Indian scarf designs look very pretty on all casual outfits. The embroidery work and silk scarves are an essential accessory for all the ladies. Depending on the occasion you can choose from a wide range of scarves.

Best Indian Scarf Collection:

Here are few Indian style scarf designs and choose from.

1. Heritage India Scarf:

A lovely Indian scarf made of wool. It has a lovely navy, burgundy colours in it. it is lightweight and can be worn as a shawl around the neck. This is a jamavar scarf. Looks very traditional. The work on the scarf speaks about the rich tradition. This piece of art looks very majestic for occasions.

2. Women’s Indian Silk Scarf:

It is made of high-quality habotai silk. The lovely silk fabric is so smooth and soft. This blue and white scarf is very beautiful. It can be paired up with casual tops to give that fashionable look. It comes with a printed pattern. The silk looks very elegant and lustrous.

3. Indian Head Scarf:

Light blue silk head scarf looks so beautiful and elegant. The ethnic prints on it add s to the mood of the occasion. Suitable for all occasions and gatherings. The nice blue colours combine well with the silk fabric. It looks very traditional too. Made of 100% pure silk.

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4. Indian Cotton Scarf:

Made of pure cotton, this nice scarf has a lovely tassel which shows your fashion sense. The red scarf looks very trendy on white outfits. Suitable for casual occasions. The fabric is soft and smooth. Enjoy the warm weather without sweltering in the sun, by wrapping yourself with these lovely scarves. These are set of lovely cotton scarves India has designed which could be exported across to different countries.

5. Yarn Dyed Big Scarf:

A beautiful yarn-dyed maroon scarf looks very trends in kurtas. It has woven borders on both sides with raw fringes. Tie it around your neck and make a knot. This Indian scarf wrap around the neck looks very fashionable. Appeals to all youngsters. It gives a cool trendy look with the lovely earthen colours.

6. Indian Women Scarf:

Made of soft viscose material. This lovely scarf is a must accessory for all the ladies. The nice purple coloured soft scarf has tussles. It is suitable for all occasions either party or casual events. The soft fabric drapes wonderfully over the neck and gives a nice appearance. It is available in many colours depending on the season.

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7. Yellow Indian Print Scarf:

A lovely yellow scarf with floral prints on it. Just right for all the casual events. Looks very elegant on white kurtas. These floral prints give it a very casual look. It is made of 100% pure cotton voile. The fabric is soft and smooth.

8. Traditional Indian Scarf:

Made of pure crepe silk. This lovely red scarf has rare elephant prints on it. The colours are vibrant and very Indian. A row of elephants and fish adores the border which gives it a saree border look. Looks very traditional and is right for all formal occasions.

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9. Kantha Work Silk Scarf:

It is a multicoloured kantha work scarf. Looks very ethnic. The kantha patchwork and embroidery add to the richness of the scarf. Made of pure silk, this scarf is suitable for all casual occasions. Looks very beautiful on white kurtas. These are the Indian handmade silk scarves and which will be an absolutely memorable gift for all the ladies.

These lovely Indian scarves look very traditional and beautiful. It is available in cotton, silk, crepe etc. The lovely ethnic prints add to the Indian glory. Try some of these nice scarves and enhance your fashion sense.

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