Whether small or grand-scale, any wedding is incomplete without a wedding garland. Although rituals and grandeur are a part of Indian weddings, the Jaimala ceremony is one of the most common rites. This is a tradition where the groom and bride adorn wedding garland designs around each other, custom-designed as per the couple’s taste making the process all the more special. Irrespective of religion, trendy wedding garlands and styles are used in most weddings.

Depending on your budget, you can get a wedding garland in different colours and combinations, which range from real flowers to artificial ones. However, before you feel overwhelmed with the choices, we have curated a list of some of the beautiful and best wedding garland designs you can choose from. Read on!

Simple and Best Indian Wedding Varmala Designs 2024:

If you haven’t decided on your wedding garland design yet, go through the list of popular choices involving a wide range of flowers. The cost of these garlands depends upon the selection of flowers. Go through the list of garlands and choose the one you like the most.

1. Latest Wedding Garland Design:

Nothing is better than a string of jasmines when you want an appealing and the latest garland design for your wedding. These garlands are not only pretty but also have a pretty mild fragrance which can be very attractive. In addition, you can add some trim and bright flowers to the jasmines, which makes for a statement piece. Finally, you can add uniqueness to your wedding garland design using coloured jasmine buds.

2. Simple Malai Design For Wedding:

Suppose you are looking for a marriage garland design that combines modern elements without leaving out traditional elements. In that case, this one can be an excellent choice. In addition, you can get the flowers woven together, creating a look similar to a tumbler. Finally, the addition of gorgeous roses in between the white flowers complement each other beautifully.

3. Beautiful Wedding Garland Design:

Image Source: justdial.com

Suppose you want your wedding garland to have maximum traditional elements and stylish modern twists. In that case, this white and gold garland wedding can be a good choice. Using golden yellow flowers in between the white flowers adds to the beauty of the simple wedding garland design. Furthermore, the green leaves added above and below the golden yellow flowers stand as a bridge between the white and yellow flowers.

4. Best Varmala Design For Wedding:

Image Source: pinterest

Choose a garland that compliments your outfit’s colour, which helps enhance your overall look by choosing the right product. In addition, using multiple coloured flowers ranging from green, red and white alternatively or in combination creates a personalized piece to wear on your special day. For example, you can depict your feeling of joy and purity with the variety of pink lilies and green flowers. Customizing the wedding garland design as you wish makes it even more personal and unique.

5. Rose Petals Garland For Wedding:

Image Source: pinterest

If you want to add grace to your garlands for an Indian wedding, a petals garland for a wedding can be a perfect choice. This unique garland can be an excellent and ultimate representation of care and love beautifully. So many people inclined towards tradition seem to pick these types of garlands for their special day. The addition of cute little flowers in green and white in the centre areas of the rose petal garland adds more beauty to the otherwise plain one.

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6. Lotus Malai Design For Wedding:

Image Source: pinterest

The use of Lotus flowers for garlands in Indian weddings has been rising, and we agree with their gorgeous look. The goddess’ and the most sacred flower symbolize spirituality and love, making them look more spiritual and connected to their traditions. One of the trendiest wedding garland designs nowadays is giant lotuses bound together in thread bound together.

7. Rose Flower Garland For Wedding:

Purple-coloured roses and white roses impart a regal finish to your wedding décor. However, the feeling of elegance and a touch of whimsy with the addition of purple flowers makes it even more attractive. Though red roses are commonly found in any garland, taking purple ones can make you stand out at your wedding. Furthermore, you can use the colours of the roses based on your attire too.

8. Jasmine Garland Design For Wedding:

Image Source: pinterest

Nothing is better than having a string of jasmine if you want an appealing garland with a mild fragrance. You can include some bright and tiny flowers to help you make a statement about the jasmine garlands. You can make the garland more different by combining jasmine in different colours and pairing them with different coloured smaller blooms. You can always customize the garland to make it more personal to you.

9. Lily Garland For Shadi:

Image Source: linkedin

Lillies are one of the most commonly used flowers to prepare garlands for marriage. The lilies are tied, forming a circle that makes the garland look full and heavy. However, adding beautiful red flowers in between in a unique pattern creates a visual treat. The white and red flowers complement each other, giving the bride and groom a traditional yet stylish finish.

10. Tulsi Garland For Wedding:

Image Source: pinterest

Tulsi garland holds tremendous significance according to Brahmin traditions in South Indian brides. Still, many of us might not know about the same. Regarding all Indian weddings and rituals, tulsi or holy basil is considered one of the most promising plants. If you want to add a religious touch to the floral garland, this sacred and clean garden comes in handy.

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11. Garland Design For Wedding Reception:

These garlands can be an exceptional choice if you are looking for bridal garland designs for a reception. The combination of white and red flowers makes the garland look classy and sophisticated. Though the ratio of white flowers is high compared to the red ones, you can always determine the balance to create a personalized garland for your special day.

12. Christian Marriage Garland Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Complete white garlands look exceptionally beautiful, and their magnificence is unmatched. This is the right pick if you want a classy and sophisticated garland that looks lovely on the bride and the groom. Small little green additions to the garland make it even more attractive. However, you can choose all-white or add elements you want to make the garland more personal.

13. Hindu Wedding Garland Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Brides and grooms are more particular about what garland they want at their weddings and are ready to spend a good amount of money to get what they want. This bride and groom look happy and beautiful in garlands that blend in with the bride’s attire but look very classy. The garland predominantly has bright red flowers and gold circular elements, which offer a contrasting look. There is also an alternate between only red and red and white blooms, making the garland all the more special.

14. Muslim Wedding Garland:

Image Source: pinterest

Though there is no set of rules one needs to follow to get a garland for their wedding, it all depends on what the bride and groom prefer. For example, if the bride and groom wear complete white attire, combining white and red roses for a wedding garland can complement and blend in with the dress gorgeously. You can also customize the wedding garland by using different shades of red roses or even the ratio of white and red roses to make the garland more personalized.

15. Bengali Shadi Garland Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is another pink garland for a bride and groom from a Bengali wedding which uses flowers in varying shades of pink. Sending a message of light-hearted hope, these gorgeous garlands spread happiness throughout the occasion. Cala lilies, cordyline leaves, roses, and hydrangeas are some of the beautiful pink blooms you can experiment with to get the result shown in the picture. Using complete flowers instead of petals gives you a fuller garland.

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16. Tamil Wedding Garland Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Jasmines are famous and commonly used flowers in many Tamil wedding garland designs. The bright and beautiful jasmine buds look elegant and classy, whose beauty is further elevated with the addition of roses and rose petals. Moreover, the combination of white and red flowers, where the white ones are predominant, looks elegant against any saree the bride wears. These garland designs are also used for many occasions other than weddings.

17. Green Malai For Wedding:

Image Source: pinterest

If you want something unique to add to your garland on your special day, these greenish-yellow flower garlands can be the best option. The combination of greenish-yellow flowers looks even more elevated with the addition of small red flowers throughout the garland. These garlands are unique and compliment any coloured attire of the bride and groom gorgeously. But, of course, you can always choose what type of flowers you want to use to make the garland more personalized.

18. Pink Garland For Wedding:

Image Source: pinterest

Pink is one of the most commonly used colours in wedding garlands. Depending on the shade you pick, pink can represent either very calm or energetic, which can be the vine in any wedding. The garland becomes even more attractive when there is a combination of pink roses and rose petals with white jasmine buds. If the bride wears a bright-coloured saree, this wedding garland design can be complementary. The use of pearls that help you hold the garland on the neck finishes on a royal note.

19. Red Varmala For Wedding:

Image Source: pinterest

Red and white are the standard colours found in most of the garlands. But red flowers are the most common ones you can see as part of wedding garlands. Red flowers are usually chosen because they convey the intensity of one’s love and are very attractive. Whether it is roses, carnations, tulips or gerbera daisies, the beauty of red garlands is unmistakable. Furthermore, the beauty is further increased by adding golden yellow flowers and green leaves between the red flowers.

20. Blue Wedding Garland Design:

Image Source: youtube

If you are looking for something unique wedding garland design that not many have thought about, this blue garland will turn heads your way. These types of bouquets work best when you are planning a theme wedding. Generally, blue garland flowers are available in different blooms and mean trust and commitment. You can choose blue flowers, which range from deepest blue to very light ones. Another idea is to choose depending on the bride and groom’s dress colour, making the garland all the more special.

A bunch of flowers sewn together with thread defines a garland. However, the significance of a simple garland can differ in various cultures. No wedding is complete without a wedding garland, whether it is a small or extravagant one. Foliage, leaves and flowers have taken a prime position in many cultures’ history. You can get a wedding garland customized per your requirements and style, making it more personal and memorable.


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