your living room is to make it clutter-free. This is a living room design that is apt for people who like to keep it simple and rustic. At the corner of the room, there is a bamboo stand for lightweight indoor plants giving it a scenic view. This hall is spacious and themed prominently with white, and grey. The simple black racks are for the display of several articles, and a simple tea table compliments the theme of the room. Every decorative and furniture in the place fits the room perfectly.

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3. Luxury Indian Hall Design:

Image Source: Freepik

Extravagance is what comes to mind when you look at this living room. The luxurious wall design and lighting make it even more affluent. Two comfy sofas with crumple round cushions and throw pillows with a simple coffee table, a long sleek white side table with a trendy vase and a lamp add richness to the room. The long glass window with curtains regulates the light inflow into the room. The area rug protects the seating area from dust.

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4. Indian Hall Interior Design:

Image Source: Shutterstock

This is a hall with Indian interior design. The walls are beige with golden colour fashionable drapes. There is very minimal furniture without creating much clutter. Colourful teak wood furniture, like a swing and sofa, looks beautiful and adds to the Indian-style decor. The black stand beside the couch with elongated copper bowls looks traditional and blends into the room.

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5. L Shape Indian Hall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

When you have an L-shaped hall, this is a perfect design. The modern interior of this room is with a peach base theme, including the furniture and walls. The L-shaped sofa covers the corners of the room without wasting any space. A simple glass tea table with a vase and a modern painting on a plain wall look simple yet chic. Throw pillows on the sofa are a fun addition.

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6. Small Indian Hall Design:

This is a design suited best for stuffed-up small places. But who says you cannot beautify your small living room? Though this room is small, it has perfect airflow and sunlight since there are windows on three sides. The sofa present in the hall is slightly larger than a traditional sofa and can be used as a bed too(multipurpose). A simple side table and a peach colour long cushiony chair look graceful.

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7. Best Indian Hall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Indian styling of the living room generally correlates with a peculiar design. This living room design includes a variety of decorative and furniture. A pair of sophisticated sofas and a brown teak wood tea table combine the modern and traditional outlook of this room. Small seaters around the table add to the décor and are useful when we have guests. The flooring, furniture, and décor blend, which is a speciality in any Indian household.

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8. Indian Hall POP Wall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

The recent trend in house design is a POP wall, and POP stands for Plaster Of Paris. In such a type of living room design, the focus is placed mostly on the design of the wall according to your taste. The theme of this room is a mixture of beige and white. The furniture around the room, drapes, and wall colour is beige. The POP design is done in white, starting from a false ceiling to the foot of the room, forming a space to place a TV. Lighting around the house and in the false ceiling uplifts the beauty of the design and the hall too.

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9. Indian Hall Colour Combination:

Image Source: Freepik

This hall design is a perfect example of the colour combinations used in a living room. The underlying theme being grey, this room has many primary colours that make any dull place look vibrant. The furniture in this room is predominantly white, a bowl of fruits on the tea table, and things on the rack add contrasting colours to the otherwise white furniture. Different coloured throw pillows on the sofa, paper hangings, and the modern painting on the wall add to the decor of the room.

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10. Classic Indian Hall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This Indian hall design has a traditional look. With the whole room themed in traditional colours and patterns, the place has a very standard look. Beige-coloured drapes and a photo frame of your beliefs add to the traditional decor. The false ceiling and the unique pattern of lighting in the room enhance its look, making it look more beautiful. Two L-shaped sofas utilize corners wisely and improve the look of your living room.

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11. Contemporary Hall Designs Indian Style:

Image Source: pinterest

This is one of the most beautiful Indian hall designs. Themed in red and white, the whole place has a very modern and lavish look to it. The interiors like paintings match the colour palette of the room, and the red panels on the wall beautify the room. L-shaped and a two-seater sofa in red colour are in contrast to the white colour walls complete the contemporary look. Also, the use of clack in furniture and decorating compliments the entire look.

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12. Trendy Indian Home Hall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

For people who love to style their living room according to the trend, this hall design is perfect. Full of modern and sleek furniture, predominantly in white colour, this hall has the most stylish Indian hall interior design. The black-and-white theme of the hall gives it a lavish look. Also, the furniture in this room is slender, trendy, and modern, which complements the whole look.

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13. Spacious, Simple Indian Hall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a very sophisticated Indian home hall interior design. The room is very spacious and decorated beautifully. With the choice of perfect furniture, crystal chandelier, and beautiful decorates, this hall creates a very royal look. Also, the full glass window on one side allows sunlight that enhances the beauty of the room during the day. And, the lavish lighting pattern complements and completes the look during the night.

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14. Unique Indian Hall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Unlike most halls, this hall is luxurious but is smaller in size. The stylish Indian hall cupboard designs make the room more elegant, and the cupboards are useful for displaying antiques or crockery. The racks other than the cupboards can display frames with family photographs or your favourite books. The cabinets make the hall more spacious and useful while making it look uniquely stylish at the same time.

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15. Classy Colour Combined Indian Hall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Unlike most living rooms themed in various colour combinations, the theme of this hall is black, white, and grey, giving an elegant tone to it. This is one of the most opulent hall designs in India. The whole interior of the hall increases the luxury of the hall. The sofas in black, and the tea tables in white complement each other and enhance the entire sophisticated look of the room.

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16. Designer Indian Hall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This interior design of the hall in Indian style has a stunning and voguish look. The carved wooden partition inside a glass in the middle of the room, combined with the fancy hall furniture makes it look gorgeous and exquisite. All decorations in the hall are along the lines of the extravagant theme of the room. Rugs placed in this room keep the floor from getting dirty and add to the decor.

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17. Traditional Indian Style Hall Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

If tradition is what you want to represent, then this is one of the perfect Indian hall interior design ideas. The conventional furniture in this hall has a complete Indian look. Also, the colour combination of the interiors of the room enhances the beauty of the place. All decorates of the room are a beautiful blend of tradition with a modern twist. The cupboard and bowls from our grandparents’ days represent the beauty of antiques.

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18. Grand Indian House Hall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This hall design is perfect for those who love to do more in less. The theme of the whole interior of this hall is around the colour white, which gives it a vibrant look, while the space required is much less. The square glass window lets in bright natural light. Right from the theme to the entire furniture, everything has a very royal look to it. The black and white patterned rug complements the white theme going on in the room. It is perfect for those who love to keep it simple and classy.

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Hall makes the most impressive part of any home and thus should be designed with style. The interior of the hall has to be following the theme of the whole room. One can choose from several Indian hall interior design photos from professional interior designers.


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